Fall 2011 Lineup

Click on the image to see the review. These are all the anime of the Fall 2011 lineup that I have reviewed so far. There are a lot of season twos in this lineup so I’ll wait for when I watch their first season. I’m actually surprised that this season has less anime in it than the Spring lineup of 2012. Looks like there are more anime in Spring and less on other seasons. It makes sense, I guess. This season has a lot of great ones though so quality over quantity please.

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Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers Review

I’m in no mood to do a movie review and also because I didn’t download any movie. I’ll be reviewing an anime series instead. It’s still part of the Fall 2011 lineup and it’s another VN adaptation. The anime is Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers. Yeah, pretty awesome title.

It’s twelve episodes full of romance and lies! All lies! Also, this review number sixty so the time passed me. I didn’t notice I was already at my 60th review. Anyways, enough talk. Let’s read on.

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