Wrap Up: December 2021

Hello 2022. It’s a brand new year, and another chance to feel the disappointed creep up behind you. Let’s get this damn year rolling and do a wrap up.

I finished four anime this month, and that’s honestly a good pace considering my long months of absence. Don’t get used to it, because I might go dark again. You can never tell given how fast life moves. One moment you’re flirting with a girl before valentines, and then boom! You’re jobless in a place and you’re contemplating going home defeated. SO, slow and steady.

As always, this post is basically just a way to advertise my patreon. As you all know, my favorite moments that used to be in this wrap up are now sold individually in my patreon. Go on and become a backer. I’m sure you’ll love the moments I picked. All you have to do is shell out some money. I do apologize for the shameless advertising, but I’m trying to make something work here. I’m seeing if it sticks.

For you people lurkers though, I’ll give you one moment for free. The rest are locked in a vault, so go read them there.


Haikyuu 3: The Volleyball Monster

Ushijima is a one of a kind player. He completely broke the rule of volleyball. It’s supposed to be a team sport, but he proved that a team can score with just one person. He has an unblockable strike, and the dude’s serve is just insane. Majority of the season is spent on Karasuno just denying him points. If we’re talking about moments though, then Ushijima’s best moment is shown in the latter set of the game. When it was all about stamina, Ushijima was still doing spikes. The dude’s knee never gave out, and I think Karasuno only won the game by forcing the rest of his teammates to commit mistakes. He is such a strong player that the only way Karasuno can win is if they take out his teammates, which I guess reels it back in and proves that volleyball is a team sport.

If you actually look back at the best moments of the show, Ushijima is always part of it. The first big moment of the libero adapting to his left handed kill obviously involves Ushijima. Tsukishima luring him in to deny his spike is another moment. The way Hinata proved to the team that he can do more than striking, by basically running from one end of the net to another just to block the ball, all started with Ushijima denying him the respect he deserved. It all basically revolved around Ushijima, and it was amazing. Props to the author for making such a compelling character without exaggerating anything about him. There are powerful players like him in real life. I bet he was even inspired by an actual volleyball player. It’s this grounded realism that I really like in Haikyuu. It’s a big deal, since most Shounen Jump title doesn’t know what grounded realism is.


Here are the rest of the moments:

KamiKiss 2 – The Shopping Montage
KamiKiss 2 – Connections
FLCL – Take a Swing
FLCL – Glasses
Haikyuu 3 – The Guess Monster
Haikyuu 3 – Read Blocking
Haikyuu 2 – A Floating Comeback
Haikyuu 2 – Ohgi Minami

As this year was ending, I kinda gave myself a chance to unwind and literally took a vacation. I even had a vacation shirt on that my friends tried to get off me, because I wouldn’t chance it. I felt like I needed a break after all the things I experience this year. I know for a fact 2022 is going to kick my ass as well, but I’m f*cking ready for it. I survived the previous year and the year before that, so I dare this year to give me its worst. Actually no, please go easy on me. I can’t handle any more stress.

These will be the shows reviewed for January. Some of the shows here are also on the December list, so this is really just a tentative plan to watch list. I’m not a machine. I can’t just watch anime on a daily basis. This list is a good enough reason to keep trying though.

January PTW List

1. Hotarubi no Mori e (exclusive anime short review) – I am in the mood to watch and review this now, so expect the review in my patreon soon.
2. Kiss Him, Not Me (patreon request) – Again, I’m in the mood for something stupid so I’m watching this show first.
3. Junketsu Maria
4. First Love Monster (patreon request)
5. Kancolle

If you want me to review your anime, then just become a patreon backer. You can recommend as much anime as you want. I’ll accept one recommendation a month. All the requests so far are just from one person, so throw your anime in. Disappoint me with your weeb pick. Once I get enough backers on my patreon, you can also vote for the shows I actually get to watch. You get to tell me what to do. That’s a good enough perk.

You noticed an exclusive anime short review in the list, and that’s because you can also recommend movies now. These review doesn’t count in my 1000 journey, but they’re special enough for people that wants them.

But of course, I just appreciate any effort thrown my way. Honestly, I got revitalized when someone donated to my patreon. It feels nice, and I thank you all for the support. Let’s make January a productive month, and 2022 a productive year.

Thank you to my amazing Patreon supporter.

Vixey, you’re awesome.

David Hotright, you’re steaming.

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These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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