TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From One Year of Blogging and Reviewing


Yesterday, this happened.

So The Pantless Anime Blogger has turned one year old. I am now old enough to watch a ton of tentacle porn and review them. Nah, I kid. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever review a hentai. I’m actually looking for that one special hentai that has a good enough story in it to recommend to casual viewers but also hardcore enough to give some nod to regular closet perverts. Anyways, typical TPAB starting a post with porn, this blog has lasted one year and there’s no sign of stopping for now. My goal of 1000 anime reviews is going along well. I’m actually getting gullible people to follow my blog and take my recommendations seriously. Thank you very much.

The purpose of this blog is to impartially give every anime a proper review and not just the popular ones. I also go balls deep on anime no one else would dare try to review. From those worthless flash animated shorts, four panel anime that runs less than five minutes and the super perverted ones that are just too irresistible to poke fun of, TPAB has reviewed every anime from every possible genre. Oh, except Yuri and Hentai. Yup, from exciting action anime to fangirling love stories to f*cked up psychological ones to super perverted ones with enough boobs and panty shots to make a gay man straight to visually appealing mecha anime and heck, I’ve even reviewed a goddamn yaoi. I’ve enjoyed Space Opera themed ones, nihilistic ones with just a touch of hope to give the show a decent ending and enough club themed anime to shoot myself in the face. My anime experience in just one year has certainly been a great one.

Throughout this one year as TPAB, there are some things that I learned that I never would’ve discovered if I never tried my own blog. I love learning about new things and this one of the very reason why I’ve been able to watch so many anime. In my one year as an aniblogger, I have learned ten things that I can never forget. They help me grow as a blogger and well, some are just too depressing of facts not to ignore. So let me sum up my one year experience in a generic top ten list. Why a list? I don’t know myself. There is no ranking here. These are just some things I discovered as I blog as TPAB.

Oh, before I forget. Here are some of the stats I got after one year of blogging.


I published 230 posts in my blog. I am not really one to brag and milk my achievements but I didn’t know you were supposed to celebrate doing 100 plus posts. I’m a noob blogger so forgive me. Honestly, these are all loose change to me compared to my 1000 anime goal. The rate I’m going, I might actually post 1000 blogs while still be halfway through my goal. That’ll be exciting, wouldn’t it?

Followers don’t mean much to me. Most of them are people asking for a re-follow so I don’t really go ear-to-ear when I get a follow. I do appreciate it when people genuinely follow my blog and I’m always flattered when people actually go to google and type “(insert anime here) pantless anime review” just to find an anime I reviewed. That makes the whole endeavor pretty worthwhile, to be honest.


My views aren’t also something I can brag about. Yeah, I constantly get 200 views and above but it doesn’t mean salt lick if I can’t reach 1000 reviews. It is gradually increasing though since I started this blog. At the rate I’m reviewing, the average views I get will also increase. The highest view I got was when I posted my top one hundred anime moments of 2012. It was half a year late and I wasn’t able to cover every anime released in 2012. I suck.

As for a personal stat, I was able to review 183 anime. I didn’t even reach 200. My personal life and my blogging just can’t mix well. Believe it or not, I once had a job while reviewing anime. Six months of a contractual job while also reviewing anime. Right now I’m a NEET but personal circumstances give me a reason to stay in my house and watch anime. Still though, 200 anime in a year is not my best. I once did 320 anime and I’m a bit ashamed I wasn’t able to beat my benchmark. Watching is easy but writing a review afterwards takes a toll on my mind.

Anyways, enough gloating, let’s do this goddamn list.

1. I Don’t Hate Mecha


I seriously created this blog with a deep hate for mecha. They’re all the same, said my misinformed mind. It’s always about a bunch of people in a war that is barely explained and the whole story is diluted just so the giant robots can fight. I also hate the fact that people praise Evangelion like it’s the second coming. One of the reasons that show was so successful is because of the visuals. It was ten, no, twenty years ahead of its time and people just ate it up. Then came the horde of people claiming that the story is so divine that any top twenty anime lists feels incomplete without the glory that is Evangelion. One of the goddamn reasons the movies are released is because the series was just plain bad. Can people really justify the ending was glorious? It just pisses me off. Obviously, I’m not an Evangelion fan but there is no way that show is as grand as people claim it is. Years of praise and countless fap dreams about the characters just made the anime more profound.

