Glasslip Review

This is review number three hundred and ninety one. This anime is part of the Summer 2014 lineup, and it’s called Glasslip. It’s a thirteen episode anime about….something. This anime is really something, and I actually can’t wait to talk about that something, so let’s just get on with it.


It has a boy and a girl, and there are some chickens. One of them is bisexual, the other is in love with her stepbrother and there’s also piano music. Over the course of the summer, a bunch of random sh*t happens, I guess?

Taking the Pants Off

What the hell is this anime? Seriously, I sat through some of the worst sh*t you can imagine but Glasslip is just a different kind of awful. This anime honestly deserves a score of one, and I am very tempted to give it that one. After all, an anime that gives me nothing deserves the lowest score I can give a show. This anime lacked a premise, and it also lacked the very basic forms of storytelling. It has no decent characters, and the relationship between the so-called “group of friends” is pretty fake. Anime that scores a two out of ten, for me, are the shows I hate with my entire being. They’re so damn awful that I have nothing good to say about them. An anime that garners a score of one though are shows that are just nothing. They don’t give me enough to either like it or hate it, and that actually hard to do. To create a series that gives you nothing substantial is pretty insulting to begin with, but not even nailing one element of an anime right takes some kind of special stupidity to accomplish. The anime is inept, and the people behind it are inept. PA Works, what the hell are you doing? This anime is even worst than Nagi no Asukara, an anime so disappointing that I refuse to post my review of it. It’s in my drafts, and it’ll stay there forever. Glasslip is a special kind of awful that I seriously can’t believe exists.

So this anime deserves a score of one. It means nothing to me, and the entire experience is a giant waste of time. Sadly, the anime does not qualify for the score it deserves though. The anime may lack the barebones elements that makes an anime watchable, but it did do something right. At the start of the series, the anime nailed its one selling point: the healing element. Iyashikei, or healing, is a weird subgenre of slice of life where the goal is to create atmosphere calming enough for viewers to relax in the visual experience. I don’t really think it’s a genre though, but I can’t be confident about it since I have no idea what healing is about. All I know is that it’s brimming with images of nature, a slow yet interesting take on the character’s everyday routine and it all balances with some captivating music. I always believed Hayao Miyazaki’s works are pretty much healing, but I can’t really be sure since “healing the audience” is a subjective thing. I’m “healed” by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni but does it really qualify as healing? My benchmark for healing though is Tamayura since it’s about nature and the beauty of everyday life. Regrettably, Glasslip does nail this one little thing. The first half of the anime is interesting only because of its healing element. The anime obviously crumbled at the end, because Iyashikei is a style, more than anything else, and you kinda need a story more than style to properly end an anime. So, sadly, this anime will not be getting a score of one but don’t get it twisted: this anime deserves the lowest score you can possibly give it.

That’s the problem with being impartial. Sometimes, fairness often leads to just misery on my end. This anime is pretty notable though because of its director, Junji Nishimura. He’s a pretty well-known director, but Glasslip also celebrates Nishimura’s return working with PA Works. They once created this beautiful anime called True Tears. I’m blurry on the details now, but the anime is a very solid hit for PA Works. That was their very first produced anime as a standalone studio, so I bet they wanted to create something special with their second collaboration with Junji Nishimura. The chickens appearing on Glasslip is also a cute reference to True Tears and it kinda symbolizes something special between Junji and PA Works. I bet they really wanted to recreate the magic they had back then with True Tears. Unfortunately, Glasslip is just a mess. I guess you can sum up the many problems of the anime in just one sentence: the anime is more style than substance.

It doesn’t have a story in its thirteen episode run, it lacked a premise starting out and it also relied on a lot of useless gimmick to make the show seem interesting. I’m sure Junji is a talented director, but Glasslip feels soulless. It lacks heart, and it feels devoid of any effort. As an anime fan, I am honestly insulted that Glasslip exists. I feel like the audiences were treated like idiots when they had to watch thirteen episodes of nothing from a director that didn’t really care. They even botched the stupidest of tropes, and they didn’t even use their clichés properly. It’s as if they just didn’t really care, and I am really insulted by it. All I ever got was a director that thinks too highly of himself doing some experimental artistic bullsh*t in thirteen episodes. It’s telling though that a veteran director doesn’t know how to tell a story and setup a premise, so I’m glad the audience isn’t the only one that looked like idiots in this whole endeavor.

