Seikoku no Dragonar Review

This is review number three hundred and four. This anime is part of the Spring 2014 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Seikoku no Dragonar or Dragon Academy. It’s a pretty straightforward show, right? It’s a twelve episode about people riding dragons and a main character growing a harem. It’s more than that but that’s the main gist of it all. Of course, it also has some high level Ecchi scenes so enjoy the screenshots, you perverts. Let’s read on.


This anime is about a guy named Ash Blake. He attends Dragon Academy and he is called a “delinquent” because of his short temper whenever people bring up the fact that he doesn’t own a dragon. This won’t last for long though because his dragon is soon to be born. Trouble is also about to brew though when tensions between two countries worsen a cold war and might re-ignite an actual war. It also seems that Ash might have a big part in all of this.

Taking the Pants Off

This is a light novel anime. I’ve seen a lot of shows adapted from light novels and I actually enjoy what they present. Unfortunately, there is a trend where some light novels play around the same theme and concept making them all look alike. I used to love light novel shows but I guess popular things slowly get saturated and a lot of things get recycled. For light novel anime, some of them are done in rather unremarkable ways. So a fantasy anime about dragons where the main character is surrounded by a lot of hot girls while he battles some villains from time to time doesn’t really make me feel excited anymore. I’ve seen it done a bunch of times now so I really didn’t think much of this anime. I must admit though that I really mostly enjoy light novel anime because of its heavy exposition. These shows take a lot of effort to understand but the payoff is usually pretty great. Once you understand the story and the role of each character then you’ll easily understand the appeal of the show. Also, I love it when light novel anime more when it screw up its storytelling because I can rip in it in my review. For Seikoku Dragonar though, the storytelling is quite sound. The pace is great and the story is pretty enjoyable. It also possesses some high grade light novel cliché though like the undying accidental harems and the unoriginal fantasy background. So, I guess, it’s both good and bad. It’s a bit hard to explain. The story, despite being cliché, is good but the whole unoriginal aura of the show makes it hard to appreciate. I think the show realized that as well so it went out of its way to give us some truly unique things. These things are done in the Ecchi side of things though. By Ecchi, I mostly mean tentacle monsters. I am serious with this one. This show has a lot of overused tropes but it excels on how far it pushed its dirty contents. How far, you ask? Well, this far:

And just like that, a bunch of people is sold into watching a middle tier anime like this. You people make me sick. Actually, I make myself sick so let’s just move forward. This show had a pretty rocky start. It established its status quo first before the story so everything is a disjointed and directionless mess at first. It started out with this story of a guy who doesn’t have his own dragons and it’s a rule that a dragon will only let one person ride him. Our main character seems to be an exception though and he was able to enter this dragon academy because of his ability to ride any dragon. Still, not having one despite being a first year student is unheard of and people usually calls him a problem child because he goes off on anyone mocking his not yet born dragon. Things are established some more when the princess of his little country is his classmate and the student council president seems to be fancying him. I was expecting for the story to gradually mature once Ash Blake got his dragon. This idea is doubtful though because there is this one minor scene that sticks out like a sore thumb. In episode one, Ash would often wake up at night unable to move and there would be a really hot girl on top of him. With big boobs and a half naked outfit licking and teasing Ash, you kinda wonder what the hell is going on. The story is building up the introduction to his dragon but the Ecchi scenes prove to be a bit jarring that it throws the story completely off its tracks. Eventually, his dragon is born and it turns out to be a half-naked young girl instead of a scaly reptile. Their interaction is pretty playful and it did remind me off Louise and Saito where a pink haired tsundere is crushing hard on the main character. The plot twist here though is that Saito was the one who summoned Louise instead of the other way around. As the show progresses, the pieces eventually fall into place. After establishing that their little kingdom is known for breeding dragons and this powerful kingdom above them has since been convinced that they are raising flying weapons, trouble slowly starts to follow Ash as he gets caught up in this little cold war between the two powerful countries and the trouble that comes along with it. I think the anime eventually show clarity after the third episode where the status quo is properly established. This is also the point where the show would either appeal to you or not. It doesn’t just have similarities to Zero no Tsukaima. It also has some elements of Unbreakable Machine Dll and Highschool DxD folded into it. So basically, it’s a very clichéd light novel anime. I think the breaking point would be after being introduced to Eco. If this little pink haired dragon proves too much of a stereotype for you then there’s little chance you’ll enjoy the show. That is, unless, you’re into tentacle porn.

