Hidan no Aria Review

Hello there. This is review number fifteen out of a thousand. I’m busting out review fast after my laptop mishap. I’ve recently watched a nice anime and I’m about to do the review. The anime is called Hidan no Aria. It’s a twelve episode anime full of guns, swords and underwear. Yeah, a truly ingenuous anime. Let’s read on.

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Another GIFs: Umbrellas Can Kill You.

I love the death scenes in Another. The animation was so good and the gore was just right. PA Works did a bang up job with it. If they can keep this break through streak they have, they might topple KyoAni’s rise to fame back in ’06. What they need now is revolutionary anime that isn’t K-on. Haha.

If you have doubts about picking up Another. I simply have three things to show you. Check out the GIFs and convince yourself to watch this awesome anime.

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Shinryaku! Ika Musume Review

This is review number five out of a thousand. Yes, I’m still going strong to reach that impossible goal. The anime I’m about to review is Shinryaku! Ika Musume. It’s a twelve episode anime that I’ve been curious to watch ever seen I’ve seen her face all over the internet. The tagline “Squid girl” also tickled my curiosity so I got a copy and watched the anime last night. It’s well….interesting, I guess.

My curiosity has played a cruel joke on me once again. Anyways, here is my review.

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Another Review

This is my fourth review. This is an anime I watched in one sitting. It’s strong indication that it’s a really good series. I am very plot oriented so when I tell you a plot is good, it’s really good. The anime I’m talking about is titled Another. It’s a twelve episode anime that I truly can say is a great mystery anime.

I recently watched Ookami Kakushi and I could tell you that anime needed a bit of Another’s charm. That anime was a huge letdown. Luckily, my spirits was revitalized after watching this one.

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Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service) Review

Hello there. Here I am to bring another pant less review. This is review number three out of a thousand. I am very serious about that impossible goal and I’m actually enjoying dishing out reviews. I’m reviewing anime that I recently finished. I want to review anime close to my heart but those anime are blurry now. The anime I’m about to review is something I recently finished. It’s so recent; it’s only an hour old.

The anime is titled Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service). It’s a twelve episode anime that I personally enjoy. It’s not perfect but I’m really glad I picked it up.

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Ookami Kakushi Review

Hello there. This is the pant less anime blogger here to blog about anime. I’ll leave it your imagination if you want to think I really am pant less. Maybe if I was a girl blogger I could snap a couple of pictures and tease you a bit. Sadly I am not. I’m a guy and I’m pant less. I’ll show you the door. What? You came here to read my review. Huzzah!

I recently finished this anime so my opinions are rather fresh. The anime is titled “Ookami Kakushi”. According to MAL (myanimelist.net), the anime is of the Action, Horror, Mystery and Supernatural genre. I don’t know about that.

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