Wrap Up: August 2019

Life got busy, and then you make coffee. Let’s get to it!

Saekano – A Plain Introduction

This anime is all about Katou and she was introduced in the best way possible. In episode 2, she was in a café with the main character. Whenever she talks though, the camera never focuses on her. She is always off screen or something else is happening in the background when she speaks. It illustrates how much of a nobody she truly is, and she was introduced this way. The best girl in the show is really the most normal of the bunch.

Saekano – The TTGL insert song

Did you catch it?

I was so surprised A-1 Pictures even did it. The moment speaks for itself, right? An exploration of otaku culture is given emphasis by one of the most recognizable song in anime.

JJBA: Stardust Crusader – Vanilla Ice

I think I finally understand why I don’t like Stardust Crusader. It’s because it’s not really a Jojo story like the first two arcs. In a sense, it’s a different story by the same author with the Jojo title slapped on it. I think the fact that Jotaro isn’t really a Joestar is a big indicator of that. He’s a Kujo. He’s Japanese. Where am I going with this? Anyways, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency kinda made deaths meaningless for me. People just die in the Jojo series. When Stardust Crusader came, I just kinda accepted everyone will die. I just want to know how. I mean, was it as epic as the rock vs Caesar meme? No, it is not.

So Avdol, Kakyoin and Iggy died in the story. Did they die in epic fashion? No. Two of them were killed off by Vanilla Ice. It was also so “matter of fact” that they will die. When Avdol was eaten by Vanilla Ice’s stand, I didn’t really think they were serious in killing him off. It had a clumsy foreshadowing, but the most honorable man in the group died in the cheapest fashion.

Iggy had a more awesome death, but he saved Polnareff of all people. I do not like this dude mainly because he is a French character but he doesn’t look French. He is as Japanese as the main character, and it’s a nitpick that just ruins him for me. Iggy’s last minute inclusion kinda sealed his demise though. No one enters the Egypt arc expecting to walk out whole. If it wasn’t by Dio’s hand, then for sure it’d be by the mid-boss. Unsurprisingly, that was Vanilla Ice. This dude is actually as popular as Hol Horse, mainly because he was the one that offed two important characters.

Kakyoin had the best death in the bunch, but it was kinda meaningless in the long run. Since Star Platinum is already like The World, it means Jotaro already knows he can stop time. If not, then the fact that he can follow Dio while in time stop means Kakyoin died for nothing. I still remember Caesar being crushed by that giant rock. Jonathan Joestar died cradling his rival and step brother to their grave. Kakyoin died with Dio not even lifting a finger.

I was genuinely surprised Joseph is alive by the end of Stardust Crusader though. Of all the people that should’ve died, it should’ve been the direct descendant of Jonathan being killed by Dio. I imagined the old Joseph spouting his old lines, busting out his tommy gun, and giving us a nostalgia trip with his Hamon. Sadly, Joseph was just a comic character here and he survived Dio’s attack. Boo. I hear he’s in the next arc of Jojo too. I can’t wait to see how he’ll diminish then.

JJBA: Stardust Crusader – Ora Muda

You have to understand. A Jojo anime seems normal now, but fans have been clamoring for a full series since the 90s. Jojo and Berserk are two shows that seemingly can’t get an adaptation. When David Productions announced they’re bringing Jojo to life, it was hyped beyond belief. People waited for the best arc to be adapted. It was Stardust Crusaders, and mainly because of this.




This was a lot of people’s childhood finally getting their ultimate wish granted. Twenty plus years after they first clashed in the manga, Jotaro and Dio finally did it in anime form and it was so good. Now we just wait for a proper Berserk adaptation. Hm? What’s that?

JJBA: Stardust Crusader – Last Train Home

This damn song is a death flag. You just know Polnareff is going to die and he didn’t f*cking die.

Seriously though, this was the most subdued song in the arcs so far and listening back to it actually makes me teary eyed. Not because of Avdol, Kakyoin and Iggy’s death, but mostly because a beloved manga finally got its deserved adaptation. I have a friend that was a massive Jojo fan. I say “was”, because the guy had a mental breakdown some years back and I don’t think he ever found out his favorite manga got an anime. I listen to this song and just imagine the reaction he’d have when he sees the first OP of Phantom Blood packed with so many references. We used to play the PS1 game of Jojo and he’d freak over Lisa Lisa. He’s that big of a fan, and I hope he’d have a chance for a last train home.

Absolute Duo – A La Mode

This is the only chapter in the show that had a somewhat setup with a somewhat pay off. The girl with the rifle was so hurt by the main character’s rejection that she wanted everyone dead. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, right? Well, this chick was scorned. Hard. The ultimate revenge is to defeat everyone in the place where it all began, a mall. This is actually the mall where the main character and his duo had their first date. It was kinda symbolic that the rifle girl chose this place. She’ll defeat the duo and prove to the main character that she is the best girl for him. What better place to do than in the place where the duo shared their best moment in the series?

Then there was the appearance of the main baddie shooting our lead in the arm and abducting the rifle girl to wrap up this chapter in over booked fashion. It doesn’t really matter. This show isn’t really that good. I’m glad I could even pick a moment in it.

Kuroko no Basket 3 – One Man Army

Kuroko is the opposite of Absolute Duo. It is all about the moments. I could choose ten in just the last season. There’s Rakuzan’s all zone team, the 111-11 killing blow of Teiko Middle High, the first time we see the ankle break, the light and shadow of Shutoku High, the Kuroko 2.0 player, the uncrowned king matching and defeating the Seirin veterans, and the moment we realize want kind of basketball Kuroko plays. How many is that? Anyways, I picked the best three moments to highlight here. First up is Kise’s perfect copy.

This is the first dude Taiga beat among the Miracles. He’s easy. He’s a mid-boss at best, and you know he’ll be defeated too. It’s just a sealed thing, but that doesn’t mean Seirin will win easy. Kise’s power is that he can copy moves. He copied Taiga’s style during their practice face off, but they never told us he can copy the other Miracle members. He busts out Midorima’s high accuracy shooting, Aomine’s stop and go play, and Murasakibara’s unstoppable defense. He can even do Akashi’s emperor eye. It was insane. In fact, if it wasn’t for his bum knee then there’s a chance he could’ve beaten Taiga. He’s a one man unstoppable team and he ultimately defeated himself. He is that awesome.

Kuroko no Basket 3 – Emperor Eye


Bow down to the king!

Akashi’s emperor eye can predict a player’s move before he even does it. Up against the ever awesome Midorima, Akashi ended the game without breaking a sweat. He is that overpowered. When up against Taiga and Seirin, you can bet the game was one sided until we reached the ultimate bullsh*t of the entire series.

Kuroko no Basket 3 – True Zone

Apparently, entering the zone is like diving into water and at the end there’s a door that Kuroko is guarding. What the f*ck is this sh*t? True zone is kinda like entering zone plus actually playing a team sport, so the zone is utilized to its best form. No one has ever realized that because no one can catch up to someone in the zone. Up against five people in the zone themselves, Taiga went ridiculously berserk upon achieving true zone. In a sense, this is really the basketball that Kuroko plays. It’s not about an individual winning on their own, but more about a team playing to their best spirit. It’s truly a moment to behold.


These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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