Hatsukoi Monster Review

This is review number four hundred and fifty nine. This anime is part of the Summer 2016 lineup, and it’s called Hatsukoi Monster or First Love Monster. It’s a twelve episode anime about some age gap romance. Oh boy, let’s just read on already.

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Noucome Review

This is review number two hundred and fifty eight. This anime is part of the Fall 2013 lineup. This anime is also the most voted show in my Fall Review Poll. It’s a little project I’m doing to make my reviews more interesting. If you want your favorite anime show reviewed then please click on the picture of the girl with “Review Poll” located at the right side of this blog and vote for your favorite show. I’ll review the most voted in one week then the least voted in the next. This week, I’ll be reviewing the most voted and it’s a ten episode anime called Noucome. It has a longer name but I’m too lazy to type it. Anyways, it’s a show about a guy and a lot of girls. It has a really interesting premise but also a handful of cute girls to balance the whole thing out. It’s pretty awesome. Let’s read on.

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Review

This is review number one hundred and thirty seven. It’s part of the Summer 2012 lineup. It’s the last one so far. I still have that Ebiten but I still need to track it down. The anime I’ll be reviewing is Muv Luv: Total Eclipse. It’s a twenty five (including the recap) episode anime about humans fighting invading monsters that came from Mars. It’s a really surprising anime. I urge everyone to try it. Let’s read on.

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