Chuunibyou GIFs: Abusing Rikka Using The Power of Moe!!!

Yuuta and Rikka are cute together. As a last post for 2012, I thought I’d make a GIF. The interesting part about this group of GIFs is that they are all from the first episode of the KyoAni anime. Look at Yuuta go! Open the GIFs in a new tab so it can load faster.

2012 was a fun year for me. It had its up and downs. As a blogger though, it was mostly highs….maybe cause I’m pretty easy to impress. I finished a hundred and twenty plus anime in seven months. I’ll shoot for 200 before this site hits one year old. I’m doing small goals to conquer my long term goal. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have fireworks to light and neighbors to disturb.

Let’s rock it out at 2013!!!







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