Summer 2014 Lineup

After two years of being in this lineup, I’ve finally finished the Summer 2014 lineup. I kinda burned out back in 2015, and my life got hectic. I also went back to school and took the teacher’s licensure exam this year. I passed, btw. I got my groove back for some reason though, and I saw a lot of anime in the second half of the year. Anyways, these are the shows I’ve seen in the lineup. I’m missing a bunch of season twos, like Kuroshitsuji, Fate Kalied, and Free. I’ll circle back on these shows when I get around to seeing their first season. Don’t count on Free though, because I will take my time with that one. Like, what’s next after forever and never? Yeah, the Free Review will be a long term goal.

The shows are grouped by score. As always, anything 9 or 8 is something I highly recommend. These are solid shows. 7s are good shows, but a bit flawed. 6s are heavily flawed but with strong positives. 5s are bad shows but a certain core audience can enjoy it. 4s are heavily flawed shows with some slight positives. 3s are plain and boring, but doable, and 2s are just gawd awful. For some reason, this lineup had a lot of great and awful shows. That’s a nice balance for a lineup. Fall 2014 is next on my list, and I am actually excited for that one. It has a lot of good shows (I hope).


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Wrap Up : Top Moments (2014) October 2017

The month of October is over, and it was a very busy month for me. I dunno. I was weirdly active this month. I watched a sh*t ton of anime, and I even pushed to finish the Summer 2014 lineup. Finally, right? After two years, lol. Anyways, for my long term goal of a top one hundred anime moment of the year, I’ll list down some of the moments from the anime I saw at that month to make sure the awesomeness of the moment is preserved properly. It’s a better approach than revisiting the moment and realizing it isn’t really that memorable anymore. I did one last September, and I intend to keep going as long as I’m reviewing anime. With that said,  I saw a lot this October, so this list is long.   Continue reading

Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen Review

This is review number four hundred and five. This anime is part of the Summer 2014 lineup. The anime is called Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen or Silver Will: Argevollen. It’s a twenty four episode anime about a mecha and a very lovely room decorated with a nice aquarium. There’s also another room with a big window and a nice sofa. It’s very quaint, and it’s very lovely. My sarcasm ends here, so let’s read on.

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