Fall 2011 Lineup

Click on the image to see the review. These are all the anime of the Fall 2011 lineup that I have reviewed so far. There are a lot of season twos in this lineup so I’ll wait for when I watch their first season. I’m actually surprised that this season has less anime in it than the Spring lineup of 2012. Looks like there are more anime in Spring and less on other seasons. It makes sense, I guess. This season has a lot of great ones though so quality over quantity please.

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Kimi To Boku GIFs: The Mary X Chizuru Romance Unfolds

So here are another batch of GIFs. It’s Kimi To Boku’s cutest couple and I made a GIF of some of their cutest moments. It contains spoilers but no one gets spoiled by looking at a GIF. I do hope they make a season three because the anime seems a bit unsatisfying. I wish the manga would hurry up.

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Kimi to Boku Two Review

Hello there. This is review number sixty three as I aim for a thousand. So I’m back on the Spring 2012 lineup and I am honestly running out of shows to review from the Spring and Fall season as I wait for the Summer 2012 season to wrap up. I might have to dip into the Summer 2011 lineup soon. Anywas, I’ll be reviewing the second season of Kimi to Boku. It’s thirteen episodes and it still feels gay. Or is it? Let’s read on.

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Kimi To Boku Review

Hello there. This is review number fifty five and I’ll be reviewing Kimi to Boku. Yeah, that rather girly show about five guys. I honestly don’t want to review this anime but I thought it’ll serve as a nice challenge for me since I am aiming for unbiased reviews. It’s the perfect anime since I absolutely do not like it but this review is still made to convince you to try it. Let’s read on.

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Spring 2012 Lineup

These are the anime that I reviewed that was part of the Spring 2012 lineup. I am missing those anime that are still airing and will probably end along with the short anime of the Summer 2012 lineup. I am also missing Kimi to Boku 2 and Queen’s Blade 2 because I haven’t seen the first season of both show. I’ll get right on that. The only thing missing is Medaka Box and I have reviewed all the twelve episode anime of this season.

Click on the photos to see the reviews. ^^

phi brain

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