Hello there. I’m writing this on May 7, 2012. I’m a complete noob at the goddamn wordpress stuff. I’m already frustrated that I can’t do nothing right. *sigh* Anyways, I’m the pant-less anime blogger.

I am writing this one six years later on May 19, 2018. As stated above, I am The Pantless Anime Blogger, or TPAB and I do anime reviews. You might’ve stumbled upon my blog after doing a quick search of an anime review. Yes, I do a lot of that. My reviews are ungodly long, but I do believe each post gives as much detail about the anime as you’d like. I created this site because I wanted to help people know more about an anime. You can skim the reviews, skip down to the overall score or just glance at the pictures, that’s all good. My goal as TPAB is to deliver a review that truly represents the anime, and I hope you appreciate my effort making them.

I continually strive to improve my reviews in any way possible, so feedback is very much appreciated. Any way I can help you know more about the anime, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

I’m also on here:Β karuhigamiDURV,Β so drop me a line.
If you have some deep darker insults/questions/complaints then you can e-mail me: pantlessanimeblogger AT gmail.com

Let’s All Enjoy Them Pantless. Peace.

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  1. Hello,

    I am sorry for being incredibly late messaging you back, but if you are still interested with exchanging links with me I would be glad to. Just give 1-3 days and I should have it done. Also, keep up the good work with the reviews (I like the ones I have read so far).

    Best Regards,

  2. Hohoho. We’re both from the Philippines! You’re grammar is way better than mine so don’t worry πŸ™‚

    I also dislikes dubbed anime, especially those airing in our local television. THEY JUST SUCK! Anyway, good luck with your 1000 reviews πŸ™‚

  3. It’s been a year after you first started blogging. what are your top 5 animes? I’m not a HUGE fan, but i do enjoy a good anime more than a good movie/tv show.

    1.) Cowboy Bebop
    2.) Neon Genesis Evangelion
    3.) Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
    4.) Halo Legends: Babysitter
    5.) Spice and Wolf

  4. It’s not every day I run across an non-episodic anime review blog.
    Though I usually avoid using fixed review format, I found that TPAB was quite similar to my own old rusty blog.
    I’ve read some of your posts and thought that they were interesting.
    So, if you are interested, let’s exchange links. Just let me know πŸ™‚

  5. Um are you interested in exchanging links? I run a music blog not anime so it might not fit on your blogroll but anyway I’ve added you to mine because your writing style is hell entertaining and I like your taste in anime. Anyway cheers!

  6. Good Luck with your goal for your Blog πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry about the Grammar Natiz’s I’m 31 and from England and I’ve still not managed to get it down, considering your from the Philippines your doing an excellent job so keep it up and enjoy the Anime’s πŸ˜€

    Mouse or Mike or (ID10T_at_IWTI on twitter)

  7. I’m with you on dubbed anime, I always watch them subbed if I can find them that way. Downside is sometimes subs get a little crazy and deviate from what is actually going on. I generally hate manga too, but just started reading Battle Royale on mangafox and just can’t seem to stop reading…

  8. This is frustrating. I’ve watched these repeatedly:

    1. Furuba
    2. kamisama hajimemashita
    3. OHSHC
    4. Special A

    …after watching and dropping some of the hottest and newest line up of every season Y_Y…this list is just soooo haunting.
    Do you know any series close to Furuba? or anything heartwarming? BUT not too much like AnoHana, i finished that because of the graphics and i was expecting a twist in the end. but too much drama, like Vampire Knight. Right now I’m trying to seat still for Blood Lad. -_- wish me epic luck. daaamn Natsuki Takaya why make something sooooo good Y_Y i’m restless.

    • there are a lot of Shoujo anime here. I’m not really sure if there is a series like Fruits Basket. that was a pretty unique show.
      safest bet is to try NATSUME’S BOOK OF FRIENDS. you can’t go wrong with this one.
      I can also recommend KIMI TO BOKU. or the movie HOTARUBI NO MORI E.

      you can also try SERVANT X SERVICE. it’s a cute romantic show if you’re up for it.
      hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know your blog is soo awesome! I have been off the anime trail for years and it wasn’t until recently I wanted to get back on but I had NO IDEA where to start. Luckily I stumbled upon your blog and after going through all your reviews I’ve managed to list down a bunch of shows to watch so I’m really excited to get cracking. Wala lang, just wanted to say I really appreciate the effort! Plus it’s always nice to come across a fellow Pinoy blogger in the same age group as I. Haha!

    PS. I don’t think your English sucks at all. Reading your reviews really gave me a good idea of whether or not the anime is for me and that’s what matters right? πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi !
    First I would like to thank you for your blog ! It is such an awesome work and I really enjoy reading your reviews !