Ah, damn it. This is supposed to be a review, so let’s just focus on all the things Glasslip did wrong first. Let’s start with the premise. The anime follows a group of friends in their summer vacation. The group agreed to no dating, but a recent transfer student appears and he messes the whole thing up. His appearance ruffles a few of the relationships, and the group’s entire summer vacation is ruined thanks to him. Still, love is a powerful thing and the group must decide if it’s stronger than their friendship. I write a better premise than the damn anime. While the premise can be easily summed up in a few sentences, the anime isn’t really direct with it. First of all, they introduced the cast in bulk with their names flashed on the screen. The transfer student, Kakeru Okikura, also never joins the group naturally. He is only fixated on one girl, Tokou Fukami, because they apparently share the same supernatural powers. That’s his motivation, so this slice of life romance about a group of friends started its premise on a ham fisted supernatural plot device. The bigger problem is that they never really come off as a group of friends that has spent their days together. The dialogue between them is stiff, their chemistry is off and the romance feels forced. As I read some online description of the show, it’s apparently their last summer together as a group. The anime never explained why, maybe they’re seniors and graduating soon, but it could’ve been an interesting motivation for the entire show. Since it’s their last summer, it’s their last chance for a romantic confession, last chance to do the things they want to do as a group and a last chance to live life together with no regrets. The premise is never properly established though, so the status quo is messed up and the following story is also whacked. There were no clear elements of their friendship, no real convincing proof of their love towards each other and no real reason for Kakeru to even be involved in this anime. At the very start, the anime is already broken and it decided to run its course never really fixing anything.

Why improve on things? We have the Iyashikei element to bring things together, right?

There’s a problem with being focused too much on the visual aspect of an anime, because things eventually turns stale and super boring. After all, we are just watching characters doing random sh*t with no real effect on the show. It can be extremely boring to slog through thirteen episodes of just characters doing random things. We need a story to really bring things together. Even Tamayura, a pretty standard healing anime, is competent enough to have a story. It follows a girl’s life in the place where her deceased dad grew up, and she’s trying to reconnect with him and herself through her time there. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Glasslip kinda wanted to achieve the same thing. It explored how characters should have a “home” to belong to, and that place is being with the person they love. It’s a cute sentiment, but the anime has no idea how to properly tell this story. Since the premise about the group of friends is already broken, the anime doesn’t really have a chance to naturally build up its story so it didn’t. It just forced a lot of things to happen just to suit whatever the hell it’s trying to accomplish. This is especially true about the romance between the characters.

Before I start on that, let’s talk about one of the things I like about the anime. The show tells a story with just glances and facial reactions, and I really admire this. Take, for example, this beautiful scene from episode one. It starts with the girl admiring the glass on her soda:

It transitions to a guy admiring the girl admiring a glass.

This prompted a reaction from another girl watching a guy admiring a girl admiring a glass.

This is powerful stuff, because it establishes that glass admirer is too aloof to notice. The guy is admiring from afar though, because she is his friend. The other girl is jealous though, and that’s a wonderful way to introduce the characters. It also tells us how promising the romance is. After all, so much is said without any dialogue. Sadly, the anime has no idea how to properly tell a love story.

I remember two of characters really just sat in a room together reading books. I think throughout the entire first half (six episodes) they just didn’t say anything. The main idea is that the guy just wants to spend time with the girl, but she is clearly expecting him to confess. After all, she invited him alone in her room. That’s kinda a big signal to just go for it. The guy never confesses though, but all of a sudden, when asked by her mother why a guy is visiting him, she just blurted out that he is her boyfriend. The romance is ruined, the characters are ruined and everything wasted in the six episodes are ruined in that instance. For a show that can tell so much with no words, it sure knows how to ruin them with the exact wrong words.

