TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part I

If it’s worth doing, it is worth over doing and I am overdoing it. These are the Top 100 anime moments that happened on 2012. Those anime moments that sticks to your mind and carves a home in there. Those moments that completely caught you off guard. Some event you’ve been waiting for to happen in the anime and the moment it does, it feels like true happiness. Those moments that you reacted positively or negatively to that you’ll always remember whenever the anime is mentioned to you. This list will try and cover them all. I tried to include every anime that was released this year but there are just some anime I missed or can’t really watch. There are some ongoing anime that is not on this list because I can’t watch an ongoing anime. The speed in which I watch my anime, ongoing ones will make me fidgety and impatient. I covered a good amount of anime though so it’s all good. I do plan to update this list if I ever watch the ones I missed because like the rest of my posts, this serves more as an archival post on my journey to one thousand anime reviews.


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Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 Review

This is review number ninety four. This is part of the Summer 2012 lineup and man, the first season of Rinne no Lagrange was my 18th review. After a few months, the second season is now the 94rd review. I am reading the first review and I really changed in terms of my review. It’s time to close the books on this anime. This one is a twelve episode anime about three girls who are part of a Jersey Club and oh, they also pilot big robots. Let’s read on.

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Winter 2011-12 Anime Line Up

These are the anime that I reviewed that came out of the Winter 2011-12 season. There are still a couple of on going anime and a bunch of OVAs and specials I do plan to watch and review. Ano Natsu is pending because I had a hard time enjoying the anime. Someone convince me that the anime isn’t just a clone of Onegai Teacher!!!!

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Rinne no Lagrange Review

Hello there. This is review number eighteen of my quest to reach a thousand. It’s certainly not an easy task. I’m slowly making my way to the Winter 2011 anime. I realized I watched a majority of them so I am trying to clear the list. I regrettably discovered a mecha in the line up.

I’m not a fan of mecha ever since I saw Gundam Seed. I probably should’ve tried other gundam anime first but the damage has already been done. I now take a cautious approach to mechas so please bear with me on this one. If I avoid mecha, I realize that I probably won’t reach my one thousand review goal. So for my own personal growth I am reviewing Rinne no Lagrange. It’s a twelve episode mecha anime. Oh boy.

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