The Princess and the Pilot Review

This is review number one hundred and twenty. It had been a pretty busy end of the year. I’m glad I was able to squeeze in some time for anime. I’d be in full otaku mode as I review the Fall 2012 lineup though. It’s time for a movie though. I wanted to tackle some underrated movies. I notice that during each lineup release, a movie is also released so I try to watch them. I take pride in watching things people haven’t seen or heard of so I try to scour the deepest of the anime movie lists available.

The movie I’ll be reviewing is called “The Princess and The Pilot”. There’s nothing complex here. This movie is seriously just about a girl who is soon to be princess and a guy who is a pilot. It’s pretty simple. I always say simple is good but I say that with anime series. Can a simple movie be as good? Let’s read on.

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