Wouldn’t it be better to just let the characters talk and naturally build from there? I remember them even texting about books, and that’s f*cking cute. The girl would even get the guy to read Natsume Souseki, and it could’ve been a way to bring them together. The girl specifically asked him to read “Ten Nights of Dreams”, and it totally got my hopes up since the first dream in the story is about a dying woman talking to a guy. I was expecting a scenario like that with our ill girl and the guy who loves her so much. Instead, like a toddler, she just blurted out that he is her boyfriend. It’s infuriating, because it could’ve been done better. The annoying part is that they never really become a couple. They still sit in a room together just reading books, and I bet it’s for the visual’s sake. After all, this is the only thing the director cares about.

Kakeru and Touko are even more infuriating. They fell in love because they have the same superpowers, except they don’t really have them. I think the girl is drawn to the guy because of something about being able to see the future, and it could’ve been a nice way to get the romance together, right? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. The anime just decided to lump them together, and they’re just magically a couple for no reason. The supernatural thing between the two is also really stupid. They claim to see the future, but everything is kept ambiguous up until the end. It really just feels nothing more than a plot device, but the anime kept forcing it in the story for no real reason. This anime about a group of friends is suddenly just about Touko thinking she can see the future because she saw snow in her vision, and Kakeru spouting things like how they belong together because of their powers. Did they ever act romantic towards each other? No. Do they have a reasonable chemistry between them? No. Is their relationship ever convincing enough for them to be a couple? No. This doesn’t make sense, and for the anime to run with this is just annoying.

I kinda figured they’d try to go away from their already broken premise. I never expected them to force things though, and it just doesn’t really work out for the show. One of the biggest problems is that Touko already mentioned that she isn’t really focused on love. She rejected the other guy because she isn’t really feeling any love. For her to just flip a switch and be in love with Kakeru is really infuriating. You’d expect her to gradually be in love, but the show really just decided, in one episode, that the two should be together. This is also a big contrast to the show’s theme of a slow slice of life focusing on the characters’ routines. If they can just abruptly go from not in love to yes in love, then it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. What exactly are we trying to accomplish here?

This anime is a thematic mess, but you can also blame the many gimmicks it tried to employ to compensate for the lack of a good story. The supernatural powers are a very good example of this, because the anime doesn’t really need it. Seeing Kakeru talk so much nonsense about seeing the future and hearing stuff about fragments of himself eventually feels grating, because none of it really matters. He’s just talking for the sake of talking.  Having supernatural elements to your slice of life is also a stretch, since you kinda need a really good story to support that combination. You failed on your premise, so how exactly can you expect to pull off an even more complicated setup? The anime relied so much on gimmick that its title is also a useless gimmick. Glasslip means nothing. Sure, Glass Lips could be related to the romance aspect of the anime but it really isn’t. For some reason, Touko’s family runs a glass workshop and we see her make some glass from time to time. This isn’t related to the story or anything, and Touko isn’t even aspiring to be a glassmaker, so the scenes just end up as a useless gimmick to bulk up the show. I’m sure a competent writer can use Touko’s aspiration for glass as a symbolism for her clouded mind and heart, but f*ck that sh*t. Let’s just have her draw chickens. Why exactly? No reason. This is all just another gimmick that ends up nowhere. If you’re counting, then that’s three useless gimmicks already desperately filling up what a decent story should be in. Does the anime stop at three gimmicks though? Oh, hell no.


Sachi Nagamiya is the sick girl that gets hospitalized in the show. What’s her sickness and does it ever affect her character arc in the show? Nope. We never discover her illness, but the anime did use a couple of episodes focusing on her health and the tests that prevents her from coming home. She’s just a poor sick girl that doesn’t contribute anything to the story. We also have step siblings here crushing on each other, by the way. Yanagi and Yukinari are step siblings, but Yanagi likes her new brother. Does their weird family setup ever affect their relationship? Nope. Why did the anime even make them step bro and step sis then? I don’t know. It’s just a gimmick, after all. The best useless gimmick in the anime has got to be this though:

