Deadman Wonderland Review

This is review number one hundred and forty five. It’s part of the Summer 2011 lineup. It’s Deadman Wonderland. It’s one of the shows I’ve wanted to try because it had a nice hype to it. Is it good? Yes and No. Anyways, it’s a twelve episode anime about people inside an amusement park/jail called Deadman Wonderland. Let’s read on.

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Review

This is review number one hundred and thirty seven. It’s part of the Summer 2012 lineup. It’s the last one so far. I still have that Ebiten but I still need to track it down. The anime I’ll be reviewing is Muv Luv: Total Eclipse. It’s a twenty five (including the recap) episode anime about humans fighting invading monsters that came from Mars. It’s a really surprising anime. I urge everyone to try it. Let’s read on.

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Blood-C Review

This is review number one hundred and three. I’m slowing down on my reviews because I’m losing time to watch anime. Stupid prior obligations. I’m still going for my goal though and nothing will stop me. I’m reviewing an anime of the Summer 2011 lineup. It’s Blood C. It’s that anime where Saya is reduced to a normal girl slaying demons. Say goodbye to the anti-hero Saya or the strong willed Saya. We now have…this.

Things aren’t what they appear to be though and this anime is a great example why you should never trust your first impression of an anime. They’re usually wrong. Let’s read on.

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C³ Review

Hello there. This is review number fifty one. I’m aiming for the hundred this time. I’m still plowing through the Fall 2011 lineup. This time I’ll be reviewing CxCxC. It’s an odd twelve episode anime but it’s charm was hard to resist. Let’s read on.

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Another GIFs: Umbrellas Can Kill You.

I love the death scenes in Another. The animation was so good and the gore was just right. PA Works did a bang up job with it. If they can keep this break through streak they have, they might topple KyoAni’s rise to fame back in ’06. What they need now is revolutionary anime that isn’t K-on. Haha.

If you have doubts about picking up Another. I simply have three things to show you. Check out the GIFs and convince yourself to watch this awesome anime.

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