Seriously, it has tentacle monsters. What in the glorious hell is happening? Anyways, let’s talk about the status quo of this anime first. If the disjointed three episodes prove too much to piece together then let’s elaborate it here. Firstly, Ash Blake is a guy that can ride any dragons despite not having his own. He eventually does have one and his dragon took the form of a small breasted little girl. He can’t ride his dragon but Eco still thinks and acts like a true dragon. Eco has the ability to turn Ash into an Arch Knight. Archs are special armor and weapons forged by a dragon and they give it to the person they offer their absolute devotion to. With this special armor and weapon, Ash is able to battle strong foes and his close connection to dragons make him the perfect person to handle various dragon attacks instigated by the cold war the two strong nations is taking part in despite the peace treaty they signed. With his reputation as an Arch Knight, a bunch of ladies slowly started looking up to him and admiring him. Soon, they even started falling in love with him. So this is really just the misadventures of an unlikely hero with a growing harem. It’s certainly not the most original premise there is but this anime is still pretty entertaining despite looking unoriginal. The first three episodes also decided to introduce the important characters and their eventual role in this chess game while also exploring this mysterious past Ash had so the disjointed story might be too much for some. I think the scene where Ash took a blowjob from a girl at episode two might renew your interest. Nothing is show but it was strongly hinted an oral is underway before the scene is rudely interrupted. I’m going off topic now. Anyways, once the status quo and the initial premise are established, this anime presented its three chapters.

Each chapter has a different story contained in it but they still had Ash as the main character. It doesn’t stray far from the initial premise of the wonder kid Ash saving people and dragons alike so I think it’s fairly easy to watch the anime from this point on. Each chapter also has three episodes in it so they all progress in a similar manner that makes their individual stories easy to follow. I guess you can also call the first three episodes another chapter but the messy story isn’t as precise as the other three. The first chapter is about Victoria Lautreamont and her relationship with her sister, Silvia Lautreamont. Silvia is one the main characters of the show. She is of nobility and she acts like a total snob. All of this is just a ruse though because Silvia is actually just a weak girl who can talk big. Her sister Victoria also knows that by heart. She acts cold and ruthless towards her sister. She would mock her and rub salt on her wounds. She knows her sister is weak and she would insult her at every opportunity. Silvia is naturally scared of her big sister. A girl who would treat you wrongly all your life and would force you to do things you can’t do is someone I’d be scared of as well. Silvia is tired of being scared though and it’s finally time to grow a pair of balls. She would prove her sister wrong. She is no longer that weak girl she used to bully growing up. It’s time for Silvia to finally take a stand. A sudden kidnapping by a notorious terrorist is the perfect opportunity. The events of the first three episodes prompted Victoria to visit since the neutral town has been caught in this cold war conspiracy. She hopes to smoke out any remaining insurgent in the area and one just happens to greet her head on. Taking an entire church hostage, this terrorist plans to blow up the city if her needs aren’t met and she would kill a hostage every time the church bell tolls. Victoria and Ash soon take into action while a scared Silvia is given an opportunity to strengthen her resolve.

