Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Review

This is review number three hundred and twenty one. This anime is part of the Fall 2010 Lineup. This anime is also part of my review poll. I’m keeping it open in case people want to vote their favorite shows to death. The anime is the highest voted one. It’s called Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt. It’s a thirteen episode anime about girls taking off their undergarments and shooting people with it. There are also a lot of stupid things here like sperm ghosts and other stuff like that. It’s a pretty unique anime though and the experience is one of a kind as well. Let’s read on. Continue reading

Kill la Kill Review

This is review number two hundred and seventy two. This anime is part of the Fall 2013 lineup. It’s also literally the most voted anime in my review poll. I included it in by accident and it’s been voted to high hell ever since. Fine. This is my review of Kill la Kill. It’s a twenty four episode anime about a girl with scissors for a sword fighting while half naked. It’s so goddamn insane that I urge you to just skip this long review and just watch the damn thing. Go on, go!!!

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Yeah. Anyways, it has girls half naked beating up each other while the world is being manipulated by evil sweaters. I wish I was not making half of these things up. Let’s read on.

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