Gin no Saji Second Season Review

This is review number three hundred and thirteen. This anime is part of Winter 2014 lineup. This was a lineup I sacrificed so I can fully finish the Fall 2014 in time for the current seasonal lineup. I have fallen behind so far though that I no longer care if I’m in the current lineup. Right now, I have my own pace and I decided to come back for the shows I missed while inching my way forward. Anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is the second season of Silver Spoon. It’s an eleven episode anime from the noitaminA block. It’s about a guy milking a cow among other things. Let’s read on.

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Summer 2013 Lineup

I did my f*cking best but I simply cannot watch all of the anime in this lineup before the Fall season ended. A year ago, I remember how hellish the Spring 2012 lineup was but this was the first time I truly felt overwhelmed by the number of shows I was watching. Yes, TPAB is indeed human. I will watch and review the remaining shows soon but I wanted to release this post now. Side note though, I will review Free! last and there’s nothing anyone can say that will change my mind. Sorry.

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Silver Spoon Review

This is review number two hundred and thirty eight. This anime is part of the Summer 2013 lineup and it’s a show from the noitaminA hourly time slot. The other anime from the time slot was a re-run of AnoHana to promote the movie. I already reviewed that show and I am excited for the movie. The anime I’ll be reviewing though is an anime called Gin no Saji or Silver Spoon. It’s an eleven episode anime about people taking care of animals. I know, it’s a tough sell but it’s a really wonderful show. Just stop and watch the show now because it’s a really amazing show that I urge everyone to experience. With that being said though, let’s read on.

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