Wrap Up: November 2021

We have launched. Thepantlessanimeblogger.com is back, and I’ll try to keep this site running for as long as possible. I already paid for the premium wordpress stuff, but I am told the change will happen in three to four days. Ain’t that a bummer? Nevertheless, November has come and gone though, and it is time for a wrap up. So let’s go wrap some sh*t up, and maybe talk about life while we take a bite.

I honestly didn’t plan on coming back. I watched The Promise Neverland awhile back and I decided to review it. After that, there was a comment that talks about me monetizing my site, and I kinda tumbled that idea around my head for a while. I checked my patreon, and I had unfulfilled goals left there. With my tilted sense of duty, I am back just to repay what I owe. Also, to make money. So give me money.

I will do my best to provide more pantless content. I personally don’t like asking for money, but I do believe this is a viable option for me. This is no longer just a blog. I plan on making it grow and making a living out of it. Really, I want The Pantless Anime Blogger to be self-sustaining and it starts with your support.

Now, I used to do favorite moments of shows I watched in my wrap up posts, but I hauled those off in my patreon. If you want to read them, then go and support me. Become a patreon backer and get exclusive contents and reviews. As a freebie though, I’ll give one moment away. Enjoy!!!


Fave Moment: Cromartie High School – The First Episode

Cromartie High School is one hell of an anime, and it is ripe with brilliant moments. The recurring gags are all wonderful in their own right. There is the big dude that has motion sickness, but refuses to tell other people about it because he thinks he’ll lose street cred. There is the random people going into the high school and meeting Freddie Mercury, a gorilla and a robot that eventually weirds them out. My favorite is the guy with an afro explaining how comedy should work, because it is just ridiculously fourth wall breaking since he pokes fun of all kinds of comedy. Yes, he also makes fun of the show itself.

If we are talking about moments though, then the first episode has to be the best of them all. Top to bottom, the first episode is really the best gut punch to introduce people to the anime. I think the first gag of this dude dropping his pencil and another guy eating it serves as the best setup for the show. It is just beyond stupid, yet it’s also kinda brilliant in how it was executed. I mentioned people having fun with this adaptation, and even the director had fun. In one random dialogue, the main character talks about punching only one person in his life and if the viewers wanted to know then they have to read the manga. I checked the manga, and the anime intentionally skipped one chapter just to do this reference gag. To those curious and too lazy to read, the guy he punched is a friend that thought he was too dumb. The main character and this friend then promised to enter Cromartie High School together, but the guy was too stupid to pass the entrance exam. It’s better if you read it. Gawd, why did I even explain it?

Being only eleven minutes long, the first episode ended with its best recurring gag. The main character decided to visit the toughest guy in the class next door, and when they opened the door, they were welcomed with Freddie Mercury. It was a traced drawing of Mercury too. You can tell it was a blatant tracing, since the posing is familiar. Thinking the weirdest part is over, the main character then gets introduced to a gorilla. The show never explained what is up with the gorilla and I think that’s part of the charm. Is he a student? Or is he just a random gorilla? The show will never explain. They also didn’t explain the robot, the final punchline of this gag. It’s not really about a robot existing in the school that will get you. It’s the smooth voice of this robot and the fact that nobody cares to point out that he is a robot. It’s just sheer dumb fun, and I’m all for that kind of comedy. The rest of the episodes aren’t as impactful as its first, in my opinion. Going in completely blind, I was not ready for the stupidity this anime has in store and I actually urge you dear readers to try the show.

If the first episode isn’t enough to hook you, then you can just indulge in the OP sequence. I think this is the biggest reason why I keep returning to the series even though most of the jokes in later episodes didn’t land. The song and the montage just looks so fun together. I particularly love the characters just walking in the hallway and random things bounce off them. Another set of character walks in the hallway next, and it was actually a collection of the stupidest people in the show. Once I realized that, I was excited to meet them in later episodes. I was so shocked one of them is a character’s mom. She stood out more than the alien and Freddie Mercury riding a horse. The first episode of Cromartie High School guys, you have to see it.

Here are the rest of the moments for the wrap up.

Fave Moment – Kaguya Love is War
Fave Moment – Boogiepop Phantom: Pidgeon’s Revenge
Fave Moment – Boogiepop Phantom: The Terminal Story Within the Imaginator Story
Fave Moment – Boogiepop Phantom: The King of Distortion’s Final Message
Fave Moment – My Roommate is a Cat: Warmth
Fave Moment – My Roommate is a Cat: Mom’s Garden
Fave Moment – My Roommate is a Cat: I Don’t Travel
Fave Moment – Cromartie High School: Mechazawa the Motorbike

For exclusive reviews, so far I only have one. It’s a review of Makoto Shinkai’s She and Her Cat. I randomly reviewed it after I saw My Roommate is a Cat. You can recommend me anime to review in my patreon. Anime movies and anime shorts will be reviewed exclusively in patreon and for backers only.

For December, this will be the upcoming reviews. Hopefully I get to actually follow this list, but these are all the pending reviews. Again, if you want to add some of your own then become a patreon backer. Once the recommendation pool is big, you can vote on my next anime to review as well. You guys have control, so go nuts.

1. FLCL (patreon request)
2. Haikyuu 2
3. Kiss Him, Not Me (patreon request)
4. Haikyuu 3
5. Hotarubi no Mori (exclusive anime short review)

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