    I don’t know if you take requests but I would like to recommend you a series that really deserves more attention IMO. I’ll try to introduce it briefly, please forgive any errors English isn’t my native language ^^’

    The show is called Wakfu. Though it is French the style is highly inspired by Japanese animes. The plot takes place in a colorful fantasy world. The graphics are gorgeous (the anime is entirely made using Flash), the characters are really great and the overall story, sound, etc are very pleasant.
    The best thing resides in the fact that, this is an anime with a new point of view. Each episode is different and the plot is often surprising, because you will expect what a Japanese anime would do and it is not.

    While the show may seem to be only for children, the unique personality of each character, the unexpected twists of the story, which reveals to be more mature than at first sight plus the beautiful and smoothless animation make this show even better than most of Japanese animes. I definitely think Wakfu is for every age, even the 20-year-old anime fan I am would qualify it as a splendid, refreshing and out-of-the-box show πŸ™‚

    Sadly though, most of the jokes in the show consists in untranslatable French puns or references to the eponymous mmorpg so some background knowledge may be required to understand them properly though not necessary to understand the story.

    Anyway, Wakfu is a highly enjoyable show IMO that deserves at least a glance, with rich background world taken from the game, wonderful animation, unique characters and irregular story (not Japanese clichΓ©).

    Btw an official English dub was funded by kickstarter for the complete 2 seasons (around 25 episodes each), I don’t know if there is a release date though.

    I hope that you will consider to review this non-japanese anime, there is so much to talk about it. I assure you that you won’t waste your time !

    • Wakfu….MY GOODNESS!

      That thing has been out for ages, and was amusing.

      But, the jokes are references to the MMO, so most wouldn’t get it.

      It’s like trying to describe Dungeon Fighter Online’s anime to anyone else >_>

      Glad to see someone else knows of it


  11. Hey, found this blog on accident yet already love it. Thanks for reviewing anime on your honest opinion. I would like to recommend an anime, it is Hellsing Ultimate OVA, I’m sure you will love it

  12. Seems like you are into harem ecchi anime, that’s great as all the other blogs ive seen hate this kind of Anime and wont give it a chance, but some of my favourite Animes fall into this category, like Sora no otoshimono, rosario vampire, and to love ru. This kind of Anime is needed to as light relief between watching the more serious shows.

    • harem ecchi is just easy to hate and most people don’t want to accept that these shows are actually good. I do agree that less serious shows like these is needed as in between breaks for more serious ones. πŸ™‚

  13. Hiya it’s me, 7starkiller99.

    Been looking through you extremely amusing blog, anonymously.

    I sent you a MAL friend invite request or whatever anyways.

    This blog is great though, ranging from extremely amusing reviews, to the most random anime I have yet to see reviewed by most people.

    Anyway! Keep up the good work man!


    • thank you.
      I accepted your friend request as well. Thanks for actually reading my blog. They are long, even I don’t re-read them. XD
      I’m glad you enjoy them. I don’t really consider myself funny and I don’t really try to be. o.O but thanks for liking my jokes (?) as well.
      I take pride in reviewing a lot of unappreciated and weird anime. Its what makes the pantless anime blogger different from other anime reviewers. πŸ™‚

  14. Hey pantless anime blogger, not sure if you have an alternate name but, I’ve been reading your reviews and gaining wonderful ideas and I’ve been meaning to ask if I could we can swap website advertisement. I’d love to be apart of your blogroll if you’d allow me too and would love to have your blog address on my site!

  15. Hey, I blog about anime episodes that I like at http://www.wraithseeker.com/anime. I would love to trade links with you.

    Dubbed anime is not to my taste as well. In the country that I live in it’s done with chinese subs. Some manga is pretty interesting too really and you should give it a go when you’re bored sometimes.

    I don’t think your English is horrible at all too!

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  18. Hello, I created blog about a certain light novel analysis “yahari ore no seishun love come wa machigatteiru” and blogroll for exchanging link. I want to exchange link if you don’t mind. I see your blog is clean and update, that’s why I love your blog.

    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

  19. Hello

    I had an idea and I recorded a Naruto trail in a different way , with only bass and percussion

    I would like to take a look and if you can share on your website / blog , it would be a pleasure to participate !

    follow the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AQUe1WOAxM

    ‘ ‘ Afternoon of Konoha ”

    It would be lovely to roll this strength to my channel for both views as to subscribers

    Thank you very much in advance!

    thalles Macedo

  20. Hey,
    A couple months back, I was perusing the internet for anime suggestions, and I stumbled onto your “Top 100 Anime You Should Watch Before You Die” list from IGN. That list was impressive, it got me to watch several shows I would never have dreamed of watching.

    I literally just found this site today, and it blows me away. I’m sure I will find many more shows that I will like. Thank You!

    • wow. that list is super old, but i’m glad people still find it useful. it was a nice hurrah for me and the users of myign before i became tpab, lol. i’m glad you liked it.

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