Welcome to the Space Show Review

This is review number two hundred.

I have reached 20% of my goal. It only took me a year and one month to do so. This is a great accomplishment for me and it feels really satisfying. This journey of mine has a long ways to go but damn it, it’s the little things that keep me going. Anyways, I’ll be reviewing a movie. It’s called “Welcome to the Space Show” or Uchuu Show e Youkoso. I’ll put it in my alphabetical list in the “W” though so I finally have an anime under the letter. I already have a “Q” in mind. It’ll be Queens Blade. The letter X will be a wild card though because I want something recent for that letter. Here’s hoping 2013 anime have some anime beginning in X. So this movie is about a bunch of kids and a talking dog in space!!!! That’s really it. Ok, then. The personal victory is achieved and the moral one is rewarded. Let’s read on.

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