Out of nowhere, Kakeru suddenly speaks to himself. Why? We never found out. Does it really matter? Not really. This is all just gimmick to bulk up the anime. Thirteen episodes doing visually work with no story can be challenging, so they need to pad things up where it needs some padding. A story is a much easier way to pad a thirteen episode anime, but what the hell do I know? I’m not the f*cking guy that directed the best episode of Lam The Invader Girl. For a veteran director, how exactly can you make such a mess of an anime? I do believe his intentions are good, and I also think they really wanted this show to work. PA Works and everyone that handled this anime really wanted something special to happen, but this is really just bad. Too many people had their hands in this project, and you can clearly see how much of a burning mess this turned out to be. I started this review confused and pissed, but now I just feel ashamed that so many talented people worked on this garbage. The sad part is that none of them really contributed anything good to the series. It’s one negative on top of the other, and I honestly thought this’ll just be a rework of Nagi no Asukara. It’s actually worse than that. I never thought you can get things worse than Nagi no Asukara, but you apparently can.

There is no need to talk about the characters. They aren’t really any characters here. There are just cardboard cutouts smiling and talking to each other. I would like to single out Kakeru though, because he is actually a staple of most original anime. O. Screenplays have characters with no actual role in the anime, and Kakeru fits that. You can replace him with a talking chicken and it wouldn’t matter. I actually liked that better, since at least you know whatever incoherent garbage he is speaking comes from the twisted mind of Touko talking to a chicken. He has his little things though, like some thematic points but they weren’t really that properly told. The guy lives in a tent and he moves from town to town sleeping in it, and it points out how he doesn’t really have a home. It was just a lightly brushed idea on the show though, since the anime is bogged down with nonsense over beautiful imagery. Some people positively responded to this idea though, but you have to understand that it’s a ploy by the creators. They threw so many things at the wall hoping something would stick, and this home thing apparently did. If the show actually fleshed out this idea though, then I think it would’ve added a lot to the romance between him and Touko. It’s disappointing that he really just did nothing of significance to the show, and I’m starting to get annoyed with original anime. Are role-less characters actually a thing now?

If we’re talking about throwing things hoping it would stick, I think the small revelation that one of the characters is bisexual would’ve been my favorite one. It’s not really clear if she is, but I kinda wish she was. It would add a lot to the show, and it desperately needed some cute gimmick like that. I don’t think people would appreciate seeing the bisexual angle as nothing more than a gimmick though, so I guess I’m also glad they restrained themselves for exploring it. Besides, they have the porntastic setup of two step siblings living in one house together. I wished they actually explored that one instead.

PA Works is really a hit and miss kind of studio. I like how experimental they can be though, and they learn from their previous works. After all, the fantasy element they created with The Eccentric Family is carried over to Nagi no Asukara. The small hints of the awkward love story of Nagi-Asu is actually present in this anime, so there is progression and growth from the studio. I just really wish they would try harder. They can make great shows if they really tried, but it seems like the studio itself is stuck in a creative rut. I do believe they’ll bounce back, and Shirobako is actually the next anime they released after this one so I think it’s all good. I like how they try new things, and this’ll honestly help them separate themselves from other studios, but I just hope they learn from their mistakes. This studio is too talented not to shoot for the stars, damn it. I hear Shirobako is insanely good though, so I’m excited for that one.

Sight and Sound

Despite my absolute hatred for the show, it’s now time to talk in depth about the healing aspect of the anime. It is insanely good. If this wasn’t present, then this anime would’ve died right from the first episode. Junji is really trying to show off here, because he would present one wide shot scene of nature after another. I love how they captured the sleepy and dreary look of an empty street, but they’d make the visuals stunning to look at. The anime would have long drawn out scene of characters just walking on concrete streets or lush green scenery, and it’s really wonderful to look at. I also love how they would combine both nature and concrete on the same background just mingling with each other and capturing the beauty of a small city isolated from everything else. One of the things Junji did was actually gave us a tour of this little town. We’d always be treated to different places whenever characters talk. While there are familiar ones like the school ground and the café they friends hung out in, they’d also talk in small shrines, the beach, the docks, and even just random streets with the daily train cutting through everything. They nailed the atmosphere of the place, but they also captured the sound of it.

