TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part IV

This is the last part of our look back at 2012. Those moments that defined the anime experience, those scenes that you just can’t get enough of and those events that’ll stick with you forever. We started with Shining Hearts and Tony Taka’s awesome character design, talked about some great anime moments like Gin and Futayo kicking ass, talked about worst ones like the disturbing beach episode from Another and there are also a lot of kissing moments that I am too ashamed to admit. We have reached the top twenty five now and these moments are truly the ones that made the whole anime experience of 2012 an amazing ride. Have you seen your favorite moments yet? Maybe they’re in this one. Maybe not. I’m not exactly the kind of blogger that goes with the flow so some of these moments may not even cross your mind.


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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Review

This is review number one hundred and sixty nine. This is another Fall 2012 anime. My internet connection is super slow so I’m having a hard time stocking up on anime. It took two days to finish downloading this anime and the review took four days. Curse my slow internet connection and my fast anime viewing. This will all fix itself once I start watching the 2013 anime though. Anyways, I’ll be reviewing Magi. It’s a twenty five episode anime about a boy named Alibaba and a boy named Aladdin trying to conquer a dungeon and get the treasure inside. It gradually expands from there though like putting too much bubble liquid in your tub. It’s a great anime though so let’s read on.

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