Nobunaga the Fool Review

This is review number three hundred and fifty four. This anime is part of the Winter 2014 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Nobunaga the Fool. It’s a twenty four episode anime about Nobunaga Oda. This is a long review, so let’s just continue on.

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AKB0048 Next Stage Review

This is review number one hundred and eighty four. I was actually watching this anime and then stopped to do my obligatory one year anniversary post. Anyways, this is part of the Winter 2013 lineup and it’s a second season from the lineup I started out with, the Spring 2012. The anime I’ll be reviewing is AKB0048 Next Stage. It’s the second season of that anime inspired by that popular idol group. I sort of kind of enjoyed the first season and I am a bit curious how the second season fare. This is a thirteen episode anime about aspiring girls trying to be idols while they battle giant robots using their floating platforms and mic sabers. Life is awesome. Let’s read on. Continue reading

AKB0048 Review

Hello there. This is review number fifty nine. This is part of the Spring 2012 lineup and it’s that one anime I cringed a bit when I read the description. AKB0048. Its thirteen episodes full of singing, dancing and mic sabers. Yeah, you heard me right. Mic Sabers. What are they? You have to read the review to find out. So let’s read on.

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