RDG: Red Data Girl Review

This is review number two hundred and six. This anime is part of the Spring 2013 lineup. The longest lineup of the year has finally commenced and things are about to go crazy. I’ll still be reviewing requested anime but I need time to sort my list of anime to watch. In the meantime, I’ll be reviewing RDG or Red Data Girl. It’s a twelve episode anime about a shy girl and a hot head guy having a lot of sexual tension whenever they talk. Oh, there is also some supernatural elements in the show involving shrine maidens and ninjas or something like that. Let’s read on.

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Hanasaku Iroha Review

This is review number one hundred and forty two. It’s another anime from the Spring 2011 lineup. It’s Hanasaku Iroha. It’s a twenty six episode anime about a girl suddenly working in an inn. I spent two hours on this review so I am pretty spent. Just read it. I’m done. Good night.

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Another OVA Review

Hello there. This is the Pantless Anime Blogger with another review. This is review number fourteen of my goal to reach a thousand. It’s June here in my country (wordpress is in American time so its still May 31 officially). It’s June here and that means that I’ve lasted a month blogging and making GIFs. I’ve had some pretty good views thanks to my MAL account. It seems like people in MAL are the only people viewing this crap. Haha.

I’m going to review an OVA today. I won’t follow my usual format of Story/Review/Art Review because an OVA is a diiferent creature than a regular anime series. The OVA I’m going to review is Another OVA. I love the series so much that I immediately downloaded the OVA. After watching it, I can tell you that this humble blogger urges everybody else to try it. I recommend this even if you’ve never watched the original series. Let’s read on.

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Another GIFs: Umbrellas Can Kill You.

I love the death scenes in Another. The animation was so good and the gore was just right. PA Works did a bang up job with it. If they can keep this break through streak they have, they might topple KyoAni’s rise to fame back in ’06. What they need now is revolutionary anime that isn’t K-on. Haha.

If you have doubts about picking up Another. I simply have three things to show you. Check out the GIFs and convince yourself to watch this awesome anime.

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Another Review

This is my fourth review. This is an anime I watched in one sitting. It’s strong indication that it’s a really good series. I am very plot oriented so when I tell you a plot is good, it’s really good. The anime I’m talking about is titled Another. It’s a twelve episode anime that I truly can say is a great mystery anime.

I recently watched Ookami Kakushi and I could tell you that anime needed a bit of Another’s charm. That anime was a huge letdown. Luckily, my spirits was revitalized after watching this one.

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