I Made TPAB Write Me A Natsume Post! (Guest Post)

My penalty for losing the Winter Games is that I write about Natsume over at that drunk chick’s blog. It’s a different post from my usual style, so I am quite proud of it.
Irina likes it too, so everyone is a winner…until the next prediction Games.

I drink and watch anime

Well the title kinda says it all and The Pantless Anime Blogger was even nice enough to write an intro for me so WooHoo!!!

So a quick recap, I lost the Winter Games 2018 and I must now face penalty. I’m sure this is more a positive to me though, since I can whore out my blog, but Irina, the winner of the games, insisted I do this instead. The penalty is supposed to be watching and reviewing a really awful anime, but she was merciful. She, instead, wants me to write about Natsume. I’ve only ever seen the first season, because I watch a lot of things, but it did struck a chord with me. I have four favorite female characters: Chihaya from Chihayafuru, Mix from Aquarion Evol, Nadeshiko from Yuru Camp (thank you Winter Games), and a one-shot character from Natsume. It’s weird, right? What makes a character that…

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6 thoughts on “I Made TPAB Write Me A Natsume Post! (Guest Post)

  1. I really did love it.
    I’m going to start a trend – everytime I win one of these (so basically every time I participate) I’m going to make someone write me a Natsume post!

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