Campione GIFs: It’s Just A Kiss

This is posted on 12-12-12. WordPress has a different time zone so I want to make sure this posted on the right day. I should adjust the time on my wordpress…hhmmm. Anyways, we’ll never get another moment with the date, month and year having the same numbers so this is considered to be something historic. I wanted to do something special today and I did. I cleaned my room. Yeah. Not so big for a historic moment. Well, I also made this blog and the GIFs.

This is from Campione. The most awesome kiss you’d ever witness. Click on the picture so it’ll open in a new tab so it can load faster. God bless WordPress for having no 2MB limit on any uploads. On a side note, I do hope time is circular instead of linear like in Futurama so we experience more times where the date, month and year are the same number.





This was the one good thing I really liked about Campione. I also like the harem cause it was a legit harem and not one of those weak sh*t harem like in most anime. No, no, no. Our hero uses girls as if they were holes in a banana tree if you get my obscure cultural joke. *wink, wink*

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