TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part III

This is the third part and we are halfway through the countdown. I made the list four parts simply because I am intimidated by it all. I can combine them in one giant post but the amount of GIFs and those stupid pictures I had to make takes a lot of time. Dividing the load was the best thing to do. Anyways, I’ve covered a good amount of anime thus far from popular ones like Little Busters to very obscure ones like Ebiten. This was really my anime journey combined in a list. I’ve seen all of these anime and I have a high tolerance for things other people dismiss so I’ve been able to experience a lot of great anime moments as I blog as TPAB. The bottom half is already done and I hope the moments that got into the top fifty are some that I hope you all enjoyed as well.

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Acchi Kocchi Review

This is review number ninety one and I’m back in the Spring 2012 lineup. I’m just scraping off all the last bits of the season before I continue with the Summer 2011 lineup I was in while moving forward with the Summer 2012 line up. It’s a busy life for me. One step at a time and it’s all good. Anyways, I’ll be reviewing Acchi Kocchi. It’s a twelve episode anime about moe characters being moe. Eh, just read the review.

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