If you’re reviewing an anime though, you really need to strip your bias away and try to be as impartial as possible. I was able to discover the beauty of mecha thanks to this. I honestly don’t know why I was so resistant at first because it’s really not that bad. I mean, compared to the moe revolution, mecha is the more tolerable. I was able to discover some really good mecha as I blog as TPAB. Shows like Aquarion Evol with great narrative were really new to me. Let me re-watch Evangelion with a mecha fanatic’s eye and see exactly what I missed.

2. I Hate Otome Anime

Those anime about one girl in a reverse harem with a bunch of brainless handsome characters attached to her hips are some of the worst anime I have watched as I blog as TPAB. Seriously, it’s only been a year and any anime adapted from an otome game has a 95% chance to really suck so bad you can’t finish it. I enjoy watching unwatchable things though so something vapid like Arcana Famiglia or Hiiro no Kakera is certainly a challenge but damn it, they’re horrible. It is also a fact though that if it gets a second season then it is guaranteed to be great. For now though, I’m still waiting for that one otome anime to really surprise me because if all of them are as stupid as Starry Sky or Utaprince then shoot me now please.

Seriously, is it that goddamn complex to adapt a visual novel? It’s not that hard. I’ve seen decent harem visual novel to actually be entertaining. The idea is to objectify the characters. It’s really the key to make otome anime worth watching. You have hot guys so let them take of their shirt and f*ck the main character or something. OR they can f*ck each other. Why not, right? Is that not an available route? Every single one of them has one dimensional character with a stupid story and even stupider lead character. I often feel a bit depressed that money was wasted to produce these things called otome anime.

3. I No Longer Have a Favorite Genre


I’m an open minded guy but I used to enjoy psychological anime because their stories are really great. I even judge an anime at how the story was handled so I still hold psychological anime in high regard. Something complex like Boogiepop Phantom or Serial Experiment Lain is just the perfect anime. When I became TPAB, I really just reviewed any anime I can get my hands on. I soon decided to just follow the seasonal lineup. This was a great challenge for me because there is a wide range of anime at every lineup. I once reviewed six Ecchi anime in a row and I basically gave up at one point. As I reached one hundred anime though, I was able to determine what to look out for in certain genres and how to classify certain anime. You should see my previous reviews. They aren’t that great and it’s a proof reader’s nightmare. Anyways, after trying my hands at a lot of anime, I can basically watch them all with an impartial eye. There is the occasional mark out but I can’t count the number of times I’ve praised boobs in Ecchi and handsome hot guys in reverse harems. They’re the anime’s strong points so I often have to lay it out and give it perspective. I’ve done it for so long that I no longer have a favorite anime or any genre I lead towards to. Psychological anime is a great plus for me but I just really no longer go crazy for just one kind of anime.

This is a bad thing for me because god only knows what kind of sick positive remark I’d give when I see Yuri or Hentai. I can already see myself openly praising a sex scene or something outrageous like that. *shakes head*

4.  There Are a Lot of Dead Aniblogs Out There

I finally have use for all these screenshots I randomly took. ><

I finally have use for all these screenshots I randomly took. ><

I discovered this when I was looking for pictures for my top 100 anime moments. There are a lot of anime blogs out there and it really gives you an idea of how f*ckin insignificant you are. The worst part is that majority of these sites are now dead. I’ve been there, actually. You put up a blog and write a lot of posts and then no one visits. No comments or high page views yet a similar topic are getting nine hundred comments in another more popular blogsite. It’s the nature of the beast and even if you have great passion for something you love, you really feel defeated when no one gives a f*ck about what you passionately put out.