I actually enjoyed the first arc. The story about this crazy sibling relationship is pretty interesting to watch. Victoria is an absolute hard ass and Silvia is just doing her best to impress her big sister. There are some great fleshing out that happened in the first arc. Silvia and her backstory are nicely presented as you look into the mind of the fourth princess of this little kingdom. Perhaps it was the progression of the story that I ultimately liked. There is a great payoff in the first chapter. After discovering Silvia’s weak and sorry state and realizing her sister is such a hard ass, it was pretty interesting how the whole thing ended. It was able to tie in that wonderful sibling story with the tense kidnapping that transpired in the chapter. If there’s one thing I didn’t like about the first chapter then it’d be the rather Mary Sue powers of Ash Blake. For absolutely no reason, we discover that Eco can design an Arch that can disarm the bomb the terrorist is pointing at authorities. She can just magically conjure up any weapon that would fit the occasion and I think it cheapen the story a bit. I never noticed it until now but a lot of light novel heroes walk the fine line of Mary Sue. They always just happen to have a secret weapon in them instead of just having them train to become better. I guess a harem would prevent you to actually train. If the serious sibling story isn’t presented then the show would focus on Ash having a girl cling onto him. I don’t really care at this point how many girls Ash would bag but I do sense a problem with the serious tone of the story and the slutty trash aura of an Ecchi/Harem. I’ll focus on that later though. For now, I would say that I love the progression of the individual stories while I find the Mary Sue character and Ecchi/Harem a bit of a distraction.

The second chapter is about Lukka and her dragon, Gawain. Ash soon joined the student council of the academy so he can hide his identity as the awesome Silver Knight that saved everyone from this zombie dragon at episode three. Soon, Ash is introduced to the rest of the student council members including the elf girl named Lukka. This elf girl hasn’t been in school for three months now and Ash found her in her room all depressed. It turns out that her dragon has cut their astral flow, like a bond between rider and dragon, and has since hated Lukka. When Lukka was convinced to try it again, the dragon outright refused her. Worry not though. Ash has an ability to understand dragons so he can ask Gawain directly why he hates his rider. This is perfect timing as well because the academy is holding a summer training camp and both Ash and Lukka are invited to join. Lukka could try to patch things up with Gawain there. The dragon is not in a talking mood though and Ash eventually had enough. If Gawain won’t talk then he’ll force the answers out of him. He’ll have to hurry it up though. The training camp is conveniently located in a place where young dragon ashes are buried and a sinister bad guy is cooking up trouble. Ash is once again caught in the fray but it looks like Lukka and Gawain is actually in the center of all this mayhem.  The second plot point is another pretty decent story. It was another well-paced chapter with a really nice ending. The build up from the conflict to the climax is pretty great as the show was able to give us a decent ending to Lukka and Gawain’s problem. The way the story combined the summer camp with Lukka’s story and Ash’s fight with the bad guy is pretty smart. The story never got convoluted despite the complex elements making up this chapter.

The third chapter is about a congressional gathering in the country’s capital and Ash is somehow invited. His exploits as the Silver Knight has reached the king and he especially requested for Ash to come. Representatives from a lot of countries will also appear including ones from the Zepharos Kingdom, the one sending out bad guys and instigating the cold war. Tensions are especially high because Zepharos has a clear plan to once again reignite the war and it begins with this congressional gathering. This plan is actually pretty complicated and it involves capturing Eco and doing something vile to her. At this point, Ash is also introduced to the man giving him trouble in the first few chapters. This particular meeting has been building since the first episode and their paths will cross one last time in this congressional hearing where hell will be raised and a lot of people are planned to die. That is unless Ash and Eco can find way to overcome this terrible situation. The final chapter is actually being established since the first episode and, like the other chapters, I do love the progression of the story. It still reeks of lackluster-ness but there is great payoff overall. The revelation of the true villain and Eco’s hidden powers had some good build up to it with some surprises along the way. The expositions might drag down the enjoyment though but I think the climax and the resolution to the story is pretty satisfying.

