T(a)LK: Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 3

So, a bunch of idiots thought having a collab talking about anime would be fun. hey, two people was a success, why not make it bigger? These idiots never thought about the timezones they live in though, and so complications happen, hence the long delay of the episodic posts. Editing the conversations is a hassle enough, these dum-dums didn’t think far ahead if any more problems can occur. Idiots, but whatever, here’s the third episode of their T(a)LK of Boku no Hero Academia S3. (This anime is twenty five episodes too, so expect more delays in the future)

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: MAHOU SHOUJO SITE EP 3 first – – –

Leap250: So, Keiko while TPAB gets some coffee, how was this week’s BnH for ya?

Keiko: For the most part it was okay since it was just them training. The ending got me really excited though! Finally the villains are coming!!

Leap250: I’ll say now that the training montages were also that fast in the manga as well, if not actually a bit more fleshed out a bit in the anime

Keiko: Really? That’s surprising. I would’ve thought it would take up more of the manga

TPAB: It seems the author is impatient himself. He wants the villains to attack ASAP

Leap250: Yeap. I wanna say the pacing is right about the same since Wild Wild Pussycats got introduced in the same chapter too

Keiko: The pacing seems pretty decent though because seeing them train any longer than this would have been boring

Leap250: author knows his stuff

Keiko: Yeah he does

TPAB: I am actually fine if the training goes longer, since I don’t remember much of the class B characters

Leap250: I think this is the first time we’re properly introduced to Kendo right?

Keiko: Yeah I believe so

TPAB: who is Kendo?

Leap250: big hands girl xD

TPAB: oh yeah, she’s new.

Keiko: It was pretty funny. Yeah. They didn’t even bother with it.

Leap250: ah, Tiger wanted him to use muscle groups in conjunction at all times so he doesn’t tense up when he punches

TPAB: he tenses up when punching?

Leap250: yeah, notice he almost always has to ready a fist or grit his teeth

Keiko: Yeah he does. It doesn’t come to him naturally since he isn’t used to it

TPAB: ah, ok. I think they did intentionally skip it, for the manga fans. a wink-wink-nudge-nudge to them. It’s a good thing leap read the source

Keiko: Maybe. It was quite funny since we had no clue what was going on so it still worked.

TPAB: it at least starts conversations like this

Keiko: True lol

TPAB: outside the four that fought Stain, right?

Leap250: it comes up very soon so I’ll have you guys figure it out. Yeah, I’ll at least answer that, haha

TPAB: i hope it’s the tape guy. i like him

Keiko: Yeah he is quite nice or the hardening dude since he is always around Bakugo. I’d prefer it to be Kaminari just because his face makes me laugh lol

May 4, 2018

TPAB: literally one week later hahaha

Leap250: I guess then we should talk about the villains making their move finally? Oh, shoot, there was class B stuff too I guess

TPAB: it’s the guy from class B, right? Actually, no, don’t tell me since the villain fight is already awesome from the get go

Keiko: Haha the villain fight was amazing. Heck their entrance was good as well 😮

Leap250: love the entrance — what did you think of dabi burning the forest down? xD

Keiko: That was a cool move. I liked that. Might as well be flashy and bring chaos at the same time right?

TPAB: i forgot who burned the forest, was it the stitches guy??

Keiko: Yeah he has stitches near his mouth

Leap250: there’s actually a bit more to it that makes it that much more cooler, that I don’t know whether it’ll be brought up, which is why I’m bringing it up now :p

TPAB: something about the burning of the forest?

Leap250: yep, very smart move

Keiko: Ooo I see 😮 it was toxic or something right?

Leap250: you know the saying – where there’s smoke there’s fire? Add to that the toxic gas and eyy now the question is, are they one and the same?

Keiko: So the fire was just a way to spread the toxic gas? Like a by product of the toxic gas?

Leap250: more of, to disguise the fact that there’s toxic gas being used at all, as well as to pinpoint where exactly it’s coming from

Keiko: Ohh right 😮 that makes a lot of sense. Nobody would initially doubt the gas if fire’s involved and it does act as a camoflage if the fire is spreading everywhere. That was a pretty cool move

TPAB: ah, someone else is doing the toxic thing

Leap250: these villains don’t mess around

Keiko: Clearly. They’re taking all precautions to separate everyone. It’s pretty well planned as well.