I’ve been there and I’ve moved on with that but seeing very well written episodic blogs with the author’s humor seeping out of every sentence kind of makes me feel sad that the site is now dead. No more posts, no more discussions and rants about anime and all that’s left are the things the author once passionately put out. It’s all just a drop in the ocean though and it is goddamn depressing when you think about it. My blog barely gets any comments as well and I hope people realize that it’s not the number of comments that makes a successful blog. It’s the work you put into it that people gravitates to because most comments on sites are really just a popular site that new bloggers comment on to get noticed. You can try that. Or better yet, just troll. Write a post that angers KyoAni fags or whatever.

From a fellow aniblogger though, I want to say thank you for wasting your time on an anime so I can steal the screen shots and paste in my own blog. Hurray internet.

5. People Are Perverts

It’s not really that big of surprise but the things people type in a search engine that redirects them to my site is often a bit disturbing. I understand some people type “pantless girls” and they are pointed to my blog. It’s the reason why I placed “No Adult Content” on my blog so people will realize I’m not trying to be a Sankaku Complex clone. I actually regretted the name TPAB for a few months until I just give up caring entirely. I no longer give a f*ck if you type “pantless eight year old” in a search engine and end up reading my Asatarotte no Omocha post.


Then there are people that type “(insert anime here) hentai” like almost every f*cking day. They look for Highschool DxD hentai which is weird because the show itself is massively perverted. Can’t your imagination be as hard working as your left hand? Geez. There are also things like “hentai GIFs”. The world has a lot of sick f*cks in it. Really? GIFs of hentai? Why? What’s the point?! What is the point?

There is also “hard hentai”. Hard hentai. What is that? Seriously? What is that? Are those like two statues rubbing against each other or something?

Then there are those f*cking “vagina” searches. I once reviewed an anime called Gokujo and it’s been in the top pages ever since simply because it had vagina sprawled all over it. Why? It’s because people seriously search for things like “anime vagina, boobs, tits” and “anime vaginas” in their search engine. Sweet powerful and merciful Pikachu, what the hell is wrong with this world?

Hey, I get page views, what do I care?

6. People Love Ecchi

I know a lot of people who hate Ecchi or just simple fan service in their anime. They claim it to be the thing ruining anime and that no good can come out of overly presenting dirty anime. I actually agree but it’s kind of hard to prove that Ecchi is a cancer in the fandom when it’s the most popular genre in anime. Seriously, I’ve personally written one hundred and eighty plus reviews and the ones that get the most views are Ecchi anime. You can claim all you want that Ecchi is bad but there are always ten people behind you secretly worshipping Highschool DxD or some other stupid Ecchi anime. Oh, I’m one of those, by the way.

And you all are too. Don’t deny it.

We are all misunderstood anyways. We watch for the story, right?



RIGH….ah screw it.

7. I Have Given a Score of 1 and 10 In My Reviews

One of these days, I’m going to write my criteria for reviewing an anime. To be honest though, a fellow blogger once told me to write an overall score in my reviews because people are too lazy to read a long winded review about an anime. It makes sense because I barely read mine. I let it pass a month before I proof read it. Some of my reviews embarrass me because I had an “all anime is great, go watch them” mentality when starting out. The meat is still on the bones and that is why I don’t really change them. It’s a great way for me to track my growth as a reviewer and it’s a way for people to find fault in my blog. I’m not perfect and my past reviews reflect that. Anyways, I started out with the notion that I can never watch an anime I’d rate the lowest score of one and the highest of ten. Within just a year of blogging, I have given out those particular scores.

A score of one isn’t rare. If I ever re-watch god awful anime like Harmageddon then you can guarantee that it’ll get a score of one. Screw that, Harmageddon deserves a zero. I’d never expect to give a score on a recent anime though. The medium is an evolving creature that fixes itself as time moves on so I cannot begin to grasp the idea of an anime so god awful that it’d be as bad as anything Harmageddon can dish out. Some people may claim that mindless Ecchi and hard to grasp stories like Boogiepop Phantom deserves a score of one. They don’t because one of my criteria is GENRE EXECUTION. So imagine an anime so vile that it doesn’t even do great on its genre of choice.

