Summer 2011 Lineup

This is the anime I reviewed for the Summer 2011 lineup. I’m missing some season 2 anime because I need to see the first season first. It’s a pretty short lineup. I’m missing Mawaru Penguindrum to close the lineup.

Click on the pictures to see the review. ^ ^

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Dantalian No Shoka Review

Hello there. Before I begin, I must tell you that I love malware. They enter your computer and conquer it. They interfere with your download and slow your computer down. I had to reformat my damn laptop just to get it working again. I lost a lot of my programs and that prevented me to do a review the past few days. Curse on those malwares. I love them so much.

Anywas, this is review number eleven of a thousand. Today I am going to review a supernatural anime. I think it’s a mystery but I’m not entirely sure. The anime is entitled “Dantalian no Shoka”. It’s a twelve episode anime about magical books. It reminds me a lot of Go Sick, something I’ll discuss more deeply in my review. Let’s read on.

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