T(a)LK: Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 6

Yeah, they finally introduced crazy yandere girl, and a lot of stuff also happened. The T(a)LK team now breaks down this awesome episode

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: MAHOU SHOUJO SITE EP 6 first – – –

TPAB: my fave episode, after the muscle guy fight

Leap250: which one? xD

Keiko: I’m trying to separate the two eps in my head and am failing miserably right now…

TPAB: I discussed episode 5 separately with you guys. ep 6 is a fave for me, cause it balanced out the messiness of ep 5, but ep 7 disappointed me

Keiko: Ep 6 was the villains and Bakugo’s kidnapping right?

Leap250: it wasn’t /that/ messy, but yeah, 6 was really good

Keiko: Oh ok. Yeah it was a pretty good ep!

TPAB: ep 5 was deku just running around. ep 6, he actually did something to finally fight back. They should’ve put mustard in this ep. I miss him already

Leap250: yeah, but deku wasn’t supposed to be the highlight of that ep anyway, lol, and too bad xD

TPAB: hence the messy part, no actual focus

Keiko: Hahah we’ve said goodbye to mustard already lol. True… It did feel a bit all over the place since there was no real clear focus. Too many things going on

Keiko: Sames… he was an interesting villain

Leap250: the one all might faced in S1 is up there too

TPAB: am i evil for rooting for the nomu when it was going to kill yaoyozuru and the other guy? haha

Leap250: why do you hate yaomomo 😦

Keiko: Yeah…. you really hate some of these students huh?

TPAB: on the bright side, bug boy and hagakure was seen in ep 7, one was knocked out, the other was just background character. lol, I wanna see some of them die.

Keiko: 😮 noooo why do you want some to die? That’s mean

Leap250: she could just be lying down as an act y’know xD

TPAB: yeah, lol. she’s more suspicious than bug boy, and i dunno, Naruto was fun when the dog died. i don’t even watch naruto

Leap250: oh, here’s something, anyone remember who partnered with Hagakure?

Keiko: Nope…. I’ve forgotten that 😮 Who was it??

TPAB: adhesive dude

Keiko: How did you remember that?! 😮

TPAB: it was a very useless power. i kept thinking how it can be powerful

Leap250: better than navel laser at least

Keiko: Makes sense. It is a pretty useless power

TPAB: adhesive dude felt like plot device for that specific moment though

Keiko: Lol so true

TPAB: also, yaomomo (love that name) could’ve just made a tracking device that automatically sticks, lol

Leap250: I just asked because in the manga I remember there was a bit where midoriya was trying to remember everyone’s places, and he couldn’t place hagakure anywhere. surely a quirk that grafts stuff to other stuff would be way more secure than any adhesive that she can create

Keiko: Oh right…. that makes sense. That’s true. It’s more secure this way

Leap250: odd quirk by the way. you see how he grafted his skin to yaomomo xD

TPAB: are you guys seriously defending adhesive dude? lol

Keiko: Yeah it was kind of freaky really

Leap250: wait wait… you were talking about that adhesive dude?

Keiko: Talk about confusion :joy:

TPAB: who were you referring to? when I said adhesive dude??

Leap250: I was more confused with why he’d be with hagakure, lol, and when I hear adhesive dude in MHA I think of Sero xD

TPAB: tape guy!!!! he was with hagakure???

Keiko: Yeah that’s the tape dude lol. What a confusion lol

TPAB: this is why they have names, hahahaha

Leap250: tapes are adhesives

TPAB: i mentioned yaomomo, lol but I still find graft dude’s power useless

Keiko: On its own it is pretty useless really

Leap250: just his quirk though, the guy who could control insects, lol. nah, he’s more of a powerbomb kind of guy

Keiko: Yeah I see Bakugo just trying to hit Deku with his explosive lol

TPAB: so you all expect him to turn evil too? keiko hated the idea, lol

Leap250: do my expectations matter really, hahaha

Keiko: Yeah I hate the idea of Bakugo turning evil…. seems kind of like a predictable move :/

Leap250: but, I will say that my initial expectation was wrong and leave it at that, lol

Keiko: Ooo 😮 Now I want to know what will happen

TPAB: hands guy would at least plant seeds for a later story, I think. btw, I love confused Bakugo in this episode. He’s so adorable

TPAB: but Deku is an all star in this arc, huh

Leap250: pretty much, lol, my favorite has to be when he kinda made an Avengers team on the spot, lol

Keiko: Yup! He is the main character lol. Hahah yeah and took complete lead of the team as well

Leap250: says they can even take on All Might with that lineup, hahaha, that was sick

TPAB: he went overtime. I was seriously OK with him fighting muscle guy, but wow, he had a hand in everything in ep 6

Keiko: Yeah lol I’d love to see them give it a shot… see of they can actually go up against All Might

TPAB: yes, dream team vs all might. I wanna see that fight

Leap250: ooohhhhh, you guys finally meet toga! :3

TPAB: toga? blood girl?

Keiko: I love her!

Leap250: the crazy blonde girl

Keiko: She seems like a crazy girl perfect for Shigaraki’s team lol

Leap250: any guesses on her quirk?

TPAB: she can control people with their blood?

Keiko: Something to do with the blood?

