Spring 2013 Lineup

These are all the anime for the Spring 2013 lineup. So far I’ve only dived into the 12 episode anime of the lineup. I think I’ve dent it but there are still a lot to go. I am hugely missing the ever popular OreImo 2 because I haven’t seen the first one but I’m working on it. The 24 plus episode of this lineup are all hard hitters so I can’t wait to watch and review them. I’ll update this list as soon as I watch the rest. ^ ^



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Photokano Review

This is review number two hundred and twenty one. This anime is part of the Spring 2013 lineup. It’s been awhile since I did a review, huh? I did promise to do one a week but the change is certainly hard for me. I’m sure I’ll get some sort of schedule done that includes anime once my personal life settles. In the meantime, I’ll be reviewing Photokano. It’s a thirteen episode anime about a guy and a bunch of girls and a camera. It sounds promising, doesn’t it? Let’s read on.

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