Zero no Tsukaima F Review

Hello there. This is review number twenty seven and I’ll be reviewing an anime that represented my college life a bit. There were three anime that I enjoyed watching when I was in college and they have a pretty neat backstory with them. They are Ghost Hunt, Welcome to the NHK and Zero no Tsuikama. Zero was an anime I asked a girl to watch because she was a comic book fan and keeps dissing anime. I told her to try it and tell me later if she hates it. She didn’t, she lighted up like a light bulb asking me for more anime. I had a crush on this girl so if she becomes Otaku, we can be closer and I can ask her out.

Life isn’t as rose colored as anime said it would be. She joined the college anime club and completely forgot about me. She’s now a cosplayer and a pretty popular one too. Ugh. F*cking story of my life. So yeah, Zero no Tsukaima was an anime close to me that taught me that you can’t pick up girls with anime. -__-

This is the final season of Zero no Tsukaima. The last time we’ll see Saito and Louise and all great people of this Harry Potter-esque anime. It is twelve episodes long. Let’s read on.

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