Fall 2014 Lineup

This lineup is f*cking massive. I think I have a significant number of shows I still need to watch, and all of them are twenty four episodes plus. Yeah, I’ll chip away at that daunting task but I’ll move on to Winter 2015 for now. I think I have Akatsuki no Yona on hold, because my laptop crashed when I was watching it and I don’t want to re-watch it now. Also, forgive the dumb quality of the image. I used GIMP for the first time and this was the result. I hate it.

Anyways, this lineup has a ten in it! Scores of nine are great, eight are strongly recommended, seven are good, six are fine with small flaws, five are catered to a niche, four are fine with big flaws, three are super flawed but watchable, and two are strongly not recommended. Heh, it only took me two years to finish this lineup so enjoy, guys.










5 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Lineup

  1. Of the shows I watched in this season, I mostly agree with you… YuYuYu and Kimi uso certainly deserve top honors. Personally, I’d drop Sora no Method a notch.

    Though you missed the outstanding Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken.

    • sadly, i don’t review anime shorts, where Danna ga falls in. I plan to make a blog exclusively about anime shorts though, soon.

      and Sora no Method is enjoyable in an awful way, so I still kinda had fun with it. hahaha

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  3. Suprised by Terra Formar and especially Psychopass 2 has a 9/10, I could not make it 10 minutes without dropping it

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