Gingitsune Review

This is review number two hundred and fifty seven. This anime is part of the Fall 2013 lineup. For this lineup, I have set up a poll where the readers of this site can help me choose the anime I’ll review next. Last week, I reviewed the most voted show called Diabolik Lovers. I hate you all for voting it so high up. For this week, I’d be reviewing the least voted. Rather, the show no one voted for. There are actually a few of them but I’m going alphabetically here. I’ll be reviewing the most voted again next week so if you want your show reviewed, then click on the picture of that cute girl with the words “Review Poll” next to it and cast your vote.

The show I’ll be reviewing is called Gingitsune or Silver Fox. It’s a twelve episode anime about a girl and her fox friend. It’s actually a really surprisingly complex show and probably a big shocker of the lineup for me. It’s really good. Let’s read on.

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