TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part IV

This is the last part of our look back at 2012. Those moments that defined the anime experience, those scenes that you just can’t get enough of and those events that’ll stick with you forever. We started with Shining Hearts and Tony Taka’s awesome character design, talked about some great anime moments like Gin and Futayo kicking ass, talked about worst ones like the disturbing beach episode from Another and there are also a lot of kissing moments that I am too ashamed to admit. We have reached the top twenty five now and these moments are truly the ones that made the whole anime experience of 2012 an amazing ride. Have you seen your favorite moments yet? Maybe they’re in this one. Maybe not. I’m not exactly the kind of blogger that goes with the flow so some of these moments may not even cross your mind.


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Winter 2011-12 Anime Line Up

These are the anime that I reviewed that came out of the Winter 2011-12 season. There are still a couple of on going anime and a bunch of OVAs and specials I do plan to watch and review. Ano Natsu is pending because I had a hard time enjoying the anime. Someone convince me that the anime isn’t just a clone of Onegai Teacher!!!!

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Nisemonogatari Ero Tooth Brush GIFs

You won’t believe the stuff people search on the internet that points them to my blog. WordPress keeps a track of them. I usually get a good laugh out of the searches. Not so long ago someone typed “Squid girl gif ticklish”. It made me LOL pretty nicely. Now some people are asking for hentai gifs. Exactly what do you need a hentai gif for? I won’t be doing no hentai gifs. Nu uh.

The recent search that made me laugh was a “Nisemonogatari brush gif”. Someone wanted a gif of that incest toothbrush moment between Araragi and his sister. I’m fine with that. Anything to pass the time I guess. Check all three out.

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Nisemonogatari Review

Hello there. This is the pant-less anime blogger doing my first review in my brand new wordpress blog. You can smell the new blog aroma, it smells like pine trees. It’s very nice. This is number one of my ridiculous goal of a thousand reviews and I am now taking a more serious approach to them. I used to do them half assed since I knew no one would read them but here I am now, completely pant-less, hoping to give you a satisfying review.

I’d start this blog with an anime I recently finished. It’s an anime titled “Nisemonogatari”. I was tremendously intrigued by its predecessor, Bakemonogatari. Its approach to anime was a bit skewered and twisted but its plot remains highly thought out and paced well. Few anime can peak your curiosity and then completely blow you away like Bakemonogatari. So going back to watching the life of Koyomi Araragi and his attempt to help troubled girls was something I was excited about.

Alright, let’s get down to it. Nisemonogatari is an eleven episode anime that is the direct sequel to Bakemonogatari.

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