TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From Six Years of Blogging and Reviewing (Part 10 of 10)

It’s the last one. This one is basically the filler stuff, but I always do this in my anniversary posts. Thank you for putting up with my long celebration. 

10. Hurdles and Setbacks Makes Life More Interesting

My life is currently a mess. I’m in a weird limbo, and it just sucks. The sad part is that I can’t really do anything about it. I mean, not until the end of next month. I’m really just waiting, and waiting makes you think and thinking makes you overthink and overthinking makes you anxious and feeling anxious builds up into steady depression. Yeah, I feel like I’m ending back at square one and I don’t really know what to do.

Whoa, holy sh*t, that’s a nice way to start this, eh?

But, life is kinda just like that. I always liken it to a wheel, and one moment you’re feeling like you’re on top of the wheel enjoying the view and the fresh air. It’s eventually rotate though, and soon you’ll be below the wheel crushed by its weight. I’ve been through worst, but being in a giant intersection in your life really sucks. I’m sorry for being vague, but I’m just releasing some pent up annoyance. A tip to anyone suffering depression, writing helps. Like, writing gets you to organize your thoughts and put them into words. It’ll help you step back and examine the big picture. Sometimes, things won’t go your way so you should always be prepared. Sulking and feeling defeated should be part of the process, because, I tell you, I’ve seen stronger people tie that noose around their neck quicker than you’d expect over things that you can’t believe someone so strong can’t overcome. Humans are weak, so finding your strength and finding your reason is really part of being human. There’s also the God stuff, but let’s not overcomplicate this one.

I’m not really in a good place in life right now, but its fine. Hurdles and Setbacks make life interesting, because you’ll look back on this moment and it’ll be your reason. It’ll be the thing that’ll make you human as it gives you strength and a reason to continue. I’m waiting for that moment that I can finally smile as I look back over this stagnant point in my life.

Ok, heavy stuff out of the way, I learned that it’ll take me more than a decade to finish my 1000 review goal. I know I can rush it, but I don’t really want to be like most reviewers that are just comfortable in their little bubble thinking their writing is great. My stuff isn’t great, so I continually strive to improve it. The rate I’m going, I think it’ll take me ten more years to finish this goal. I should just abandon it, huh? Holy sh*t, what am I even doing?

I have been lazy with my output though, since any blogger can tell that when you reach six years of your existence, the passion kinda dies. I mean, some people burn out in their second year, so it has been a constant struggle to really push forward. I have contemplated stopping, but I also don’t want to. I find reason in blogging. It makes me human, so I’m not stopping. I bet half of the active people in WP will be gone before I finish my goal. Just thinking about the logistics is stressing me out.

But enough depressing sh*t. It’s time for some stats! As you all know, I’m not afraid of sharing mine despite my pathetic stat game. Below is my stat page, and it is abysmal. I bet people gets more views than me on a daily basis. I plan to get a domain again, once I get out of my stagnant situation, and I’m sure my views will rise again. I’m obsessed with my stats, as you can see, so I need to whore out my blog more. Who wants to start a WP drama where we talk forty minutes criticizing other bloggers and how much they suck?  Yeah, that’d be awesome.

As for my best posts, it’s f*cking DMMD and Yosuga no Sora. These are my top reviews and the other top posts are the Home page, Review page, and the Alphabetical. Side note, High School DxD is still my best post, because you’re all dirty disgusting people.

Ok, so what else do I usually do in my top ten anniversary post? I guess that’s it. I want to thank everyone for the support. Those awesome people at tumblr that reblogs my posts, I want to sincerely thank you for your long years of sticking with me. You are all reclusive and weird, but I sincerely appreciate all the support you’ve given. Some of you have been a steady follower ever since my second or third year and I want to make it up to you guys. That means crawling out of your bubble though, but let’s have fun with my seventh year.


To all my lurkers, I know some of you don’t comment or announce your support, but I also want to thank you guys. I get instant visitors from other sites, and I know these are regulars that really do support my blog. It means a lot, especially during the past years where your support really helped when my passion for reviewing kinda died a bit. To those that do comment, I want to thank you specially, since reading a comment from someone that enjoyed my review is so satisfying, and it really means a lot to me.

To the WP community, I also want to give you guys some virtual hugs.  You’ve been awesome, supportive, caring and interesting to talk to. I love the healthy community we have here. Some of them are obvious circle jerks, but that’s fine. The community has never really gone toxic or elitist among other people, and it’s a welcoming place so thank you for making it an interesting place to be in.