TPAB: I seriously want to know. They never showed it

Leap250: yeah, blood is a requirement for her quirk

Keiko: Yeah I really want to know… It seems like it might be cool

Leap250: my hint is that it’s not an entirely offensive quirk on its own

Keiko: Oooo 😮

TPAB: the villains also said she should’ve gotten 3 people’s blood, but only got ochako’s

Leap250: love how she got it too

Keiko: Yeah… I wonder what she’ll do with Ochako’s blood. I’m curious

TPAB: I almost fainted when she stabbed ochako with that needle, lol

Keiko: Yeah that was pretty good

Leap250: played with uraraka’s emotions

Keiko: Nice one really lol

Leap250: poor tsuyu though. a knife to the tongue, ouch

Keiko: She knows a girl in love when she sees one lol. Yeah I felt sorry for Tsuyu


Leap250:  oh yeah, this ep shows her falling for deku too, lol

Keiko: Ooo that’s exciting!!

Leap250: or, wait, does it, or is that next ep? xD

TPAB: she mentioned she already fell in love when they assembled at the meeting point. I think she went doki doki when deku and gang saved ochako

TPAB: oh my gawd, i love the scene of belly button boy almost killed by stitches. I should remember names, lol. It’s getting ridiculous

Keiko: That was a really close call

Leap250: aoyama and dabi xD

Keiko: Lol yeah the struggle with names is real. Thanks Leap! Lol I can’t remember all these names

TPAB: aoyama was shaking in his boots, lol. i love it, but it seems dabi was nice enough to not bother

Leap250: no reason for him to survive that encounter, lol

Keiko: Yeah… thats the normal response lol. Hahaha yeah it’s not like he’ll do anything 😛

TPAB: will aoyama have a story arc??? he should, lol

Leap250: …yep, he will xD it’s actually the arc now currently in the manga, hahaha

TPAB: it starts here, right? or no?

Leap250: nah. way way waaaay later.

Keiko: Oh wow 😮 so he gets his own time in the spotlight! Guess we won’t see it till way later

TPAB: ah, so his cowardice in this story had no bearing? It was a powerful scene, since he is supposed to be a hero. I think he’s the first one to do that, cower in a corner

Leap250: not really, but yeah, this was a moment for him for sure. This was similar to mineta in S1 though

Keiko: But it was also a normal reaction really. True Mineta was like that in S1 as well

TPAB: oh yeah, but aoyama came off as more cowardly to me. I guess he just stood out in a sea of people trying to fight for their lives

Leap250: that, and he was alone, lol. at least with mineta he had deku

TPAB: to be fair, I think he only had his redemption because deku was there, lol

Keiko: That’s true. Aoyama had nobody and had a collapsed person next to him…Hahaha that’s true… Mineta is a real lost cause lol

TPAB: hey, adhesive boy was in the same position

Leap250: now his name, I actually don’t remember

TPAB: discount tape boy hahaha. how about magic dude, you know his name??

Keiko: Too many characters! I can’t do names at all lol

Leap250: which magic dude? bad guy?

TPAB: yeah, the bad guy. I like him. he was awesome

Leap250: it’s dumb, lol, mr. compress xD

Keiko: Ohh right that’s what it was

Leap250: sounds like something you’d name him, hahaha

Keiko: Works with his quirk lol

TPAB: I can name him better, lol. He can trap people into beads or something

Keiko: Yeah that’s how he stole Bakugo and Tokoyami right

TPAB: I like him he seems more formidable than teleport guy. I know his power is weaker, but he seems more resourceful

Leap250: or, y’know, compress things to a smaller size. tokoyami has had the worst luck in all this

Keiko: True… he went from having Dark Shadow out on a rage to being caught in a marble. What luck. True… His quirk is pretty useful

TPAB: yeah, but sunlight is his weakness, lol. A resourceful villain can work around that just like what Deku did. again, all star!!!!!

Leap250: yeah, that plan to lure out Dark Shadow was just amazing

TPAB: 2 birds with 1 stone. it was awesome

Keiko: Leave it to Deku to think of something like that

TPAB: which makes him scary good. them brains of his is unreal

Keiko: All those years of noting down how a heroes quirk be used is coming in handy… he can see the smallest of opportunities and how to use a quirk to the best of its abilities. He’d make a good leader if not anything

TPAB: anything else, guys? There’s that cliffhanger. Omg, a reason why i don’t watch weekly

Leap250: kind of a bad spot to be in xD right in the middle of all the baddies, lol

Keiko: Hahaha yeah…. the only time I hate watching weekly is with cliffhangers like this one. Yeah what a place to fall

TPAB: it literally just cut. It didn’t end of a soft note. They just crashed, and then boom. ED song

Leap250: no place else to cut really. I think that’s how the chapter transitioned too

Keiko: It was a good cliffhanger I’ll give it that. It was a pretty good place to end the ep

TPAB: an effective one, yeah, because I was so absorbed with the chase. I guess now is a great time to talk ep 7??? ratings, guys

Leap250: 8 for me~

Keiko: I’m going with 8 as well

TPAB: 10/10

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: DEVIL’S LINE EP 6 next – – –

Editing this is starting to hurt, but I’m just glad we’re slowly cranking out these posts. Anyways, what do you guys think of this episode? What do you think Toga? I love her so much!!!

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