Copihan. Goddamn f*cking Copihan deserves to be eliminated from this world. It’s a six part OVA about people in 2034 being weird and funny. The episodes are all standalone and runs for only five minutes. The jokes are flat and the characters are dreadfully one dimensional. Wet toilet paper had more intrigue than the characters of Copihan. Gonzo just basically created an anime that was destined to fail. Five minutes is not enough to form a thought and not even character designs by the dude who created Miku Hatsune can save it. It’s like giving birth to a blind deaf limbless baby and expecting it to fly. No. This has been one of my biggest displeasure in my one year as TPAB.

A score of ten is rare though. I promised myself not to give out a perfect score ever. No anime honestly deserves it because everything is a trope of a trope of a trope nowadays. I even spent a whole sleepless night thinking about giving this certain anime a perfect score and I realize that anything below ten out of ten is an injustice to this anime. Steins Gate deserves a perfect score.

First of all, it’s original. It took its trope and did something new with it. It is drama, mystery, comedy, action, psychological, romance and sci fi with an easy to follow structure that was just brilliantly executed. It’s concept of technology mixed in with the plot and its application of scientific theories to the story is executed flawlessly. The show just met all of my criteria and I really just can’t give it a score lower than ten. This is just my bias opinion of the anime anyways so who really gives two f*cks if I rated an anime a perfect score? In terms of SATISFYING ENDING and LONG LASTING APPEAL, two of my criteria most anime can’t meet, Steins Gate nailed it right on the head.

As a reviewer, I am actually pretty excited to see more anime I can give a low score of one and a high score of ten. Especially in 2013 where almost everything gets a score of 7 or 8 to me, I dare an anime to be so bad it’d be shelved with Copihan and Harmageddon or amazing enough to sit with Steins Gate.

8. I Have Never Completed An Entire Seasonal Lineup

I have seen 183 anime from different seasonal lineup. I actually tried to finish an entire lineup but the anime gods just doesn’t want me to. There are just some things that are beyond my control. I did my best to cover everything but I haven’t finished a seasonal lineup yet. There is a possibility that I can but not for a long time.

The most common problem is the season twos of various anime. I can’t review an anime if it has a first season. I’d get lost by the story and it’s just freaking dumb to review and rate a second season while never seeing the first. I have a system in reviewing second seasons and it’s mostly a side by side comparison of the first to the second. Anime like Queens Blade II and Moyashimon II will have to sit on the backburner for now.

Then there are the long ones. Polar Bear Café = 50 episodes. What kind of sadist decided to give that anime such a long episode? I’ve seen myself just shut down after watching twenty four episode anime so, honestly, fifty plus episodes scare me. I’d have to watch them soon though. I have to. It’s a challenge that I feel is just perfect for me. I cannot imagine trying Bleach or Beelzebub soon though. I’d probably break and explode into small pieces. I’d have to device a way to watch it in my own speed which is something I still haven’t figured out. For now, anything above fifty is in my plan to watch list.

Then there the ones with no subs. Yeah. They are anime with no f*cking subs. No fansubs and they basically came and went with no one giving a single f*ck about them. How the hell can I finish a seasonal lineup when there’s an anime that, not only can I not track down, but no one bothered to translate it? It’s all just too much for me. Granted though, these anime are often stupid ones that no one should really bother to watch but still.


Lastly, there are OVAs and Special. Trust me, someday, I will do a big bundle blog of all the specials in a lineup. Ever since I saw the OVA of Depna Otoko, I realized just how much the OVA and specials have changed. They used to be useless filler for diehard fans but fillers have actually been a part of normal viewing so some companies short change us by providing truly epic  OVAs to make us fork over money. Soul-less money grabbing sea slugs. I’ve actually compiled all the OVas and specials of anime I’ve seen and they are in a special hard drive. 23 GB of them, excluding movies, are all just waiting to be watched and reviewed. Someday….before I fucking reach 1000 reviews, I will complete a lineup.

9. Taylor Swift Helps Me Write Reviews

Look, my reviews usually are so long no one bothers to read them. I don’t just magically churn out 2,500 words in a single review though. I’ve basically created a template for all my reviews. It still needs a few tweaks but it helps me go full on dissecting an anime. The thing that helps me the most with writing reviews is music. Listening to music while writing my reviews helps me organize my thoughts and I even scare myself with the things I produce after I publish a post. Like this one, it’s already long I bet no one will read it.


