Hiiro no Kakera 2nd Season Review

This is review one hundred and thirty two. This anime is part of the Fall 2012 lineup and get ready for it. It’s Hiiro no Kakera season 2. God, why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY DOES THIS ANIME HAVE ANOTHER SEASON?!

Oh what’s that? This is good? No way.

Anyways, this is a thirteen episode anime about…stuff. I freakin purposely forgot about the first season’s story. I think it’s about hot dudes. Also, please enjoy my THOROUGH REVIEW THAT COVERS ALL THE ANIME’S POINT WITHOUT ME SOUNDING PRETENTIOUS.  As you can clearly see, I can read/write so I appreciate good writing. I also don’t pander to my readers. Oh my review is long. Well, it because I passionately wrote it hoping you’d give the anime a shot. Let’s read on now.

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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Review

This is review number one hundred and fifteen. This anime is part of the Spring 2011 lineup. The Fall 2012 lineup is soon closing its doors so I am excited for that. There are a lot of good shows in that lineup. Anyways, I’ll be reviewing Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. It’s twelve episode anime about two dudes in a romantic relationship. Yeah, it’s a Shounen Ai. Let’s read on.

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Hiiro no Kakera Review

Hiiro no Kakera Review

Hello there. This is review fifty eight. It’s another anime from the Spring 2012 lineup and I did something monumental today. I gave my lowest score ever. How low? I don’t want to talk about it. It’s in there, just skip my rant. The anime is Hiiro no Kakera which is thirteen episodes. It’s a reverse harem otome game. Sounds nice, huh? Let’s read on.

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Sankarea Review

Hello there. This is review number thirty two and I’ll review another Spring 2012 anime. I already have a list of the shows I wanna watch though I do plan to watch them all. I have twelve anime I placed on my “watch first” list. Some of them are pretty amazing, I bet. The one that made me curious though is a twelve episode anime called Sankarea.

I just saw the girls face and it captivated me. I don’t know the plot or whatever but I immediately placed in my list. The girl is pretty hot, whoever she is. Anyways, let’s read on.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead Review

Hello there. This is review number twenty two and finally, I am reviewing a Spring 2012 anime. I am super excited with this one too. It’s Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the dead. I’m not really sure about the title. So it’s a parody of high school of the dead? So we’ll see zombies and slow motion boobs/bullet scenes. I’ll doubt it.

I actually enjoyed the first season so I am really excited for this one. We’ll get to see more of Ayumu and his freaky mahou shoujo transformations. Those panty shots are still stuck in my head. It’s only ten episodes long? What?!

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Dragon Crisis Review

Hello. This is the Pantless Anime Blogger with yet another review. This is review number sixteen. The spring anime line up are close to ending so I’m pretty excited to try my hand on some of those talked about series. It’s still going to be a long wait though. One more month to be precise but, luckily, I never ran out of anime to watch.

The anime I am about to review is titled “Dragon Crisis”. It has twelve episodes and with the promise of Dragons and crisis then this anime should be a pretty intense one. That’s what I initially thought when I picked up the anime. It’s even tagged as “hot” by an anime download site which means a lot of people have already downloaded it. It should be pretty exciting. Let’s read on.

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