Satoshi Kon Filmography

These are all of Satoshi Kon’s directorial work that I reviewed. I am missing one series and I am hopeful that the other one that was in the works before he tragically died will be released. I don’t think it’ll ever be released but I can hope. See the wonder and magic in everyday life with a great view at the inner workings of the mind just like the great Satoshi Kon proudly puts forth in his movies.

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Tokyo Godfathers Review

Hello there. This is review number forty and as promised (a movie every number divisible by 10) I am doing a movie review. This is the review I was supposed to do before my laptop crashed and broke the hard drive. It’s Tokyo Godfathers. It’s a 2003 movie directed by Satoshi Kon.

He was truly a genius and I love all his work. I planning to review all the movies he directed and I already reviewed his first work, Perfect Blue. Satoshi Kon already passed away but he left behind a movie unfinished. It’s gone to the grapevine and I just hope they stay true to what Satoshi Kon envisioned it to be. He was a man full of passion. If you have the time, try reading his very last blog post (HERE) before he died. It is very sad… but very touching.

In the meantime, here’s my review of Tokyo Godfathers. Let’s read on.

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