Here’s to six more years (sigh) on WP!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!

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42 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From Six Years of Blogging and Reviewing (Part 10 of 10)

  1. Lol I guess I can understand your frustration, given how long you’ve been at it and how you’ve fallen from 2700+ views in a day, but if over 300 still sucks, I ain’t even on the map yet haha.

    Your goal of reaching 1000 reviews is truly admirable tho.

    Ganbatte! Maybe one of these days my podcast will catch up lol

  2. Bruh, i do understand ur frustrations on ur stats…but damn, i couldnt even get past 100 yet, lol.
    I do agree with u. Writing helps, especially when u need an outlet for ur thoughts. Ohohohohohoh
    Anyway, Congratulations on ur Anniversary!! I’ll continue to support u and ur blog. Cant wait for the 20th anniversary, Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • oh I’m over obsessing with stats, lol. xempre, lagi nmn na isip mo kung may nabisita sa blog mo eh, kaya nabalik minsan haha

      thank you for the support, and good gawd, twenty years of blogging sounds awful. I think I’d have switched to vlogging at that point, lol. hahahga

        • plano yan, ‘te!!! once i figured out how to edit, and maybe get a better computer, I’ve been toying with the idea of moving my reviews to YT. pero di ngaun, kasi magulo p buhay ko, lol

  3. I understand what you mean, I’m currently climbing out of a hole myself. Hope things turn around for you. I enjoyed these 10 posts and learned a lot from them – so thank you and congrats again on 6 years.

  4. Congrats on 6 years lol! Before you know it you’ll be writing your post for your 12 year anniversary! That’ll be something lol 😂😂

  5. Congratulations again on 6 years 🙂
    I can definitely relate to the wheel thing. Hope things look up for you soon 😀
    I love your blog btw 🙂 It’s always so informative. Like just now I learnt the term “circle jerks” and I must say, as a collective insult it’s hilarious. Definitely adding it to my vocab hehe XD

    • Thank you.
      and yeah, it’s a wheel so it keeps on rotating. I’m glad you like that.

      every place has circle jerks, and I’m sure you belong in one, but maybe not as profound as others. I’ve seen bloggers basically do it to ensure their stat game is on the up. and it’s cool. but, omg, I didn’t mean it as an insult when I said that here. xD

      • You’re welcome 😀

        Aww, I see what you mean now, by circle jerk. It’s best not to type that term into google. It describes it as a bit of a strange group activity for males. Which is why I thought it was an insult and found it so funny hehe XD
        Sorry about that. 🙂

  6. Reclusive and weird huehuehue :3 that’s your audience

    I hope the job prospect works out for you! also I do enjoy learning about your real life in posts and since you say writing helps sort your thoughts, you are welcome to space out your reviews with personal posts! especially if that helps you not get tired of the journey. This is your blog and your life after all 🙂

    With the anniversary mindset, what about revisiting your About page? Newer visitors/lurkers might scope you out on there, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. Or do you find yourself answering a lot of the same kinds of comments – maybe add a FAQ page? (Like, are you always pantless for your anime reviewing? If Pantless-san is alone at home watching anime and DOESN’T take off his pants, does the internet know?? If Pantless is not pantless is he Pants? Are you pantless right now while reading this? AM I PANTLESS WHILE TYPING THIS?)

    I went to school for advertising so I’m wired to branding and I keep thinking about your iconic Taking Off the Pants segues and your wonderful drawing of pants that you use sometimes and of course GISS. You do have something here that you are building with your personal brand and I support it all the way! That’s right, all the way, take off those pants 😉

    • hey, there. thanks for the support.
      I don’t like airing my problems all the time. I save them for weird occasions like this, lol. But it does help, and thank you for the kind words.

      I’ll update my about page right now. I never thought about updating it, lol. As for FAQ, I don’t really get much questions since i have more lurkers on here than commenters xD
      and whoa, that was beautifully deranged train of thought about pants. I’m keeping it and forever quoting that, lol.

      I thought about making money and dedicating my everything to this site, but it will really kill my social life so I’m trying not to let it tie me much.
      but hey, i’m glad you GISS and my pants drawings. It is possible to make a profitable brand out of this, but I am honestly not ready for that. maybe in my tenth year, lol.
      hope you’ll still be there xD I could even hire you for branding ideas xD

  7. It occurred to me, in March or thereabouts, that I remember coming to this blog back in 2015 or 2016…It’s kind of embarrassing to admit I used to be on a different point of that thanks scale in previous years…

    Even though I haven’t been on WordPress for all my blogging years, I’ve found a lot of reason in blogging as well. It’s just that it means something different to me now that I’m taking more of an argumentative approach, rather than the passive/factual approach I had in previous years on non-WordPress platforms.