TPAB: love the way you’re gushing, leap

Leap250: yeah, low-key love this series, haha!

TPAB: lololol he is a voice actor, had to double check since he has no BokuAca credit

Keiko: No I don’t think he is the voice actor for Deku…. Yeah true Deku’s voice actor is pretty amazing lol

TPAB: I like him when he’s in pain but i’m getting ahead.


Leap250: he’s like the only one that knows the kid exists apart from Mandalay and the Wild Wild Pussycats

Keiko: Yeah everyone just ignores him. I guess that’s just who Deku is. He just can’t leave anyone alone lol

Leap250: Shouta calls him out on it too

TPAB: what did you tihnk of kota’s rationale? i hate heroes cause they’re heroic? It’s kinda the same thing as Stain’s but more personal, i guess

Leap250: More of, heroes being the business of risking lives

Keiko: Well his view works because what he has been through. And I feel like it gives the world more depth as well. That it’s not all black and white here when it comes to liking heroes and all

TPAB: it’s pretty fun, since we don’t really question it. Heroes save lives, it’s a cliché, but heroes are humans too, and everything they do does affect others. I like Kota’s view, because it’s a bit flawed given his emotions

Leap250: it’s also the Watchmen dilemma of who saves the heroes

Keiko: Exactly. Heroes aren’t above humans or anything so it makes sense to question it. Kota’s view does suit him for his age and all. Also true… who would save heroes? It’s quite the question.

Leap250: too bad Water Hose had to run into that guy (and for sure pick a better team name than Water Hose xD)

Keiko: that name is terrible lol

TPAB: is Water Hose explained better in the manga? Like, did the flashback have ample time to make us really care? I kinda like them, wish they were alive. HGow did water made the guy lose an eye?

Leap250: Nah, same deal. They just got offed indiscriminately

Keiko: Water’s a strong weapon… probably slashed his eye out by force or something no?

Leap250: no explanation really, as far as I recall, but I imagine it would’ve been like a jet of water right to the eye

Leap250: true, but death by drowning is far down from the list of deaths I imagine our guy here will go down to really

TPAB: yeah, but it could at least incapacitate him. I’m overthinking this, sorry

Keiko: That’s true. Well he didn’t escape unscathed so at least there was that lol

TPAB: it made him cooler, like a true shounen villain

Leap250: yeah, let’s talk about what did do muscle guy in: sheer brute force xD

Keiko: Hahaha yeah. But that was some brilliant force! Literally blew him away as well

TPAB: are we moving to the next episode now???

Leap250: oh yeah, we’re breaking these apart huh

TPAB: unless you guys wanna add something else. Maybe comment of yaoyozuru’s poop power

Keiko: No I think we’ve covered everything here. Lol that was a funny comment :joy:

Leap250: Shouta had a moment when he was making the fire

TPAB: about not forcing it when it came to kota??

Leap250: there was bit where uraraka and some of the girls had trouble starting a fire to cook with, and shouta just offered his firebending — followed by a smile. it was meant as a show of character growth more than anything (unless this too was in the 4th ep, in which case. i forget now xD)

Keiko: Yeah true. Guess he is okay with using his flames now :’)

Leap250: I guess I’ll say now too that you guys definitely called it when you said that the villains would probably attack when they were all separated. The test of courage was such a bad idea xD

TPAB: i think that was always a given, tbh

Keiko: Hahah it was the most logical thing to do.

TPAB: but yay, congrats cakes

Keiko: Hahaha yeah! We managed to guess something right lol

Leap250: but the villains had no clue whether they would be separated, which again brings up the issue of the mole.

TPAB: i think we’re done. Maybe episode rating? A 5/10

Leap250: 7 water hoses out of 10

Keiko: Hmm err I’ll give it a 6 I think. Don’t even remember most of the ep now lol

– – -we discussed T(a)LK: DEVIL’S LINE EP 3 next – – –

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