I don’t really have that much praises to say about the story. While I do think it had a great pace and the execution is pretty entertaining, the light novel tropes still ruined it. Firstly, there are a lot of fantasy terms in this anime. There are things to remember like Infafnite, Millennium crystals, Pal, those dragon rider rankings and other made up words important for the fantasy setting of the anime. A lot of light novel shows loves exposition with high difficult words so it’s often a bit tiring seeing it done again and again. While I do understand that reading the light novel might require some fantasy terms here and there, it now feels a bit overdone seeing it countless times in different anime. The dragon setting also feels a bit unimaginative. I applaud the good story telling but it doesn’t feel enough to justify the heavy tropes plaguing this anime. Once again, we have a Mary Sue character. He’s not in the same league as that guy from Mahouka. He’s more like the main character of High School DxD. He is just a simple nobody that just happens to have a great ability to defeat villains without trying. His Arch powers lack proper explanation so it comes off a bit too perfect. It can conveniently be the Achilles heel to anything a bad guy might attack with. While it has some draw back with Eco having to design and build the armor first, the fight is still one sided once he dons this special armor. He isn’t just a Mary Sue in fights. The anime also seem to enjoy favoring him a lot. He was chosen to participate in the exclusive training camp simply because he’s the main character. He gets to meet the king despite not having anything to his name and he gets to join the student council because people simply liked him. Sure there is this thing about him being an awesome hero but it feels cheap when he is automatically treated like a king himself just because of it. While I find the tropes I mentioned tiring, there is one I am really starting to hate. Accidental harems.

Accidental harem is a trope EVERY light novel possesses nowadays. These are a group of girls hovering over the same guy. They might like him or they might not but they still come together around just one guy. It’s accidental because it’s never really explained that the main character has a harem and they don’t act like one as well. The story usually just has girls as supporting characters and they just happen to enjoy riding just one d*ck so wow, it’s a big coincidence. I’m frankly sick of it. Light novel anime ruined harems for me. I no longer find them fun. Seeing girls go all flirty and tease around the main character just doesn’t work for me anymore because I have seen it so many times that I want to claw my eyes out whenever I see it setup in another anime. To be fair, the growth of the harem is pretty fair for this one and every girl has their own quirk which makes it fun seeing them slut up every free scene in the anime. Every girl also had a degree of respectability to them so you can’t really hate them that much and you also enjoy seeing them nude for fan service sake. It seems a bit too much though to employ the appeal of Louise and Saito alongside the accidental harem trope. That’s one trope on top of another and it just feels really gawd damn cheap to me. Ash and Eco’s relationship looked pretty important for the show but the amount of girls surrounding Ash seems to ruin everything the relationship has established. This ultimately leads to the show’s most glaring problem. It mixes serious storytelling with trashy Ecchi fan service.

The various chapters had great stories to tell. From a bitter sibling relationship to a country seeking world domination, the stories alone is enough to make this anime great. This is not the case though because the anime has some really explicit Ecchi scenes incorporated with the serious story. An example would be when Eco was caught by this deranged doctor. She was going to do some experiments on her and this required her being naked and iron clamped to a bed. Mental image doesn’t do it justice. Take a look at this:

Rescuing Eco is a serious matter but the tone is destroyed when you see Eco promptly displayed like this. I believe that it’s an absolute rule that a serious story and Ecchi cannot mix. Eventually, the filth of the Ecchi will overrun the entire show. The anime took advantage of this filth though by delivering some really explicit scenes. From naked girls in sexy positions to various filthy scenarios like the image above, this show is rampant with dirtiness. It also has the ultimate explicit thing ever: tentacle monsters. I would just like to say that tentacle monsters are where I draw the line when it comes to Ecchi and Hentai. I would consider this too hardcore of an Ecchi anime. I remember a bunch of dragons attack the summer camp from the second chapter. They are dragons out for blood but their method of torture involves tentacles. They only attacked girls as well. This was borderline hentai where the tentacles groped everything, rubbed on everything and melted every cloth a girl has on. It was really on missing the penetration to truly make this insane. I also got an uncensored version of the anime, which is a perk of not being updated with the seasonal lineups, and the filthiness is just so f*cking extreme. To be fair, this is an original thing for a light novel anime. I haven’t seen tentacle monsters behave like this in a non hentai anime and I frankly don’t want to ever again. I applaud the show for being different but this high level of dirtiness doesn’t really do much for the anime. It serves as momentary distraction from all the heavy tropes and that’s basically it. Sure, some pervert would love to see this anime for the tentacle porn alone but it does ruin the overall appeal of the show. It’s hard to take something serious when the anime is littered with this:

