Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle II Review

This is review number one hundred and seventeen. This anime is part of the Spring 2012 lineup. Yup, I’m back reviewing an anime from a lineup I already closed. I missed this one and I don’t know why. It was not in my list but I had to make sure I finish of all the remaining anime from this lineup while the Fall 2012 lineup needs one more week to close its doors. I am also waiting for that damn polar bear anime to stop airing. What the hell? It’ll continue until the next year? That’s insane.

Anyways, this is Phi Brain 2. It’s a twenty five episode anime about a guy named Kaito solving puzzles and shaming bad guys. I love the first season. Can the second season live up to the first season’s awesomeness? I’m also serious about that polar bear anime. The Spring 2012 lineup has the most anime I ever reviewed so they need to pack this sh*t up. Let’s read on.

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Fall 2011 Lineup

Click on the image to see the review. These are all the anime of the Fall 2011 lineup that I have reviewed so far. There are a lot of season twos in this lineup so I’ll wait for when I watch their first season. I’m actually surprised that this season has less anime in it than the Spring lineup of 2012. Looks like there are more anime in Spring and less on other seasons. It makes sense, I guess. This season has a lot of great ones though so quality over quantity please.

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Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Review

Hello there. This is review number fifty. I would’ve done a movie review but I took an unscheduled break because monsoon season started last week. It was hell as the high wind threatened to tear our roof again and we had to hide all the electronics in fear of floods or leaking roofs. Last year, the flood was waist high so we were on high alert. Not to mention the electricity going out for two days. I love the monsoon season.

Good news though cause I finally hit number fifty. I’ll be reviewing another one from the Fall 2011 lineup called Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. It’s twenty five episodes about puzzles. That sounds fun. So yeah, let’s read on.

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