Eromanga-sensei GIFs (2/2)

Here’s the second batch of GIFs from the show. The almighty Elf-chan is in here, so have fun. Once again, open the GIFs in a new window to make it load faster. Do tell me if there is an error with the GIFs, since I’m still playing around with the new wordpress feature. After five years, you’d think I know sh*t already but WP keeps updating randomly at times. Anyways, enjoy. ^ ^

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Eromanga-sensei GIFs (1/2)

I was in a GIF-fy mood, so I just decided to make some of this anime’s first episode. Sagiri is so adorable, like ohmygawd, her cuteness is working on me.

Click on the image to open in a new tab, since they’ll load extra slow given how many there are here, and go on! Spread the cuteness that is Sagiri. I’ll upload another batch once I finish the series.

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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt GIFs: THAT Transformation Scene

I decided to review my very first fifty episode anime and it is pretty painful consuming so much with the kind of stress I’m under. For now, I’ll just put up a GIF post so I can finish that fifty episode anime. I’m at the halfway mark and I could’ve finished it this week if I didn’t have a job and other life obligations.

I promised to make a GIF of that jaw dropping transformation scene in PaSwG though, so here you go. This is probably the reason why I was heavily interested in this anime. The angelic faces with the stunning animation made me drool. There’s also the fan service but the animation completely caught me off guard. It was a big statement that Gainax is doing a Powerpuff Girl riff and not just releasing an under budget show. What better way than a sexed up transformation scene. Those inviting looks, damn. I want to apprentice to whoever made this sequence.

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Sakura Trick GIFs: Shoujo Ai Kissing at It’s Finest (3/3)

This is the last batch of the same goddamn characters. I’m sure a lot of you are asking where are the other couples. I actually GIF’ed them but I’ll put them in a separate post because I want to enjoy their moments by themselves not combined with these two characters. To be fair, there are some very hot moments in these GIFs so enjoy.

The GIFs are long so open them in a new tab to make it load faster.

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Sakura Trick GIFs: Eleven More (2/3)

I basically shot myself in the foot with this GIF decision of mine. I was hoping only one per episode but they do it a lot more times and I’m quite frankly sick of it now. I’m at episode nine so hopefully this sh*t ends soon. I’m also getting irritated with the love story this anime presents. For a couple of cute young carefree girls, they sure do a lot of mature things. At this point, their love should mature as well but marshmallow shows are lazy crap shows so it’s all puppy love and knee high socks till the end. It’s annoying.

Here’s eleven more GIFs of the same characters locking lips. Enjoy.

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Sakura Trick GIFs: ALL of them (1/3)

Yeah. I kinda went overboard with this one. At first, I just wanted a couple of them for my review and then I noticed each episode had a notable kissing scene so I…yeah…went too far. I think the idea of girls kissing each other is just fun to GIF so here you go.

I’ll be splitting these into three parts since I’m creating GIFs while watching the show so I’m kinda slow in making them. Plus, I think your browser will crash if I add too many GIFs in one post.


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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun GIFs: Happy Valentines

I actually made these GIFs a long time ago but I never got a chance to post them. Since it’s Valentine’s day, I figured that today is the best day to post them. It’s all the cute and romantic things that happened in the show. I hope there’s another season. Anyways, click on the pic so it can load faster.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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