I love the use of birds chirping and cicadas making noise as we are treated to the different sceneries of the town. It’s also interlaced with a piano arrangement to give emotion to the scene. I’m not sure if it’s the same piano arrangement every time, but I do know that it perfectly fits the scene the anime is telling. If it’s just one character contemplating, then it’d be a soothing piano sound really embellishing the healing aspect of the scene. The piano sound changes though if there is some possible conflict that would arise or if something gimmicky would happen. It helps add drama, and really makes the experience dynamic.

The anime overused the visual treat though. This one strong aspect is constantly used over and over. During the second half, scenes would contain nothing but characters walking through nature. It ends, and then we see another character walking through the streets. That ends, and then we get a shot of a character in their room. That ends, and then something else starts. The story doesn’t materialize, and you can tell the imagery is being used to stall things. They’re dragging things out, and it’s pretty obvious. At some point, the anime really had nothing to present so even the beautiful imagery can become a chore to experience. I would’ve loved the healing aspect to actually add to the story, because I have seen it done before. Honey and Clover is an anime that pretty much behaves like Glasslip. The former show would use the imagery to add to the story though, and it really makes a difference considering the story of Honey and Clover isn’t really that special. But man, Honey and Clover is so confident with itself that it would even play the ending theme at the right moment to punctuate the beauty of a scene. Beautiful imagery can mean so much to an anime with a plain story. You can also achieve unbelievable heights with it though, because Natsume Yuujunchou still serves as the best show that blends strong imagery with beautiful story. This is why I believe Glasslip didn’t even try to achieve a story, because it’s hard not to have one.

Besides the visuals, I also love the scene of the families eating together. I know it isn’t much, but I love how most healing anime display routine. The way the family talks while eating is a really wonderful addition to this anime. It eventually vanished in the second half, but I love how vibrant and home~y the entire scene plays out. Touko’s dinner with her family is so energetic that it would always make me smile. The way the family joins together is a really beautiful thing, and I’m kinda bummed they dropped it halfway through. Even the breakfast scenes of Kakeru talking with his dad after climbing out of the tent are really good scenes to start your story. This “bonding over food thing” seems to be a really interesting idea that I hope gets explored more. It’s the only scenes in the anime that aren’t forced, and there’s a genuine beauty to them that I really gravitate to.

Character design looks like Nagi no Asukara. I think Touko even wears the same uniform you’ll see in the other show. It is trademark PA Works though, since this whole design stems all the way back to Tari Tari. The characters all look the same though, but I still love the range of characters design-wise. They don’t standout, but the anime doesn’t really need good looking characters since it’ll just be a waste. It won’t save the dull-ness of the show, so why even bother? I do like Touko’s little sister, design-wise. I guess it’s her tan skin that makes her standout. PA Works love their pale skinned beauties, so I love how they mix it up from time to time.

The anime’s OP is “Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe” by ChouCho. I love this song, and it perfectly fits the show as well. The lyrics talk about being in love, but it’s ripe with lines about everyday life and routine that is present in the show. ChouCho’s voice is also pretty great as the instrumentals wonderfully highlight her voice. I also love hearing that acoustic guitar in the background just getting the right mood for the anime. This is accompanied by a stellar OP sequence as well. It basically laid out the premise along with the gorgeous visuals of the anime. Of course, this all just beautiful accessory since the anime outright sucks. The anime’s ED is “Toumei na Sekai” by nano.RIPE. This is another great song, and the lyrics actually laid out the premise of someone just letting loose for one final hurrah and just making memories. It’s funny how the songs capture the anime, but the anime itself didn’t capture the anime. So that’s weird. The ED sequence features images of the friends though, and Kakeru somehow forced in the image often as a background character proving just how role-less the guy is. The anime even acknowledges it, and that’s pretty funny

Overall Score

2/10 “This anime is broken from the start, and it limped its way to its miserable ending.”

