Yurumates 3D Review

Hello there. This is review number sixty five and I’ll be reviewing a short one. It is part of the Spring 2012 lineup and it’s actually at the bottom of my list. That’s why I only saw it now. Yurumates 3D doesn’t really stand out. There is also no 3D in it. F*cking lie. It’s a three minute anime about chibi. So yeah, let’s read on.

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Ika Musume GIFs

I am tired and checked out after watching five anime in five days straight. This blog is just a little break from my reviews. There are more coming so stay tune.

In the meantime, enjoy some Ika Musume gifs. I didn’t enjoy Squid Girl but she is gif gold mine. Here are some awesome gifs. Well its not really awesome but like I said I’m already checked out so just enjoy them and be quiet.

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