Brave Ten Review

Hello there. This is review number nineteen of my goal to reach one thousand. I’m still mowing down the Winter 2012 anime line up as I am excitedly waiting for the Spring 2012 line up to end. It’s close so I am excited. There’s not that many Winter anime that I haven’t reviewed yet so I am pretty proud to have reviewed that many anime.

The anime I am going to review today is Brave 10. It’s a twelve episode anime full of hot guys and sexy girls. That’s going to attract some viewers. Haha. This anime actually based on a novel about the “Sanada Ten Braves” and it has been adapted before in anime like Sengoku Basara and Samurai Deeper Kyo. Please note, I am reviewing Brave Ten and not comparing it to Sengoku Basara in terms of adaptation. This anime is a different creature and I’ll explain it in my reviews. Anways, let’s read on.

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