Summer 2013 Lineup

I did my f*cking best but I simply cannot watch all of the anime in this lineup before the Fall season ended. A year ago, I remember how hellish the Spring 2012 lineup was but this was the first time I truly felt overwhelmed by the number of shows I was watching. Yes, TPAB is indeed human. I will watch and review the remaining shows soon but I wanted to release this post now. Side note though, I will review Free! last and there’s nothing anyone can say that will change my mind. Sorry.

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Gatchaman Crowds Review

This is review number two hundred and forty two. This anime is part of the Summer 2013 lineup. I think I can actually finish this lineup before the Fall 2013 lineup ends. I’m glad I was able to cover so much despite my slow pace. All I need to do is to sneak in the 24 plus episode anime and I’m golden. One problem at a time though. Anyways, the anime I’ll be reviewing is Gatchaman Crowds. It’s a twelve episode anime about a popular 70s anime getting a brand new installment to its series. It’s about superheroes battling alien scum and doing it in style. Oh, wait. It’s not. No, it is. Huh? Let’s read on.

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