T(a)LK: Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 5

With our constant battle with our nemesis: the different time zones, I proposed that T(a)LK would be a one on one for the fifth episode. Episode 7 just aired, so we needed to go into high gear. For this post, it’s TL and TK talking about a setup episode. 

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: MAHOU SHOUJO SITE EP 4 first – – –

Leap250: so much happened, and yet, it’s all just starting. Your thoughts on kacchan being a target?

TPAB: it’s basically setting up a lot of things, for now and for the future. I don’t understand their plan about catching bakugo. Will he really flip? Is he that easy to convince?

and you bastard, that’s episode 6!!!! oh wait, yeah, bakugo as a target is revealed at 5

Leap250: nah dude, mandalay sent the distress signal this ep. well, kacchan is an interesting case as a hero candidate, and to answer your question you have to look back at his convictions

TPAB: yeah, i remember hands dude and the teleport guy also talked about bakugo in this episode.

Leap250: what are the villains intentions do you think? of nabbing bakugo

TPAB: villain intention? I think it has something to do about stain’s ideal, and the main bad guy said bakugo doesn’t fit a hero. The exact plan sounds murky. The way you keep pushing the idea he’ll flip, the more I’m convinced he won’t.

Leap250: I never said anything about him flipping though xD I’ll say now that the plan is actually way more… political, in its intent

TPAB: like heroes aren’t really heroes if the UA students can be flipped by the bad guy? I can’t see the end goal myself, but I bet it’ll be fun. But more bakugo, an arc for him, hells yeah

Leap250: that’s ep 6 btw, and I guess in lieu of that we should talk about Tokoyami going berserk in the dark. He was actually the student I was alluding to way back when, haha

TPAB: the one that we should be on the lookout for this arc?? i thought it was a B student. And lol, his berserk mode happened at the end of the episode

Leap250: you brought him up so I thought I’d segue there xD

TPAB: i’m sorry. You mentioned a yes and no about the villain’s plan, so I thought it’d be shadow guy. Episode 5 featured more Deku though, that surprised me. I actually thought he was out for the entire arc

Leap250: Deku’s an insane pain sponge if it means protecting people, but yeah, he really shouldn’t be moving anymore. You’d think they’d bring at least one person with a healing quirk in a training camp, lol

TPAB: kinda odd no student has healing powers. And yes, Deku actually meet up with everyone, lol, and contributed to them. From meeting up with Mandalay and then helping shadow guy, he even meet up with Eraserhead, how much of a go getter is this guy? haha

Leap250: I guess it’s just rare. Speaking of eraser head, eyy more villain appearances

TPAB: I was a bit bummed we didn’t get to see stitches and Eraserhead fight though. I’m dying to know his quirk, his specific power

Leap250: what do you mean?

TPAB: the stitches guy, we never got to see his power. He disintegrated before the fight, and we discovered it was the quirk of the other guy. He basically just clashed with Eraserhead to stall him, or did we already see him bust out his powah?

Leap250: we did, it really was just those blue flames, lol, He’s like endeavor

TPAB: ehhhh, that’s it? boring. Oh wait, you mean the duplicate can have the powers too? That’s awesome, because he blasted Eraserhead, right? The other guy’s power is OP

Leap250: the clones won’t be durable enough I don’t think. They copy quirks but that’s about it. If they take enough damage they melt.

TPAB: and they were dropping like flies in this episode. 3 went down

Leap250: sword teeth guy was dominating though

TPAB: his power is effed up, lol. teeth? wtf

Leap250: his whole gimmick is effed, lol

TPAB: his costume also added to the flair, because a guy in a straightjacket with messed up teeth just gives a very wonderful image, lol

Leap250: oh, haha, you finally find out the deal with the severed hand

TPAB: that’s on ep 6, lol. But yeah, kinda relieved but also not really because we also saw what really happened to ragdoll

Leap250: nope, we do, towards the end. Or at least we find out who owns it

TPAB: ah, I actually didn’t connect right then and there, lol. But yeah, the arm looked male at first anyways, but just the shock of a severed hand kinda threw me for a loop.