I usually listen to YUI. I have her entire album in a playlist and I have the shuffle on so I get a different song every time. If it isn’t shuffled, I mostly get annoyed at the next song and I skip it which breaks my train of thought. She has a great voice and it really helps a lot. Any singer with a great voice can do wonders when you write a blog. I also have Ai Otsuka (have you heard the ending song of Black Jack?) and Chatmonchy (listen to the OP of Princess Jellyfish and just worship them afterwards) on my music folder. They have great voices and a style of music that is more about talent than auto tune or techno nightmares.

I also have some OPM (Filipino Music cause I’m proud to be one, bitches) music when I get tired of hearing Japanese songs. The rest of them are either video game soundtracks (One Winged Angel’s rock version is just wild) or various anime songs from anime I previously watched (I have Rei Fu’s ED song from Wandering Son).

The one that I am ashamed to admit I have though is the entire discography of Taylor Swift. She..she is just- just so- amazing. Argh! I hate admitting that and I hate myself for liking her. First of all, it’s not that I am a fan. Her voice is just a great way to line up my thoughts. No, I am not a bitter sixteen year old girl who has been dumped by her hot boyfriend and no, I don’t relate to her songs. We are roughly the same age (she is one year older) and I am a bit depressed that the slut has been with a lot of guys and I had one girlfriend my entire life. The road of an anime addict is a bit sad sometimes. Anyways, her voice is just divine. It’s the same style as YUI that I gravitate towards to. Give these girls a guitar and watch them do a better live version of their song and I’m instantly a fan. 2500 and sometimes 3000 words in a review is not easy and goddamn it, it’s their music that really charges me.

She is a slut though. I’m sorry but Taylor Swift is hot and only someone massively slutty can write so many hater songs about guys she dated. You can’t go “you look like bad news, I gotta have you” and then go “we’re never getting back together” without looking a slut. No offense to Taylor Swift fans. As a guy, I feel like this girl just corners creatures with penises and then profit from her failed relationships with them. The dudes she dated should definitely write their songs about her to even the odds.

She autocosplays as Saber though. That is hot.


10. There Are Two Kinds of Reviewers: Half Glass Empty and Half Glass Full

You can be as impartial as you want to be but readers will always see a review one way or another. It’s either very positive or very negative. I read other reviews a lot. I don’t comment because I’m a bitter asshole but I read a lot of reviews so I can further better mine. It’s always leaning towards one or the other. Some are fair, to be honest, but they still come off as super positive. While some are the sarcastic types that just border on the negative. Mine are especially positive with people even claiming how stupidly praiseful I am with some weak anime. I admit that. I’m trying to change that. There are reviews though that just claims a particular anime as the second coming and they describe how flawless it is. You can feel their fanboy aura come out of their review that it’s scary sometimes. They even go as far as to claim people who don’t share their opinion as “pigs who enjoy eating crap”. If you claim Kanokon as a perfect anime then that’s fine by me, I don’t mind that. It’s your opinion.

Then there are those elitist types that bombard you with highfalutin words about how they liked a certain anime. “Oh no, Tatami Galaxy is too smart for you so I’ll point it out in my review with fancy words the concepts you cannot grasp, you weak mortal.” They often call people who don’t share their opinion as mindless anime fans who enjoy things that Shaft produces. It’s a bit perplexing at times and admittedly funny. I also enjoy these kinds of reviews because they often bait fan boys in a comment war and I laugh my ass off when someone does bite the bait on the hook.  Also, K-on sucks!!!! Haha.

