Baby Steps Review

This is review number 300.

I’ve reached 30% of my goal and it took a really long time. Thankfully, I am still inching into my 1000 goal. I mean, seriously, three hundred anime reviews is a triumph for me. My life got really hectic and balancing my work with anything else is pretty hard to do. I think I have come up with a good way to balance them now though after sixteen failed attempts. Heh, this’ll be my seventeenth if this plan fails as well. It’s hard to do something you must and something you love together unless the thing you must and love are the same. Sadly, my work is not about anime. I hope it is and maybe someday I’ll have an anime related job but for now, just having a stable life is OK. At least The Pantless Anime Blogger is looking pretty good. I already have big plans for this site and I am working on them as we speak. Trust me, other sites will copy this idea as well just like they did with my review poll. That’s right. I said it.

Anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is called Baby Steps. It’s a twenty five episode anime about a guy who becomes in love with tennis and he had the skills to become a pro after just two short years of playing the sports. It’s a pretty interesting anime but I do have my complaints. I also have a lot of things I particularly like so this is a decent anime. Let’s read on.

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