TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part IV

This is the last part of our look back at 2012. Those moments that defined the anime experience, those scenes that you just can’t get enough of and those events that’ll stick with you forever. We started with Shining Hearts and Tony Taka’s awesome character design, talked about some great anime moments like Gin and Futayo kicking ass, talked about worst ones like the disturbing beach episode from Another and there are also a lot of kissing moments that I am too ashamed to admit. We have reached the top twenty five now and these moments are truly the ones that made the whole anime experience of 2012 an amazing ride. Have you seen your favorite moments yet? Maybe they’re in this one. Maybe not. I’m not exactly the kind of blogger that goes with the flow so some of these moments may not even cross your mind.


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TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part I

If it’s worth doing, it is worth over doing and I am overdoing it. These are the Top 100 anime moments that happened on 2012. Those anime moments that sticks to your mind and carves a home in there. Those moments that completely caught you off guard. Some event you’ve been waiting for to happen in the anime and the moment it does, it feels like true happiness. Those moments that you reacted positively or negatively to that you’ll always remember whenever the anime is mentioned to you. This list will try and cover them all. I tried to include every anime that was released this year but there are just some anime I missed or can’t really watch. There are some ongoing anime that is not on this list because I can’t watch an ongoing anime. The speed in which I watch my anime, ongoing ones will make me fidgety and impatient. I covered a good amount of anime though so it’s all good. I do plan to update this list if I ever watch the ones I missed because like the rest of my posts, this serves more as an archival post on my journey to one thousand anime reviews.


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Summer 2012 Lineup

These are all the anime of the Summer 2012 lineup. Suprisingly, there aren’t a lot of them. I’m missing three shows that are season twos (Yuru Yuri, Moyashimon and Dog Days) and I need to watch the first season to properly review them. There are three on going anime (Muv Luv, Kingdom and Sword Art Online) in the lineup. I have two more regular anime that I need to see and I’m pretty much done with this lineup in the meantime. On a side note, there are more than twenty five anime in the Spring 2012 lineup. I am not looking forward to next year.

Click on the image to see the review. ^^

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Jinrui wa Sutai Shimashita GIFs: Bleeding Bread and Narcotics Possession

I’m suppose to be reviewing Arcana Famiglia until my initial idea of the show was crushed. I couldn’t handle the fact that it was more talk than action. I fell to floor learning it’s a f*cking otome game. I’m starting to hate otome adapted anime. There’s so many faults to the anime but it also holds unbelievable potential. Ten episodes in and I’m still waiting for the Arcana Duel to commence. It’s never going to happen, is it?

So in order to retain my sanity, I made some GIFs of the ever awesome show Humanity has Declined. I love that show and I love it’s complete randomness. Click on the image to open it in a new window so it can load faster.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Review

This is review number eighty one. It’s part of the Summer 2012 lineup and it’s also one of the most talked about in the season for good reasons too because this anime is really enjoyable. I hope the rest of the lineup in this season is strong because I’ve seen two anime that I really like. The anime is Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita (that’s a mouthful) or Humanity has Declined which is a very funny anime that is twelve episodes long. Dude, it had a bread die on the first episode. A bread!

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