Then there are those reviews that are just so negative it’s a bit depressing. What kind of anime fan would subject themselves to such a torture and then write about it to affect other people? I have seen a review that starts with “I hate this anime” or “This anime is so awful” that it takes me aback. They would write three or four paragraphs about how vapid the story is, how mindless the characters are and how cliché the whole thing is. Honestly, one of the reason I began blogging is because a lot of reviewers are like this. They just love to hate on an anime nitpicking on anything and everything they can find. “Oh no, it’s cliché, it’s already been done, don’t watch this”. I often wonder why they are even anime fans in the first place. They’d go as far as to say “I finished this anime and it is unwatchable and it should burn forever in hell”. Wait, how can I trust you when you say it’s unwatchable yet you yourself finished it? I mean, really?


Then there are the sarcastic reviewers. They’re aim is to be funny so there is really nothing wrong with that but like most negative reviewers, they focus on one negative aspect like an annoying character or a minor plot hole and then blow it up as if it was the sole reason the anime is awful. Some reviewers do have an idea of how to be funny and informative at the same time. I’ll give you all cookies if we ever talk but some are just looking for cheap laughs so they’ll review something easy to hate like Freezing or Guilty Crown. It’s really not funny but more annoying than anything else. A trolls gotta troll, right?

There are different types of reviewers and it’s really a treat to see so many share their thoughts on anime. It’s a learning adventure for me. We experience anime differently so reviews are also done differently so I am actually glad there is diversity when it comes to anime reviews. What we need now are more unique reviewers. I have yet to see a fujoshi reviewer, a fangirl reviewer and a six way review involving six different bloggers. Someone do it and let anime reviews grow. Oh, by the way, I have seen a feminist anime reviewer. Seriously, they praise Asuna’s independence and rage over the objectification of girls in HighSchool DxD. Life is fucking amazing.

These are ten things I learned as I blog as The Pantless Anime Blogger. I cannot wait for what is in store for the next year. I also hope I can keep on going and slowly reach my goal. Thank you all for the support and I mean it, your support means a lot. Thank you.

24 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From One Year of Blogging and Reviewing

  1. Congrats on your one-year anniversary of your blog!

    What I’ve always appreciated about your blog is your habit of reviewing the obscure titles too. I first found your blog because I was looking for a ‘Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan’ review and I haven’t looked back since. I haven’t commented on every post because I don’t watch THAT much anime, but I do read most of your reviews, or at least skim them and look at the rating. (Yes, I’m guilty of that.)

    I think true objectivity is impossible when it comes to reviewing, but I do think your approach is admirable because it’s a damn good attempt, if I do say so myself. It’s clear that you don’t let other people’s opinions at the time affect what you say because you watch the series after it’s finished airing. Your blog is refreshingly free of the sarcasm and negativity I get from reading other blogs, and judging from this post, it looks like you’re pretty conscious of that too. So kudos!

    If there’s one general feedback I have for your reviews it’s that you could work on tightening your analysis and feedback. You do have a habit of reiterating some of the same points at times. It might have something to do with, as you mentioned, how you don’t proofread your reviews. Of course, this is coming from someone who’s terrible at writing reviews himself, so take my advice with a grain of salt!

    Aaaaand this is probably the longest comment I’ve ever typed. Congrats again for writing so much (260 posts in a year? Wow). I really admire your dedication and your sense of humour, so keep it up! Good luck for this year, too. Hope you make it to your 1000 reviews!

    • thank you very much. 🙂
      i’m glad you you enjoy my blog. and i am also guilty of just skimming my own reviews. i’m trying to improve that overall score section so i can sum up my thoughts nicely. it’s hard. XD

      and yes. goddamn it, i am very guilty of reiterating the same point over and over. sometimes i’ll write the same sentence three times in the same paragraph and that shit could’ve been avoided if i do proof read my shit. i’m trying to fix that but sometimes i really barely notice it. it’s a bad habit i’m trying to fix.

      it’s great to know people value my goal as much as i do. thanks for the support. i will reach that 1000 goal and it’s gonna be awesome. 🙂

