Spring 2011 Lineup

These are all the anime I reviewed that is part of the Spring 2011 lineup. This is by far the strongest season I have watched with a lot of anime that I gave a solid 9 and I even gave out my first 10. I do not plan on giving out another 10 for the rest of my viewing journey so this lineup will be my benchmark on other season to come. I have second seasons that I haven’t seen yet and a couple of 50 episodes that I’m mentally preparing myself to watch. There are also some very hard to track down anime like Shouwa Monogatari and Jewelpet Precure that were remnants of the megaupload destruction that happened such a long time ago.

For now, I only have two more anime to watch and I’m moving on to another lineup. Click on the pictures to see the reviews. ^ ^


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Tiger & Bunny Review

This is review number one hundred and sixteen. I’ll be reviewing an anime from the Spring 2011 lineup. It is Tiger and Bunny. This is an awesome show but man, it took me five days to watch it. My mind just never enjoyed re-watching an anime. I need to fix that. Anyways, this anime is twenty five episodes long about superheroes saving the day while being sponsored by major companies to become reality TV stars. That sounds nice. Let’s read on.

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