And this:

And, I have more, this:

And this:


And this:

And finally, this:

I think the overly explicit content is the main appeal of the show to save it from its clichéd roots but I think it also served as a double edged sword because it felt like a big breasted distraction for the anime. It’s basically saying that it can’t do anything new with the story but it can cram as much tentacle monsters as the audience is willing to watch. I appreciate the attempt but I truly think it was a bit of a miss. Not that it matters though, I can already see people looking up this review simply because of the mention of tentacle monsters. Ah, my head hurts.

The characters are all pretty one dimensional being plagued by some cliché as well. Ash Blake is your typical main character. He acts like a rebel but he actually has a good heart. He loves butting into people’s business and getting himself in trouble over it but this heroic act often lands him the beating heart of the girl he is around with. I actually liked how he can ride any dragon and have a humanoid dragon as his own but the show didn’t really utilize this. Instead, they introduced separate stories that barely mention this one. There was this underlying plot point about Ash and Eco though that the show just briefly mentions. It involved Ash’s past and the reason why Eco is a humanoid dragon instead of just one straight up scaly beast. I also quite like his relationship with Eco. It’s mostly because it reminds me of Louise and Saito directly. It brings up some fond memories for me when I was first introduced to light novel shows. Ash is mainly just a guy that goes with the flow though and doesn’t really have any stand out personality of his own. He’ll grope a breast if it calls for it and save people’s lives when the show calls for it. He’s as bland of a main character you can ever come across with. It’s a shame too because he was a delinquent in the first episode. I guess tentacle monsters can ruin that as well.

The rest of the cast are also pretty one dimensional. They mostly just have a role to perform and it ends there. Aside from fan service, they stick to their designated roles. It’s a pretty straight forward light novel so there is no room for improvement. The characters do grow on you though where even the most annoying can have her share of good moments. Eco is your typical tsundere character. She acts childish and she demands a lot from Ash who promptly just smiles at her bossy personality. She would often get embarrassed though whenever she is alone with Ash and she has a caring personality beneath her bossy attitude. So basically, she’s your standard tsundere. She is a pretty good one though so no complaints here. Silvia is your typical snob girl with pretty blonde hair. If she’s not half naked or soaking fully naked in a tub then she’d be going all vulnerable about her civil position as part of the royal family. She holds herself in high regard because of her status but the poor girl is really in over her head. Still, that doesn’t stop her from being such a busybody. I actually like Sylvia but I wish she had more of a definite role in the series. Her personal maid actually has more personality than her and it does make her look pretty one dimensional. If she was straight up introduced as Ash’s love partner then I could see her developing much better. However, the show didn’t really want a solid couple from the accidental harem because it wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to slut it up with Ash. There is also Rebecca Randall, the student council president who has a few moments with Ash. She acts as this person who rules over other student’s affairs and eventually makes big calls regarding the town. She’s pretty influential and she plays politics well. She has a big boner for Ash though which makes it hard to take her seriously. Her flirtatious smile is enough to know how much she wants Ash but the way she restrains herself makes her such a big tease. Someone who doesn’t show restraint would have to be Jessica Valentine. She had no meaningful role except, in her words, be seeded by the Silver Knight. Yeah, she pretty much wants to have sex and almost every scene of her involves seducing Ash. It’s not even the fun type of seducing. She practically will force herself onto him and it’s pretty insane. It looks fun I guess since she does become likeable to a degree but seeing her act crazy just ruins the serious story of the anime some more.

