Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Review

This is review number eighty two. It is part of the Summer 2012 anime and it’s an Ecchi anime. Yay! It’s the genre I’ve reviewed the most so this review wasn’t that hard to do. I just said boobs 1,000 times. That’s a great review right there. It’s Hagure Yuusha no Estetica and its twelve episodes long. Boobs, boobs, boobs and boobs. Let’s read on.


This anime is about Akatsuki Ousawa who has successfully defeated the Demon King of the alternate world, Alyzard. He is now on his way back to his home world with the title of “true hero”. He brought Miu, who is the Demon King’s daughter, with him as a promise he made with the Demon King. Now both of them are enrolled in a school that accepts people with special powers called Babel. Akatsuki is now an ordinary student with extra ordinary powers and it didn’t take long before he was the talk of the school. It seems his job as a hero doesn’t end in Alyzard though as danger keeps lurking around the corner.

Taking the Pants Off

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica is an Ecchi anime. It’s the genre that I have reviewed the most after only four months of reviewing anime. It’s the genre with the largest fan base, I guess. If you’ve seen one Ecchi anime then you’ve basically seen them all. They just all vary in the degree of fan service. Some are just random crap that ruins an anime’s potential (Maken-ki!), some of them are daring to the point it almost crosses Hentai territory (R-15) and some of them are anime with a thin plot with smartly incorporated perversion (Highschool DxD). You’ll see a lot of boobs and nipples, a lot of nudity, a lot of panty shots, a lot of boob grabbing and one guy who seems to be lucky enough to experience them all. This anime belong in the later type of Ecchi I mentioned. It’s the same as High School DxD where it has a story but the fan service was more dominant. Hagure Yuusha no Estetica does have some merit that no other anime share. I really believe that this anime has a story. It has a legit plot with a beginning, middle and an end but most people would be overwhelmed by the Ecchi of the anime. They are pretty daring which is also pretty good.

The anime revolves around Akatsuki who was a hero in an alternate world. He already defeated the final boss so there is nothing left for him to do but return home. He didn’t come home alone though. He brought with him the daughter of the final boss he killed keeping a promise he’ll take care of her. Upon returning to his home world, both of them were enrolled in a school called Babel that accepts people with special powers. Akatsuki stood out almost immediately because of his incredible power. It didn’t take long before the student council is hovering above him watching his every move and it also didn’t take him long to unleash his perverted ways. The story mostly involves Akatsuki being challenged by people in this school and he uses his incredible skills to save the day. He uses the same skills though to be a massive pervert. He controls the flow of “chi” in the body using pressure point to forcibly make a girl pee her pants. He uses his lightning fast speed to undress girls of their bra and panties. He has good intentions though but his approach is too low brow that he comes off as maniac. He made a girl pee to make another girl, who is holding hers in, more comfortable. He undresses girls instead of hurting them. He possesses true characteristics of a hero but he’s also a perverted guy with the power of a titan.

I like the premise of the show because it’s a different kind of approach to Ecchi. Some basic Ecchi elements are present but I love the idea of a charismatic guy grabbing a girl’s boobs to make her more relax. I love the idea that he always has a straight face and he keeps his coolness as he do things normal people would get arrested for. I also love the idea that he is a different kind of a main character we usually see in Ecchi anime. The typical main character in an Ecchi would be a “normal teenager” who just happens to be surrounded by hot girls and they are attracted to him because he has a sincere personality. Akatsuki is different. If Onizuka, from GTO, was in a Hentai anime then you’d get Akatsuki. He is a caring guy with an abrasive personality. I can tell you personally that I’m tired of the high school kid getting the hot girl so seeing a “hero” grab the hot girl’s boobs is a refreshing change.

The Ecchi is still massively dominant though. In the first half, they manage to incorporate it with the story but it slowly destroyed the anime’s great story. I’m all in for the main character stripping the girls of their undies while they try to disable him. I like the idea that he uses pressure points to help his sister gain friends because it doesn’t ruin the initial story of the anime. Expect Ecchi anime to abandon its story for fan service and extreme perversion though. An episode entirely about how to put on a bra and a f*cking beach episode ultimately showed the anime’s true colors. This plot about Akatsuki and the student council and other shady people clashing was forgotten for the Ecchi to shine through. The plot’s potential slowly died. The Ecchi is great though. Hey, don’t ever expect a great story from an Ecchi anime. Look for a decent one with the ecchi elements very prominent. You’ll get the basic stuff like naked girls, boobs grabbing, panty shots and there was even some girl on girl on the first half.

