TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From Six Years of Blogging and Reviewing (Part 3 of 10)

For one of the newest things I learned in the my six years of blogging, it’d be doing collaborations. I’ll e mentioning as lot of collaborations, and a lot of awesome people as well. I’ll be whoring out a lot of my old posts, so this is more of a brag than anything else. 

3. Collabs are fun

When I said I wanted to really get out of my bubble, then I want to overdo it. That’s the TPAB way, and I’ve always enjoyed the experiences when you overdo stuff. I didn’t just want to greet people and have them follow me on twitter. No, if I’m befriending people then I’ll go the extra mile. For me, working on a project helps people come together. I do this all the time when I teach, and I love seeing two awkward students suddenly yapping it up. So, I did the same here. I created a bunch of projects with some bloggers, and we collaborated on a lot of posts. I actually grabbed Shoka, Keiko, IzanaginoOokami and AstralGemini one random day on twitter and asked them to do a big collab with me. I believe the project has already been launched, but I’m holding off on my original idea. I plan to redo it but with a different set of people. My first collab is actually the Hyping Up series where the group just discuss an anime I haven’t seen before. It’s a fun project and I plan to continue it once I’ve set a proper pace. Real life is a bit messy right now, but it’ll be good eventually. I overdid this though when I turned the collab into a comic strip where I gender bend the group, and it was weird. It’s also pretty fun.

Of course, overdoing projects led me to do my most ambitious collaboration yet: The Winter Games 2018 and The Tea Time series. The Games is a twelve week long collab where I did episodic reviews along with a group of people. This is also a competitive prediction marathon, and I actually lost the damn thing. This was more than a collaboration for me, because I wanted to try episodic viewing as well. It’s a success, for the most part, but I think we all kinda had a bad burn out by the end of it. The funny thing is that we’re planning on doing this again, with more people, set in Fall 2018. I hope you cheer for me then. #redemptionforTPAB

On the other hand, the Tea Time series is just a long chat I have with a bunch of bloggers. This is a one-on-one talk about the guest’s favorite thing. I do one each month, and I’m in my fourth tea time. It’s a more laidback project, and I’m actually really grateful that the bloggers I approached immediately joined it. This is honestly a more personal approach, since I do want to know the person behind the blogger. I might be a super introvert, but I want to give other bloggers a chance to really have their voice heard. This particular collaboration is long, but the personality of the other blogger eventually comes out.


I started this out with Keiko, and we discussed a short story. Me and Keiko gel pretty well, so the convo eventually turned into more collab opportunities. The second month featured Rose, and I actually didn’t think she’d agree to the collab. She was pretty excited about it, and she clearly wanted to talk about One Piece in length, so we had a four hour long back and forth about it. The third month featured Mei, a fellow Filipino, which was exciting for me, since I really want to reach out to other pinoy bloggers specifically. She loves Jdrama and the like, so we discussed her favorite movie. It’s now one of my favorite movies too. Last month featured Thero, a gamer blogger, and we surprisingly discussed Beauty and the Beast. We gushed over the animated and then complained about the live action remake. This was a very enjoyable collab for me, and I can’t wait to feature the rest of my tea time guests. To everyone I collaborated this past year, I want to say thank you for a very interesting time as TPAB.

Collabs are actually common now. I won’t claim that I made the concept popular, but I bet some people are swayed by my projects. I think the biggest one, and the one that is currently a big trend, is my “In Conversation” collab with Keiko. We discussed the anime After the Rain as each episode comes out, and Keiko actually hosted this project. She was fine with it, the sucker, and now the format has caught on. Again, I’m claiming nothing but I’m actually just really glad other bloggers are stepping out of their bubble and reaching out to others as well. To you, the reader, don’t wait to be approached by others, go out there and meet the awesome bloggers of the ani-community.

Trust me, they don’t bite. Well, four out of five, give or take.

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21 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Things I Learned From Six Years of Blogging and Reviewing (Part 3 of 10)

  1. ” I wanted to try episodic viewing as well. It’s a success, for the most part, but I think we all kinda had a bad burn out by the end of it.” <– me and KimmieKawaii after doing the same thing in 2017 😀

    I have to agree doing collabs is a lot of fun, especially because you get to know your fellow bloggers. Community is what makes blogging really enjoyable and it's always great to see the personality behind the reviews/editorials/random anime fun.

  2. Ooohohohoho Collaborations Ooohohohohoh
    Doing collabs is indeed fun. Well, its not like I had tried it before, but through your posts and the other aniblogger’s entries, its clear that you guys are having fun doing it. It makes us, readers, enjoy the content too. 😀

  3. When you put it all in one post, you’ve been really busy with collabs so far this year huh? Well they’re interesting to read and they are a blast to do! Collabing has been lots of fun and hopefully we can do more in the future 😊

    • it hasn’t been a year, lol. we started the original collab last august, or something. hahaha
      but yeah, i’m slowing the projects down, maybe stick to in conversations one where you do all the work. xD

      • Well almost a year then.
        Hahaha yeah you do that. Lol don’t push all the work onto me. You have to do some too 😛

        • no!
          i’m lazy!!!!
          and omg, august is coming up soon, huh? year goes by fast. we should re-do the original project but with a different pair instead of couple and park, lol.

  4. Now that I’m working on an episodic collab with Astral, I completely get what you mean regarding how draining episodic collabing is…especially because I’ve become aware my average number of words per post is a much lower threshold than most other bloggers’ (including Astral’s), and that makes trying to write enough to match the other blogger’s wordcount a lot harder on my end. I do agree about how rewarding it is, though.

    Hopefully you redeem yourself for the Fall Games. Fall is the most likely anime season for me to fall behind on shows (pun partially intended), so even if I gave a different reason last time, I’m still saying no to it.

    I’d like to be part of your Hyping Up series one day, even if only because it would be difficult to match a face to my icon…

    • episodic collab is really fun and satisfying, but also really tiring. I do understand running out of words, lol. I experience the same thing when I did episodic review of Sanrio Boys and I just decided to hate on it, a lot

      you’re in the discord so making a hyping up post is easy enough. it’s the drawing that’s tricky since i really don’t have time for them. But I’ll inform you should I ever make one xD

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  6. Agreed! Collaborations are one of the best parts of blogging!
    Of course I’ve drowned myself in them so my view on then should be very clear Haha.
    I have around eight or so Collaborations preparations going on right now 😁
    Interactive things are real fun…

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