With no story, premise, characters, and anything else that resembles an actual anime, I don’t really think people should bother with this one. Sure, there are interesting themes here and there, but it often requires effort on the viewer’s part to appreciate a piece from a whole that looks bad overall. The visuals are strong, but why watch an anime for its beautiful pictures when you can get the same from other shows with a story to accompany it? This anime is boring, disappointing and insulting all at the same time. If you can handle how little it gives you for your effort watching it, then go at your own risk. I do not recommend this.

25 thoughts on “Glasslip Review

  1. I thought about giving this show a try but after reading this, I think you convinced me to stay away haha. Nice review!

  2. As a person who loves both Nagi no Asukara and Glasslip, I dare people to watch Big Order and tell me these two anime’s aren’t good lol I can give you a recommendation of shit anime. Glasslip is mild in comparison to other shows I have watched XD

    • I’m sure Big Order is bad because it has a bad story, or something. Glasslip is bad because it has no story. I’ve seen a lot of bad anime, and Glasslip ranks with the worst I’ve seen.
      That’s just my opinion though. Of course, I’m sure others can find something good in this show.
      What made you love this one? 🙂

      • It sucks because Big Order came from the same creator as Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary). It had a ton of potential but got lost amongst other things. It started off pretty good and then it kinda just went down hill from there. I liked some of the qualities the show had but after seeing all the people comment how shitty it was I could see it wasn’t a great adaptation lol the same could be said of Taboo Tattoo. Started off with a great concept and then it fell flat. I guess I liked Glasslip just for that reason. That it didn’t have a direct story. I enjoy films/shows that don’t make sense or have no real definitive ending (if you know what I mean?). I look at things, like Glasslip, more as an open ended concept. Glasslip doesn’t have a particular theme or story but it does have substance. You just have to dig a little deeper to reach it. I think you might find this breakdown a little more helpful in terms of trying to understand what Glasslip was really about. I thought this overview was well done and thought out:

        • Thank you for the comment. It’s certainly interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this anime. However, I believe most anime should have a Setup and a Payoff. I believe this anime tried to, when it pushed for a supernatural ending as well. After all, they setup so many things but didn’t properly give us the payoff for any of them. I do understand what you’re saying: the anime feels abstract, but it actually lacks nuance and grace that makes most abstract films or anime interesting. A good example of an abstract anime is Mawaru Penguindrum, but my fave is Melody of Oblivion. Just because it’s abstract, it doesn’t mean that the show should have no end goal or actual thought. It’s actually trying to tell a deeper story that requires further analyzing. I did that with Glasslip, and it doesn’t really work.

          But I agree, the anime is open to interpretations and any thematic argument can be both valid and invalid. For example, the anime could be a symbolism for humans after a post apocalyptic event. The snow could be nuclear winter, the quiet town could be a surviving human colony and the lack of any other animals means chickens are all that’s left. Is this interpretation wrong?

          My point is that the creators had a JOB to deliver the right theme for the anime, and they clearly did not do it right. Even an anime like FLCL checked all the right flags, so there’s no excuse for Glasslip. This is just my opinion though.

          Thank you for sharing yours. I’m sorry for being harsh with an anime you love. I know how it feels when people dump on my faves.
          Btw, Big order sounds interesting. 🙂

          • Oh I totally get it! Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I may hate an anime in which you love. It is all about interpretation and taste. No need to apologize there. That is what makes us all unique and different. We all can’t have the same taste or everything would be really boring. I couldn’t finish Steins; Gate and everyone raves about! I got 6 episodes in and I was pretty bored to be honest. But like I said if it’s something you enjoy then keep supporting it!

            Everyone also shits on Sword Art Online but I love it 100%. You can talk all the crap you want about it but I am still going to enjoy it. It is nice seeing people breakdown anime on a more logical level. Not many people have the time to do that. I can see where you are coming from and I support your decision because you laid out all the facts. At least you didn’t beat around the bush!

            Oh Big Order…what am I going to do with you? Lol I honestly just want you to watch it so I can hear your thoughts on it! I would love to see that review. Such a great anime concept! It just got muddled amongst other things. But like I said I like some of the aspects of the show. It had some redeeming qualities so I can’t talk too much crap about it XD

            • I’m apologizing early mainly because I get too heated at the comments sometimes and I don’t recognize it myself. XD But see, common ground, I love SteinsGate but hate Glasslip and you love Glasslip but hate SG. I do understand, since SG is a divisive show.