  2. first off congrats on your 1yr in blogging 😀
    I read your reviews every now and then (but I don’t always comment. lazy commenter as always) and I’m personally amazed at how unbias you can be on the shows you review.
    *looks at your top10 list*
    #2 is definitely me as well. oh wait, it’s not actually 95% for me, it’s actually 100%. all Otome game-based series I’ve seen are seriously just damn annoying x_x (not that i’ve seen a lot).
    @#7 ‘Steins;Gate deserves a perfect score’ 😀 wait. so does that mean S;G is your fave anime or does it only mean that it’s highly recommended or something? but I’m definitely betting it’s the latter 😛
    @#8 well who completes an entire season’s line up anyway? @_@ oh, and that reminded me I had to watch Polar Bear Cafe and beelzebub. They’ve seating on my HD for so long.
    @#9 unfortunately I read this entire post and it’s exhausting (and damn, my comment is annoyingly long as well x_x). well, I’m amazed that you actualy have some kind of template. I’ve always been thinking about something like that but always fails. I’m not good at reviewing an entire series anyway since I’m a very bias person :3 (on a sidenote, I also like Rie Fu’s song from Wandering Son. and you might also want to try listening to miwa, I think she kind of sounds like YUI :P)

    • thank you. 🙂
      Lol, it’s 95 for me because i did enjoy hiiro no kakera 2 and i’m genuinely excited to watch the second season of utaprince simply because i know it’ll be good. i’ll ignore the hips while they dance though. XD
      it’s both for me. my reviews is still my opinion so S;G is both a fave of mine and something i’ll highly recommend as an impartial reviewer.
      I want to complete an entire lineup. it’s a short term goal for now. and i have no energy for polar bear cafe. why it gotta be 50 eps?!
      if i perfect my template then i’ll definitely share it. and i’ll definitely try listening to miwa. that’s her name? any song in particular? googling her is going to be a nightmare….
      *googles* there’s a porn star of the same name. o.o

      • I never finished S1 of Hiiro no Kakera -_- as for UtaPri S2, I placed it on-hold, I still can’t get over with all those hip swaying..
        ~ah, I think I also came across the porn star when I tried to google miwa once. hahaha. Maybe you can go try ‘441’ or ‘Chasing Hearts’ for her songs.. she’s easier to find in YouTube. and she sounds really nice live :3

        • thank you for the miwa recommendation. her voice is really lovely. it really is just like yui and such because her voice is even more angelic when live. 🙂

  3. Did I ever mention how much it impresses me that you’re able to write so many reviews so fast? I’m pretty sure I didn’t. It impresses me that you’re able to write so many reviews so fast. And while I haven’t read anywhere near all of them, from the ones I have read it definitely doesn’t seem like you’re prioritising quantity over quality.

    Also, long reviews are good! Short ones can get the job done, but most short reviews I’ve read just feel like there’s something missing. More details means it’s easier to decide what the chances are that you’ll enjoy a series/movie.

    • thanks. ^^
      and yes, some short reviews are often a bit incomplete imo. it doesn’t need to be 2500 words but two paragraphs with the first being a short description and the second being a short opinion of why they liked the anime is really not enough to be called a review. atleast for me. 🙂

  4. Ok, so i reach 5 and i’m nodding and smiling, i reach 6 and i’m laughing my ass off, i’m reading about Taylor Swift and i’m like ‘heh?’; better write a lot than a little; better review the lot of the lot than all of a lineup ( 😛 ); better have 10 comments that say something than 1000 that troll; and yes, God-Damn-It, Challenge Accepted, I read the whole post ( it got hard when you started talking about music I’d never heard of in my life); Oh and most important: better to be half-full than half-empty (it’s easier to learn about an anime in a half full, than in a half-empty);
    Congrats and hope you keep it up!

    • LOL, you really read the whole thing. you deserve a virtual sandwich. 😉
      I once tried to be half empty but i just don’t have it in me. also, i think i can watch all the anime in Winter 2013. every season 2 are anime I’ve already seen. finally….
      and thanks for always visiting. 🙂

      • Anytime. Anyway just wanted to say I’m finally satisfied…I just found out where your profile pic is from. watching Evol right now…it was starting to eat at me, but by George, it’s Mix. Just felt like saying it…s’all 🙂 …

        • she’s a brainy character with big boobs and a cute face. i feel like the character was tailor made for my specific taste. 🙂
          plus her know it all look goes well with a reviewer’s elitist style. XD

  5. “People are perverts” Why yes, yes they are. I think it’s hilarious that you get a lot of hentai-searchers led to your blog cuz of your name. haha (laughing at your pain)

    Actually I’m a bit of an elitist too, but I tend to be pretty open-minded about things. Also, I really don’t being told that an anime’s the best thing ever- but it just turns out not to be (that happened to me with Evangelion). Anyway I like reading your reviews, but I was wondering if you’d do ones for older anime as well (not like 80s and 90s just 2005+)(or maybe you’ve already done some but I didn’t notice).