This is a pretty decent anime. I am really torn because I liked the story but I can’t quite forgive the done to death elements the show employed. I like the serious tone of the story but the show clearly has something else in mind. The Ecchi elements are actually an original aspect of the show that clearly doesn’t appear in your typical light novel anime but I felt that it ruined the anime a lot. I’ll give first time studio C-Station some slack. This is their very first anime produced and I think they wanted to do something big. It’s certainly not the most ground breaking thing ever but having tentacle monsters in your Ecchi anime will really get people talking. It’s undeniable proof that risky Ecchi is rewarded heavily because TNK Studios has hit gold ever since they decided to air High School DxD uncensored. Those plump nipples still haunt me but it’s an element of the show that people keep coming back for more. Why else would this f*cking show be getting a third season? You think it’s the story? TNK Studios is used to be known for freaking School Days but now High School DxD is making them a notable studio once again. C-Station is making the right move for now. They played it safe with a clichéd light novel but put effort into the Ecchi people actually enjoy. It’s a shameless disgusting approach to animation that I am actually a big fan of. I also would like to say that I am excited to see this new studio grow. How awesome is it that I get to review their first anime? It’s hard to get yourself established though and they better have more tricks up their sleeves if they want to stay relevant. With the anime trends changing though, I think C-Station is going to do alright. Tomoyuki Kurokawa is actually a pretty solid director. He had his hands on a lot of Bee Train produced anime and I think he put it to good use when he help create C-Station. I love his works like Murder Princess and Phantom Requiem of Phantom. He does some solid serious storytelling and I think this anime reflects it. Still, I think a more established director could’ve made the Ecchi and the serious story mix well together. Even though these two things don’t really go along that well, I think a bit more effort could’ve made this show a lot better. Now then, who wants another season? If the tentacle monster fans wish hard enough I’m sure C-Station would happily deliver.

Sight and Sound

Kohada Shimesaba has made some good character designs here. The characters reek of cliché in their designs but the right kind of glossing and the smart amount of details can make even a Louise look alike into a character of her own. The characters have your typical standard build with the typical seductive style you’d expect in light novel anime and the stereotype trickles down even to the hairstyle and the way the characters dress. Kohada’s style is pretty damn perverted though. He can make a small breasted character look sexy and just as much filthy as a big breasted character. The bright color palette with the innocent appeal of the stereotype that characters originated from is mixed with some very Ecchi details. Small characters usually have some curvy bodies while the exposed skin is enough to make them look appealing. I even love the little red shiny spots on their joints to add more appeal. What the hell do you call that red spot? Anyways, the stereotypes are there for the serious side of the story but the added sex appeal is for the Ecchi. Considering that even the small breasted characters shed off their clothes at every opportunity then you are often treated to some really high raw form of fan service here. Kohada’s design excels though in those big breasted girls. Simply put, they noticeably and gleefully bounces and sags down. The design is so deliberately dirty that you’ll often notice that big breasts first popping out of the body. This is then accentuated by the nice curves of the characters and the suggestive clothing they have on. Just look at Victoria. She’s wearing armor and exposing all the good bits at the same time. In the serious side, she is this hardass that always criticizes Silvia. In the Ecchi side, she was this symbol of power that suggestively looks like she makes men cry for a hobby…with those boobs. With the right skin color, details on the outfits and the stereotype design as a base, Kohada’s design really look well rounded. I actually appreciate C-Station for adapting his dirty designs properly. I’m not sure how heavy the censors are in the censored version but I think Kohada’s filthy character design certainly completes this anime.

The animation is decent. There are a few scenes where the animation is impressive like the dragon races and that weird basketball like tourney with dragons but the action is very minimal. There’s not a lot of awesome dragon fights and those important action scenes related to the story feels a bit lackluster. The confrontation usually highlights the peak of the story with the villain charging at the characters but there’s not a lot of style in it. I think C-Station is still finding its legs but I think the confrontations should’ve had atleast some awesome camera angles and effects to them. I do appreciate not using stiff CG like some other studios. They didn’t half-ass the animation and I appreciate that. They’re animation actually excels in other aspects of the show, mainly the gawd damn tentacle scenes. I like it. Animation wise, it was pretty awesome. The behavior of the tentacles coupled by uncomfortable faces of the girls along with the groping action is masterfully executed. The movements are precise and paced well as if they really put their effort on making the scenes standout the most. Well, it did. Accentuating the characters appeal while making sure every component of those tentacle scenes requires some heavy amount of talent and I do applaud C-Station for having the good sense to make it legit dirty. The other dirty scenes doesn’t have much flare as well since anything relating to the serious side of the story, including gagging and tying up the girls, doesn’t look that impressive compared to the high quality tentacle action this anime is so proud of.

