Ai Mai Mi Review

This is review number two hundred and fifty nine AND a half. This anime is part of the Winter 2013 lineup. I’m sorry if reviews have slowed down significantly. I once tried to catch up with my regular pace back in Summer 2013 but I know now I can’t with the way my schedule works. It keeps shifting from busy to super busy to a lot of free time with nothing to do at all and it’s driving me nuts. Right now, I’m in super busy mode with the school year approaching its close. Everyone is pushing their work on me and I just have to do it. Also, I’ve been addicted to Phoenix Wright for the entire February. It’s crazy. I want more. But anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is this show called Ai Mai Mi. It’s a three minute anime about three girls and their spare time in their manga club. It’s a thirteen episode anime about a whole lot of nothing. Let’s read on.

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Recorder to Randoseru Mi☆ Review

This is review number two hundred and fifty three AND a half. This show shares a number with Yami Shibai. This anime is part of the Summer 2013 lineup. Apologies if I haven’t done a review in over a week. Being super busy is really an understatement. I plan on moving forward though once things settle down and it’s not that far along. Anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is Recorder to Randoseru Mi. This is the third season of a less than five minute anime I personally enjoy watching. The first season was my 25th review and the second season was my 44th review. The third season is now my 253rd review so I think that’s pretty special. Let’s read on.


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