    Anyway, congrats on the anniversary.

    • to be fair, a site called pantless anime blogger does sound like a place to download porn. 0.o
      and there’s nothing wrong with being an elitist. i think it’s like a step towards becoming an anime fan where you lock on a spefic kind of anime….but then you grow tired of them and look for other kinds with suddenly an open minded approach. that’s what happened to me. XD

      and no, nothing old yet. the main reason is that almost everyone is doing a review of old anime. 2005 and below is mostly what other review site are doing. to set myself apart, i do newer ones but i do review old movies. most of my movie reviews are pre 200 and 90s anime.

      what old anime do you have in mind, anyways?

      • just some shows that I hold in high regard but damn near no one seems to know about them or I feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve like:

        Towards the Terra (watched it a couple of months back and really liked it, and the thing is though it’s not like it’s instantly one of my favorites I can’t seem to find any flaws about it), Himitsu- Top Secret (personal bias, since I like mystery, psychological and horror), Shiki, Gankutsuou, The Twelve Kingdoms (not AMAZING, but really good). That’s all that I can think of off the top of my head at the moment.

        • oh, these are good ones. I’ve seen Towards the Terra and yes, it is underrated.
          Himitsu Top Secret is damn near invisible because no one give it enough praise. i totally agree. it has a strong enough psychological story to be highly recommend yet it went by unnoticed.
          Shiki and Gankutsuou, I’m sure people review these. Shiki popular while Gankutsuou is like fairly well known in the US.
          Twelve Kingdoms I haven’t seen. :p
          I guess I can review them…..let me argue over it for awhile since I’m already dead set on catching up on the Winter lineup. 🙂

    • oh, yeah. i always consider hentai a very personal anime journey because almost anything can appeal or put you off. boku no pico is nice. the three way is my favorite scene because it was just nicely animated.
      i’m a huge fan of Kindan no Byoutou though. it had a scene were a futari (um…girl with two genital organs) was raped by the doctor while her fellow nurse was riding her cock. it was a standard missionary combined with a cowgirl position. it’s pretty cool.

      and…..yeah, thanks for the comment. 😉

  6. Wow, that was definitely a long read but, I’m used to that. I found your site yesterday and again today whilst looking for a review on “Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita,” yeah I didn’t think I would find one but I did, it’s a shocker. It’s so hard to find detailed reviews on the weirdly named Animes, so yah.

    I never comment but stumbling on your top ten list and after reading it I figured why not. So I guess this is me saying that I appreciate them, I’ve read like twenty of them already. Yes, I’m a crazy anime fan and yes I really did read that many .

    Oh Taylor Swift is also a guilty pleasure of mine. So that made me laugh, which brings me to what I was originally going to say, your humour is definitely freshing, I tend to lean towards sarcasm and I admit to feeling a bit guilty when you started talking about nitpicking, I’m not a blogger or a reviewer so I spend a ridiculous amount of time contemplating this or that, but in my defense I figure if an anime gets you thinking about it after you’ve watched it, then there must have been something noteworthy about it.

    I’ve never read a feminist anime blogger, I feel as if I should remedy that immediately. By the way I know I’m about a year too late but congratulations on your journey to 1000 reviews which is still ongoing so I guess it’s fine. I’ve just realised how long this it has become, you’ve doubt completely ignored the first couple of paragraphs. But you’re wholly right in saying that it’s the about of work and effort you’ve put in that counts, not simply the views or the follows, but think about how disappointed those perverts must be clicking on your site, no porn in sight.

    So thanks for the reviews

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