The anime also featured some Action but it wasn’t that great. If the anime was actually featuring the action then I have no doubt that it’ll be great but….Ecchi! Some of the fights were short but they were exciting for what it’s worth. It tied in with the story too during the first half so I enjoyed it until the anime pushed it aside for the fan service. It got ridiculous though because Akatsuki is so strong that no one stood a chance against him. He is so perfect that we never see him in danger. All the fights are always in his favor because according to the story, he got strong in the other world and that helped him kill the demon lord. So seeing a bad guy talk trash, get beaten up, be surprised, challenge for a rematch, trash talk again, be beaten up again and horribly lose got boring to watch. All of this great potential reduced to a predictable anime. Even up against a dragon, Akatsuki would always win. That’s no fun.

The characters are all bland and generic. They serve a specific purpose in the anime so don’t expect them to get featured in any episode. The only stand out characters is Akatsuki and Miu because they’re the main ones. The rest are there for fan service and nothing more. I do give points for variety because there is the typical tsundere, the physically underdeveloped yet mentally matured girl and even a lesbian so the ecchi wasn’t boring. Akatsuki will grab your attention because he never loses and he is the only dirty guy in the anime. Miu is the most featured girl in the anime so it isn’t hard to miss her. Her giant knockers will always be staring at you while you’re staring at them. There were some characters that might have had a pretty important role but the anime ended before the viewers could connect the pieces so they come out as a bit pointless and honestly, just clutter.

There are some villains in the anime and they were pretty effective in terms of closing the anime. While the outcome of the fights is predictable, the villains still has a smug personality on them. I love the way the villains are a bit arrogant but also cowardly which makes me root for the good guys even more. The fight in the later parts of the anime is probably the best one because it had an effective villain.

This anime had some potential that was held back by the Ecchi. I’m not really surprised but I honestly got my hopes up for a bit there. This anime is just another drop of Ecchi in a sea of Ecchi. If you just really want to see some fan service and extreme perversion then this anime will satisfy you. The anime did great in delivering its genre so that’s a huge plus.

Sight and Sound

The character design is certainly pleasant. I love Miu’s look because she’s your typical hot girl in Ecchi. The pink hair and the big boobs is a great combination. I also love her meek personality which works great on ecchi because she’s always so receptive of Akatsuki’s boob grabbing that it makes the ecchi elements shine through. The rest of the characters are pretty nice and they deliver the fan service pretty strongly as well. Akatsuki’s look is your typical shounen character with a big body build which brings out his “hero” appeal. There was some great stand out in this anime like the white haired student council president and the bad guy at the end of the anime. If this anime isn’t Ecchi then it could easily be Shounen because of the character’s great look.

The fan service is indeed great and they were a bit daring. The girl’s letting out their pee as Akatsuki bite on their ear is still stuck in my mind. There were a lot of scenes that makes you wish you were Akatsuki because his brash personality makes the scenes funnier and a bit dirtier.

The opening is “Realization” by Faylan. It had a fast beat that reflects the anime’s action elements. The action in the anime is indeed great and it was nicely captured by the OP sequence. It nicely introduced all the characters and it summarized the anime without giving out spoilers. There was no fan service in the opening sequence though.

The ending song is “Ai no Sei de Nemurenai” by Aki Misato. It reflects the romantic elements of the anime. There were some, believe me, because the anime is indeed Ecchi but there wa sonly one girl vying for Akatsuki’s affection. The ending song actually featured the fan service in the big bouncy boobs of Miu. As she was running and turning around, there were some boob shots and then a shot of her face. It was odd but it’s only the ED sequence anyways.

Overall Score

6/10 “It’s an Ecchi anime. What more do you need?”

A story squandered for the fan service to shine. A great pacing ruined for mindless perverted scenes. It’s certainly an effective Ecchi anime so if you’re a fan of big boobs and nudity then this anime is for you.

16 thoughts on “Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Review

  1. lol it was a good series, heh i liked Akatsuki he was a bad ass, who was perceptive and wasn’t afraid to get his point across while helping others in his own unique perverted fashion.

  2. just finished watching this. … … … i would have preferred if they had tried to humanize him more(is that the right term?) like when he yelled at miu in the final episodes, more of that, more variety. as far as the ecchi ratio is concerned, i pretty much agree, THOUGH Im keeping my hopes up that they make a second season and take out 50% of the ecchi and split it between the story and some more humor/romance(/drama? – not gonna happen, but still 🙂 ). To be honest what impressed me the most was the potential of the story. I wanna see, I wanna know, i want them to make a 2nd season and learn from their mistakes 🙂 . Id also commend the video quality(graphics? drawing?) of the anime because let’s be honest, whether its action or ecchi, it’s gotta look good.
    See you in the comments section.

      • Keep ecchi as relevant make season two longer to focus more on story one of the most interesting anime I’ve see I love the over 9000 dbz reference really hoping for season 2 a lot of promise but so many unanswed questions its one of the only newer anime I’ve seen I find good so if they dontmake a season 2i might cry

        • You realise its based on a light novel series they were just animating what they read they can’t take liberties like that

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