T(a)LK: Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 3

So, a bunch of idiots thought having a collab talking about anime would be fun. hey, two people was a success, why not make it bigger? These idiots never thought about the timezones they live in though, and so complications happen, hence the long delay of the episodic posts. Editing the conversations is a hassle enough, these dum-dums didn’t think far ahead if any more problems can occur. Idiots, but whatever, here’s the third episode of their T(a)LK of Boku no Hero Academia S3. (This anime is twenty five episodes too, so expect more delays in the future) Continue reading

I Made TPAB Write Me A Natsume Post! (Guest Post)

My penalty for losing the Winter Games is that I write about Natsume over at that drunk chick’s blog. It’s a different post from my usual style, so I am quite proud of it.
Irina likes it too, so everyone is a winner…until the next prediction Games.

I drink and watch anime

Well the title kinda says it all and The Pantless Anime Blogger was even nice enough to write an intro for me so WooHoo!!!

So a quick recap, I lost the Winter Games 2018 and I must now face penalty. I’m sure this is more a positive to me though, since I can whore out my blog, but Irina, the winner of the games, insisted I do this instead. The penalty is supposed to be watching and reviewing a really awful anime, but she was merciful. She, instead, wants me to write about Natsume. I’ve only ever seen the first season, because I watch a lot of things, but it did struck a chord with me. I have four favorite female characters: Chihaya from Chihayafuru, Mix from Aquarion Evol, Nadeshiko from Yuru Camp (thank you Winter Games), and a one-shot character from Natsume. It’s weird, right? What makes a character that…

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