The anime’s OP is “Seiken nante Iranai” by Yui Sakakibara. This is a pretty decent song. Yui’s voice is great with how she paces the song and I love her high notes. Her voice is little iffy to me but I think it’s because of the uneven pace of the song itself. It’s about love and giving away everything to be with someone you love. It’s certainly a very good song. The OP sequence features a short montage of the events of the anime with all three chapters and an introduction to every character. There’s a slight spoiler in it but nothing big to ruin the anime. It also mistakenly suggests Ash and Eco is the main pairing for this anime instead of the accidental harem it actually has. I think they were banking on the Louise/Saito appeal but it ends up being pretty mean spirited and misleading.

The anime’s ED is MOST Ijou no “MOSTEST” by Eco (CV: Mariya Ise), Silvia (CV: Ayane Sakura), Rebecca (CV: Marina Inoue)/ Jessica (CV: Kana Hanazawa). This is annoying as f*ck. It’s a super cutesy fast paced song about some stupid words assembled together. The Vas had their moments with their individual lines but this song is a filthy as the Ecchi of this anime. I hate listening to it. The ED sequence features all the girls acting cute and it’s a good way to actually track who is who in the anime. I suck at remembering names so I always consult the ED to remind me who is who. Anyways, the ED doesn’t have much and the song is annoying. It has a dancing Chibi Eco if that does anything for you.

Overall Score

6/10 “Story wise, this anime is dragged down by the tropes but it excels on the execution. It doesn’t matter though because you just need two words to nicely describe what makes this anime good: Tentacle. Monsters.”

This anime is like Zero no Tsukaima, Unbreakable Machine Doll and Highschool DxD duct taped then stapled together. The clichés and the tropes ruin an otherwise great storytelling by the show. The characters aren’t much standout either. Really, you’re in this for the perversion it presents and it does that job seriously. Everything else takes a backseat to presenting the girls half-naked and groped by monsters. It’s a cheap kind of anime but something that does look fun in the long run. If you like high level nudity then you’ll like this anime. If you like the Louise and Saito banter then you’ll enjoy this one as well. If you love Highschool DxD’s Ecchi then this show will match up to that. If you want to see long scenes of tentacle monster action outside of Hentai then satisfy your curiosity here. The story doesn’t amount to much but this anime rocks some great pair of boobs and ass. Seek out the uncensored version as well to truly appreciate the filthiness of this anime.

7 thoughts on “Seikoku no Dragonar Review

  1. Cool review. Although I wouldn’t compare or relate it with Zero no Tsukaima and Unbreakable Machine Doll (for Highschool DxD, hated and dropped) because they’re better and not that average in the genre.

    • I compared the similar elements of the show and the familiar story structure. I don’t really think Unbreakable Machine Doll is that good though. Zero no Tsukaima came first but I think its also not that great.

      • Man, Zero no Tsukaima were one of my first anime’s after I left shonen. And man do I love it. Some people complain that it was stretched to 4 seasons. God bless em for these 4 seasons of kawaii show. It had very well done character development and it was not disgustingly perverted either. I loved it. It was like moderately perverted ToraDora stretched to 4 season.

        • oh yeah, ZnT is awesome. I think the fourth season kinda felt the series has over sdtayed its welcome, but they are still adapting the Ln at that point. I think the series is great. Along with Shana and Railgun, it’s my fave from the JC Staff LN era.

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