    Also, since you say writing helps with depression/hard times, I think you would’ve benefitted from doing the My Reasons Why tag that Kimchi started. It took me a good day or so to think of reasons, but it was actually really therapeutic! Feel free to find someone who left the tag open to everyone and do it.

    Congratulations on the 6 years and may there be more anniversary posts for people’s perusal.

    • aha! a former lurker!
      thank you for visiting my site shourded in darkness. seriously, I appreciate it.

      and I like your blog and your writing style. I have seen you experiment on it and that’s great. Ican’t wait till you start telling stories about your blogging journey in your anniv posts 🙂

      no one tagged me for that, lol. and it’s fine. I honestly didn’t want to be tagged. hahaha
      and thank you so much!!!! xD

  8. Hey hey! I’ve seen you around and I decided to take a look at your blog and woah. First thing I see is an existential crisis wrapped in a ribbon, been there, still there. Yeah, life ain’t all that peachy, it

    • Sigh butterfingers.

      -sucks sometimes but like you said things can get better though sometimes I doubt it. Well dark thoughts aside, congrats! Six years is a long time, mad respect for your dedication and keep up the good work!

      • is it that bad of a crisis? lol. I try to be discreet about it. xD
        but thanks. and hey, it will get better, you gotta think that it will. we’re in this together!!!!
        six years is a long time, and thank you for that 🙂

  9. Ten years doesn’t sound too bad. It gives you some leeway and it’s a reasonable amount of time to completely your goal. It’s like losing weight. Going fast and quick may get you results, but it’s unhealthy and you’re post likely going to gain it all about later. Or in the blogging sense, feel burnt out faster. But if you take your time, then you’ll feel better and your body will have a harder time gaining the weight back because you did it properly. With blog, I think you’ll finish this and say, “Wow, it took a while but I’m glad I did this.”

    Don’t be so down on yourself…I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s true. 🙂

  10. It’s gonna be interesting to see where we’re both at after a couple more years of this — wonder who gives out first, lol (well, technically I already gave out at one point /pretty sure it was around my two-year mark too xD)

    • nah, dude, we’ll keep going until we branch out to vlogging and podcasts and then we’ll pick a fight with the YT ani-community. it’s a ten year plan! haha
      but yeah, let’s worry about all that when we cross it.

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  12. Hope to see you six years from now, and hopefully then I finally figure out a good schedule to regularly post my own stuff XD.

    I can relate to the whole blogging thing kinda dying out. While I haven’t been active in years in writing posts regularly it was also something I couldn’t let go. I tried to ignore it, but there was too much of a desire for me to express my own thoughts, and kept going at it without posting. Now more than ever, I want to maintain the desire to post my own stuff.

    As for stats, when I started writing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes I cared about my stats, but now I really don’t. Now, I simply care about making my own stuff the best I can at the moment, and further improve myself. Also, expanding my horizons by reading other bloggers, and gaining some inspiration to help me improve.

    Congrats on six years of blogging, and hope to still be around by then.

    • I think it’s a weird phase. you worry about stats, you start not caring and then you expand your interest beyond that.
      thank you for the comment 🙂

  13. You’re still far better off than me. I can barely get 100 views per day lately. Slowing down my blogging pace made it worst, but at least it made me feel better, lol.

    Anyway, congratulations. And let’s do our best dragging our blogs’ sorry asses for another few years :p

    • we’ve lasted this long with our big views. I guarantee we’ll last longer than these new people here in WP. haha
      they’d have to pay us to leave. xD thanks for the comment, Kai. nice to see you active.

  14. Congrats and I can relate to moments of depression with writing being therapy. I felt like I needed to be good when it came to writing reviews, fiction, and academic pieces as I want to prove myself to everyone. Keep up the good work!

  15. I’m one of those statistics you were talking about that blogged a bit and disappeared lolol! And I only held myself to a post a week!… your dedication and diligence is inspiring!

    Like you said, savor the good times, fight like a bastard through the hard times, blood tears and sweat and all, and always hang onto hope. It’s always a pleasure to pop in and out for your great posts!

  16. I just loved the energy and the ambition of this post. Congrats. Seriously, it is just really great to have you around.

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