              I read the long reddit thread, and it was funny seeing the interpretations are so open that I actually want to sell my post apocalyptic argument now. Haha. I’m glad people are as lost as me after I finished the anime, but it’s really interesting/infuriating that a lot of people sat on this anime. It doesn’t deserve it, imo. As for SAO, it improved in the second season and even the author admitted he wanted to improve the story, but I think the first season is overhype. I think the first episode is so good that the hype train kept rolling till the end.

              Big Order is still airing, right? I review six new shows in every season, so I might try Big Order just to see how it stacks up. 🙂

              • Aye…Everyone is allowed to get a little heated now and again! It makes things more interesting! Haha. But I am sure we can find similar interest one way or another. We just have to work from there 😉

                It was interesting to see everyone’s thoughts on Glasslip. It definitely gave me a better insight on what it could possibly be about. Like I said it is all about interpretation! I have to say Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale made up for all of “lacking” qualities in season 1. It blew both seasons out of the water. It was so good! But it also had some minor flaws as well. They announced season 3 before the film so I am curious to see where they take the story. Hopefully we get a season with some sustenance!

                And yes! Big Order was completed in June of 2016. It gets a whopping 5.6 stars out of 10. Glasslip gets a 5.5! Lol I am surprised both didn’t get worse ratings since everyone dislikes them so much. XD

                • Oh my, a new season of SAO? That’s going to be fun. The writing did get better for SAO, so I am excited for another season as well.

                  Lol, so that’s why you mention Big Order. It’s lower than Glasslip. In MAL, Steins;Gate is the 4th highest ranked anime, so I don’t really think the MAL ratings matter that much, especially since some people intentionally lower their scores to affect the overall rating.

                  • Haha yup! And Taboo Tattoo only gets a 6 out of 10 stars on MAL. I try not to base anime off of MAL. Like you said people only rate it on there because they like to be party poopers. I mainly use it to find the synopsis of an anime or when I can’t remember a characters name lol XD

  3. I love your review! I tried watching this anime because I’m a Crunchyroll member but I gave up after a couple of episodes because it was so awful. I applaud you because I can’t sit through a lot of shows I don’t like, I usually have a episode minimum. I’m curious though as to why you didn’t like Nagi no Asukara because I actually enjoyed it and would love to hear the thoughts of someone who didn’t. You can always email me if you don’t feel comfortable posting on here lol or if you don’t want to talk about it I completely understand 🙂

    • Yeah, sometimes even I question myself why I waste my time on awful anime like this. I just think the anime deserves a review, and my hate for it poured towards one post.
      I saw Nagi-Asu a long time ago, so I can’t really properly explain it. I jsut know that the romance isn’t satisfying, and they prolonged and dragged it by doing a time jump only for the romance to really just stall from where it last stopped.
      I would love to pick your brain about manga, since I have zero experience with it. Email me anytime if you’re okay with it. XD

        • I just finished Once Again. Omg, thank you for this. I know it’s cliched, but holy damn, a twist I knew coming still hit me in the gut. It was amazing!

          • You’re welcome, I’m happy you enjoyed it! There’s a lot of different mangas that are powerful and make you feel that way. Well I didn’t see it coming at all so that’s why I really liked it! I thought it was a really good read for how short it was! I usually prefer to read longer mangas so I was blown away by how touching the story was with just a few chapters. 🙂

            • I’ll stick to more of your recommendations as I make my way to reading more manga. That, and also shounen jump titles but I’m building up motivation for those cause they’re long.

              • Yeah, you kind of need to warm yourself up to manga before reading those, especially if they are in the action genre because it’s hard to make the switch when you like watching anime. Now that I enjoy reading manga I actually look for long ones because I easily get obsessed and read through chapters fairly quickly!

  4. I enjoyed your review more than I enjoyed the anime. Thank you for that. At least I feel like it wasn’t a total waste of time!

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