Leap250: the guy brought a gun to a hero fight. Who does that xD that was such a throw away moment while I was reading the manga to be honest

TPAB: it was a smart move, because tetsu tetsu is a limited guy despite his powerful quirk

Leap250: like, these are kids! Makes you realize how real the situation was

TPAB: you can tell the guys that rely too much on their quirks compared to Deku, or the seasoned ones. and lol, you should say the same thing to Naruto then, some of them f*ckers died

Leap250: yeah, but that was like, warring clans times. MHA is modern society.

TPAB: he was smart, since he knew the limits of his power, hence the gun hahahaha

Leap250: I think ochako would actually fair pretty well if she can get close enough. But the same goes for almost everyone really, save for a few

TPAB: yeah, I mean the toxic gas is hard enough to handle let alone a gun. But yeah, he’s already a non-factor anyways. Along with magnet guy and lizard dude

Leap250: and muscular, who’s still knocked dead out xD

TPAB: btw, where was class rep in this whole thing? i forgot

Leap250: iida? I think he led the rest of the students in the clearing out and away

TPAB: yeah, iida *remembers name* he had no part in this arc, lol

Leap250: probably would’ve been way more useful here

TPAB: maybe help deku run around, lol. Instead of being treated like a back pack, which is still cute, hahaha will mustard return???

Leap250: we needed to hear shoji talk at some point so lol two birds one stone. Nope, lol, you’re 2 for 2 on villains not returning

TPAB: aww, I like mustard. He’s human. Evil, but human, like a kid just acting out, lol. And yeah, creepy bat dude needed to be on the spotlight for once. I’d preferred tail dude though

Leap250: it’s not his fault his quirk is insidious. Tail dude’s moment was back in S2, haha

TPAB: what did tail dude last season? It was a tournament arc

Leap250: the one where he tipped Midoriya off about the guy who can control your actions if you respond to them

TPAB: lol, poor tail dude. Given the roster in the upcoming fight at ep 7, I’d want him to be there, but anyways, anything else for ep 5??

TPAB: I won’t be returning as well if I’m defeated. It must be tough coming up with new characters. I salute shounen writers, like Oda writing One Piece

Leap250: you’d think that, but yeah no, the guy doing this knows how to make ’em — villains and heroes alike

TPAB: which kinda lends to their success as mangakas. All the gold medals to them!!!!

Leap250: wish I knew their names, but yes! xD

TPAB: lol, anyways, episode rating?

Leap250: 8 for me

TPAB: 6 for me, it was messy and also no love for Mustard!!! haha

May 17, 2018

TPAB: are the episodes all mixed up in your head too, cakes?

Keiko: Sort of. Though I can remember what happened in ep 5 for the most part lol

TPAB: It started with the big reveal of Bakugo being the target of the villains

Keiko: That’s right. Bakugo makes a nice target for the villain huh?

TPAB: Leap made a vague statement about his involvement, asking me if Bakugo will flip. whaddya think?

Keiko: I don’t think he will. He is the most villain like out of all the students we’ve seen with his short fuse and outbursts but even then, I can’t see him turning into a villain. What about you?

TPAB: Leap argued that Bakugo will chase down his goals in any manner, since it’s his character. Do you think that’s enough for a flip?

Keiko: That’s true; that’s the type of character Bakugo is but I don’t think that’s enough. Bakugo has his own ideals and way of doing things and because of that, it’s difficult for me to see him becoming a villain just from that. Something big would have to hapoen for him to abandon his dream of becoming the number one hero and become a villain instead


TPAB: what about the shadow guy? You think he’ll flip?

Keiko: No lol. What makes you think he’d flip?

TPAB: I dunno. His quirk just fits a villain role, lol. Leap also didn’t think he’d flip

Keiko: Lol you can’t judge simply based on quirk with these guys. But yeah, his personality screams good guy so I don’t see him flipping

TPAB: so you think Bakugo and shadow guy will be rescued by the arc’s end? I didn’t ask leap that. Why didn’t I? hahaha. It’s not like he’d answer, lol

Keiko: (Because that’s ep 6 no?) Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see what happens now that Midoriya and the rest landed themselves in the middle of a group of villains lol

TPAB: ah, not thinking about it all since the anime ended on such an exciting note, I see. xD Ep 6 ended on such a cliff hanger btw, I hated it. anyways, we discovered who owns the severed arm in this episode

Keiko: Hahah that’s true lol. Yeah we did 😮

TPAB: aren’t you glad it didn’t belong to ragdoll

Keiko: Yeah though now I’m curious as to where ragdoll actually is

TPAB: her fate was revealed in Ep 6, lol. what did you think of stitches guy? He greeted Eraserhead, right?

