TPAB’s Top Ten (More): Tips in Reviewing Anime (Part 10 of 10)

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1. The Burnout is Real
2. Death of the Author
3. A Personal Rating Scale
4. The Influence of the Director
5. Say thanks to your lurkers
6. The Appeal of Bad Anime
7. Hitting the Wall
8. TPAB’s Personal Review Style (Comptrast)
9. TPAB’s Personal Review Style (Genre)

10. Uhhhhh……..

I wrote this list such a long time ago, and I never quite finished it because COVID kinda hit me hard. I didn’t get the virus, but I lost a job, lost a home, forced to tough it out on my own and I am proud to report that I survived. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make it on your own in a foreign country with no connections and no one to turn to in your time of need? Ohmygawd, it was awful. I had contingency plans for various things, but I didn’t expect a global pandemic to completely make all of them worthless. One problem came after another, but I survived, damn it. I did it. Yay me.

Truthfully, this site will remain dormant still because I just don’t have everything together. I got a new job, but I’m not really stable yet. I’m supposed to be but, yknow, COVID and sh*t. I am also in a point in my life where I am trying to regain a lot of lost time and sitting in front of a laptop doing anime reviews just isn’t part of it. I do want to thank everyone for the undying support. Check this sh*t out.

I reached two million views. It only took me eight years to achieve it. No biggie.

The site also had a lot of eyes recently since I’m netting around seven thousand views a month. I think people are realizing the pandemic will last a long time, and their plan moving forward involves a laptop in front of their face. Hey, I’m glad I can add to the carnage.

I’d be honest though, this site calls out to me. I’ve been so out of the loop in terms of anime stuff that I want to watch and review my next perfect ten anime. I already have one planned, but I am just not in the mood to be TPAB right now. Currently, I am a Learning Support Teacher in the emirates of Dubai and that’s all I need to be right now.

10. Y’know

I had a list planned out for this top ten thing, but I don’t know know where it is. It’s probably in my USB junk drive but I honestly don’t know where that went. I know it’s supposed to be about my review style continuing the trend of the last two items on the list. I don’t even remember how I review anime though. I think I’ll do another post about the last item. If I am to leave one last tip encompassing my eight years of this sh*t, then it’d be one thing:

Time will tell.

What does that mean? Hey, whatever the f*ck you want it to mean, dude.

I know you, because you’re an anime blogger. You have a question deep down in your gut about the whole thing. Do I even have readers? Am I good enough? How can I stack up to this awesome reviewer? My writing is sh*t, so I should just delete my blog.

Hey. Time will tell.

Readers, stats, followers? Are you talented enough? Are you just wasting your time?

Time will tell.

I have nothing more to say. I left it on such a deep note that I feel embarrassed to call out the two people in patreon still sending me money. Out of respect to you, I will not cash it out. I think VixenFox is still supporting me. Stop it. I’m an inactive blogger with a weirdly high reader traffic. I don’t deserve the love.

But for all the support, the likes, the follows and even the real money, I want to say thank you. Will I ever complete 1000 reviews? Yes. That’s an absolute. When will I finish it?

Hey, time will tell.

Peace out.

8 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten (More): Tips in Reviewing Anime (Part 10 of 10)

  1. Welcome back TP. To answer your question. Google loves long form, hates short form. I do short form. Or rarely do long form and still can’t hit past a triple digit view on any of my posts 😂😂. And that’s on both inthecubbyhole and solitary cubby. Also at times, pretty at odds with the blogging community.

  2. Hey man, you write wonderfully detailed and magnificent reviews that attract ppl even when the site is inactive. You clearly have a lot of ability man.
    I hope you do very well! Good wishes!

    Also please look to other avenues to cashing in your ability better! For example perhaps starting a YouTube channel or a podcast. Ik you’ve probably thought about it, but still wanted to suggest as just a longtime reader. You know you can attract ppl, and if the channel pans out, perhaps you might be able to make watching animes your job!

    Thanks for the reviews!

    • this stupid comment. it made me think about the youtube thing, but I don’t know where to start.

      Anyways, thank you dear lurker. I’ll try to get this site running again. No promises, but I’ll do my best.

      ANy advice on how to do the youtube thing?

      • I think starting with a Patreon is a good idea to monetize your ability. Maybe initially for YouTube, as bare basics, you can start by recording on your phone your reviews(shortened to 9-10min perhaps) and posting? Publicise it on this site and your fb page, you already have a script for almost around 400 videos ready.
        Rest for video editing I’m sure you can find videos on the net, but for starters a good mobile app for editing can be Splice.

        I hope you’re doing well in life, and its great to see you posting again! 😊

      • Also, since you are writing log reviews anyways, why not post them on other writing sites like Medium? Can add another source of eyeballs to redirect to the blog, and if they do well an income source also

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