Keiko: Was it? I can’t remember lol. Yeah he did. I really like his character. He used another villain’s quirk just to meet Aizawa lol. I like his quirk as well. Those blue flames are pretty cool

TPAB: I found it boring :p

Keiko: Really? Why?

TPAB: I dunno. I hyped myself up for his introduction. I even forgot he shoot blue flames. Hahaha

TPAB: oh, i thought it’s because you just love bakugo, lol.

Keiko: Well yeah he is my favourite character but I wouldn’t mind if he became a villain. It’s the predictably of it that I hate.

TPAB: anyways, Deku is still involved in this arc, yay. I thought he was done after his fight with muscles

Keiko: The guy runs on adrenaline and doesn’t really care about himself so it was a given he was going to continue especially after learning Bakugo is their target lol

TPAB: A Bakugo heel turn will be my prediction for this season then, lol. Hey, the author could spin it. He’s smart like that.

TPAB: what did you think of Deku still being involved in the arc?? He did more useful things in Ep 6, but I honestly wish he’d stop

Keiko: Well yeah. He wasn’t going down for the count after one fight…Why? Deku always pushes himself to the limit and beyond so it’s a given that he will continue going until he collapses or something

TPAB: Leap said he wondered why there were no healing quirks among the students, lol. Yeah, but so many students. I wanted class rep to have some fun too, and maybe even tail boy

Keiko:  Hahaha that’s true. Kind of useless to not have someone who can heal lol. They need recovery girl on site lol.

TPAB: I am excited to see Deku fight in ep 7, lol and I don’t think anymore will come for the big fight in ep 7. You think more will join in?

Keiko: Same here! It’s going to be good!! You never know. Aoyama was close by wasn’t he? So who’s to say others aren’t? You never know really.

TPAB: who is aoyama? Belly button guy? Also, what did you think of tetsu tetsu and big hands vs mustard??

Keiko: Yeah belly button dude lol. It was a good fight :’)

TPAB: well, yeah, i think he will join but that’s about it xD aw, you like mustard too?

Keiko: Hahahaha it’ll be funny to see what he brings out. Yeah! I like how he overestimated himself. I don’t know I found that funny

TPAB: stitches kinda wanted to kill him in ep 6, shame he didn’t. And yeah, lol. He also uses a gun and shoots kids with it. He won’t be coming back, leap said

Keiko: Lol I’m okay with that. I don’t think I’d enjoy a repeat of him getting beaten up lol

TPAB: hey, mustard is pretty powerful! he just fought a guy that can’t be killed w/ a gun

Keiko: Lol he is but I don’t ever see him winning lol. Yeah he forgot who he was up against lol.

TPAB: I like his power. we need more pathetic villains like him

Keiko: No…. Hahahaha there’s the lizard one! He’s as pathetic as you can get when it comes to villains lol

TPAB: he won’t be coming back too, thank goodness. what else happened in this episode?

Keiko: Hahaha yeah! I hated him so I’m glad we won’t have to see him again! Err not sure really

TPAB: cool. I don’t know how to edit these convos, but I’m glad we’re done hahaha. Your rating!!!! 6 for me cause this episode is a mess for me

Keiko : Hmmm I think I’ll go with an 8. It was a pretty good ep 🙂

TPAB: awesome. Now ep 6 with leap!!!!!

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: DEVIL’S LINE EP 4 next – – –

This was a tiring convo, since I had to discuss stuff twice. The next episodes will be normal three man convo, so hopefully we can battle with our time zones and keep things legit. This one-on-one is pretty interesting though. With our complicated setup, this might happen again but we’ll do our best not to let it happen.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this episode?

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